Friday, November 30, 2012

Iced Gem

It's a bit funny why I am posting this one here, but I think it's worth the time and space, because it's my favorite! Iced Gem! It's my ultimate favorite way back on pre school to elementary days, and, EHEM up to now! I like eating on these little cutie. I can swim in a bag full of iced gem. oh yes! My way of eating these is removing the bread from the candied icing, and munch it all. How about you? How do you eat these little ones? :)

``Iced gem on a big bag 45 pesos. Try-EAT! :)

Can't decide about what you want? Toss Coin will solve it.

It will just be a short post guys, I just want to ask if, have you ever been in a situation in which you are caught up to decide on something? And yet you don't know which one is to choose? Well, try this one below. It's actually a simple thing, but if you will think about it, this one really makes sense :)

Movie Review: Wreck it Ralph

Anyone here is a 90's baby? Raise your haaaand! I am! Ahmm, well, though I am "semi-considered" as 90's baby. I was born in 1989. And my boyfriend is always teasing me that I belong to 1980's. HAHAH. Anyway, I'm sure that everyone around here experienced playing video games right? Who doesn't know Sonic the Hedge dog? Pacman? Super Mario? They are our favorite characters! 
Wreck it Ralph is a 3D animated film directed by Rich Moore. The story is about a villain named Ralph from the video game Wreck it Ralph that wants to be good and a hero. His quest is to find a gold medal that will prove himself to other people that what they can see is only in the game and he can be nice too! The fun part in the movie is, you can see your favorite video game characters mentioned above and so much more. In any part of the movie, you'll just smile and say "I used to play that, I missed my childhood". :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Caleruega Visit

I have a religious family. Since I was a kid, we always attend the mass together with family, joining processions and the like. Seeing new churches for the first time is one of my favorites. Aside from the wonders and new things that you'll discover, are you familiar with the sayings that if it's your first time to go to a church, you'll have one wish? Though we all know that we really don't have to do that, because he listens to us 24/7 *wink* :)

Anyway, when my family went to Tagaytay last September for my Dad's birthday, we also included in our list by going to Caleruega Church. Of course, I joined my great apprentice which happens to be my boyfriend. HAHA. We took the chance to have some picture taking while the rest is preparing the lunch. :)

 ``This is the entrance of Caleruega Church. We manage to go there by means of private transpo, but you can also go there by means of commuting. From Tagaytay highway, you have to ride a jeepney with the signage of Nasugbu, and just ask the driver to drop you off in Caleruega. Estimated time would be 20-30 minutes. Upon going down, it's not the Caleruega Church yet, you will ride a tricycle worth 50 pesos. 

Don't think that the payment costs too much, because from there, it's still far from the church. Around 10 minutes traveling time. The wiser part is, inside the tricycle, the cellphone number of the driver is posted and they will tell you to call them if ever you need to be picked up. It's actually a good deal because in Caleruega, there is no available public transportation due to its location. It's actually in the outcasted part area. So for those who will go there by means of public transportation, it's already a good catch! ;)
 ``Eye catcher stairs near the lobby
 ``Outside look. 

 ``Pine trees everywhere. Caleruega is a big place that has a LOT of spot that you should visit. It has a different chapel that you can have quiet time for praying. Aside from that, it is filled with different trees, and assortments of flowers. Caleruega is a popular place also for Retreats, Recollections, and Conferences. 
 ``The chapel at the top part of Caleruega.

 ``It's pretty right? :)
 ``Inside the church
 ``Us! :p
``One of one-of-a-kind looking flowers

Try for yourself sometime. Aside for an instant relaxation with the cool breeze in Tagaytay, you'll give yourself a time to reflect and pray. ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Backlog: Splash Mountain Escapade with friends!

One of the backlog entry, this time with my friends. We planned a swimming escapade despite of our busy working schedule. We want something exciting aside from swimming, so I found something which we can truly enjoy. 2 Gigantic water slides @ Splash Mountain in Calamba Laguna! :)

We managed to go there by means of commuting. Bus going to Laguna (Turbina) when our friend met us there, then ride a jeepney going to SM Calamba, then another jeep going to Splash Mountain. I can't give the exact details because our friend is our guide. *wink* But don't worry it would be easy. You can ride a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna. This will pass by Los Baños, just tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Splash Mountain. Splash, Suites and Oasis Hotel are located at Splash Mountain resort complex. OR

"If you are coming from Quezon City, aircon buses are available at Cubao, along EDSA corner Aurora Boulevard. HM Transport leaves at 3:30 am daily from Cubao to Sta. Cruz via Los Baños and buses depart every 15 minutes until 10 pm. Going home from Los Baños, you can wait for buses bound for Cubao at the highway in front of Splash Mountain. The last trip for buses coming from Sta. Cruz is at 8:00 pm. For those coming from Manila, aircon buses bound for Sta. Cruz are available at JAM and Tritran bus terminals at LRT station, Buendia. First trip is also at 3:30 am and buses also depart every 15 minutes." -Splash mountain website

*Here's a look at their place* (Photos from their website)
 ``Pool 1 - Located at the middle part of the resort. Usually the place for big group gatherings
 ``Pool 2 - Located also at the middle part of the resort. The level of water is not that high. Good for kids.
 ``Pool 3 - Just right beside the other pool. That connects one pool to another. 
 ``Pool 3 - The outcast-ed pool of all. HAHAHA!
 ``Other view of the pools
 ``Kiddie Pool
``The play ground

*Let's not forget their giant slides !*
 ``Yup, it's really long! :o
 ``Long circular pool around the giant slides. You can use the big floaters for free ;)
``Weeeeee!! :))

``Aside from the popular giant slides, it has additional attraction. The blue slide and the white slide is different from each other. The Blue Slide is a long twisted circular slide, across the white slide while the White Slide where in you have to bring the floater with you, then ride, and let the water blow you away! weeee!! that's my personal favorite. You can also try by two's, three's or even four! It so much fun when we tried the group slides. HAHAHA!! 
NOTE: You will be submerged in a luke warm swimming pool. Since Laguna is popular for hot springs, this pool is dedicated for that one. HAHA. But don't worry, it's not that hot to cause you pain or something. It's kinda relaxing actually ;)

*Now let me show you our shots*

Opps, before I forgot, if you will stay in their Hotel/Suites, the entrance fee is included already. The use of the slides has another payment. Make sure it's clearly explained for the reason that, they told us it was included in the overnight package, then when we entered the slide area, they told us that our wrist band is different, and not allowed to enter. SUPER BV that time. So I went to the reception area, and had our conversation with the crew. So we had another payment for the giant slides. In the end, they apologized for what happened. HAY!! Alright, moving on, so let's look at their place. :)

``The room
``The key card of the room
``Some foods during our stay. Ordinary meal, Nothing special about it. in fact, I don't like it.
``The gamblers :))
``The loooong slides :)
``Up Up and Awaaay! :D
 ``Me on the White Slide ;)
``Group Slides
``By two's. I don't want to stay on front, I might fall out of the floater. HAHAHA
``Can you guess who's enjoying so much? nyahahah!! 
 ``The Blue and White slides
``Guess who?
``hihihi. my kiddo looking boyfriend :D
``Us with the Slides. isn't nice? :)
``Our Group Shot :))

 Overall, I had so much fun especially with the slides. But if we'll talk about the food with the range of 1-10, I'll give it 5. Nothing special with their food. Their service, I'll give it 7. Not that accommodating and warm welcome when we arrived. But everything is worthy especially if it's spent with your friends. ;)

If you have any questions or inquiry with the resort, you can check their website:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sweet treat @ Bag of Beans Tagaytay

Every time I think of cheesecake, the yummy-ness of Bag of Beans' cheesecake located in Tagaytay will be one of my faves. It's been months since the last time we went there. It's not hard to locate the store, it's along the highway of Tagaytay road and they offer different ranges of foods from their menu. 

 ``A little trivia: The most expensive coffee in the whole world can be found here. YUP, you read it right. ;) It's Civet coffee made up from, ahmmm. "poop" of Civet cats. Not yet convinced? Read here.

``The front area of the store

They also offer different kinds of breads.

*Here's the peak on the store*
``Upper part of the store

``Lower part
``And their BIGGG kitty that is so popular there. For what reason? Simply because it has its own business doing his thing and will never ever give any attention to you. HAHAH!!

*Their classic and elegant menu*

Because we're still full during that time, we just ate something for dessert.
``Black Forest frappe and Frozen Chocolate

``Their mouth watering blueberry cheese cake. (Trust me! ;) )

``Chocolate Mousse

*tadaahhhh!! Sugar level to the highest level*
What's my review with their dessert? One 2 words: MOUTH WATERING.  Every spoonful is so creamy and has its right sweetness. The price is very reasonable for its taste. You should come and try their food if you're planning to visit in Tagaytay. :)
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