Sunday, November 18, 2012


It's not the first time that we ate in Chicboy, but let me tell you I'm such a fan! When it comes to budget meals that will surely satisfy my cravings!

``Their menu

My favorite part of Chicboy?? TADAAAAH!!!
Roasted Garlic all you want! :D

``Sauteed Kangkong - 2nd of my favorite. It's not like the usual kangkong that you can order to others. It has its unique and tasty taste that is just right for my taste. 

``Breaded Porkchop

``Fresh Lumpiang Sariwa


 ``Dinuguan - Lack of vinegar taste

``And my favorite: CB6: Ceby Lechon Baboy -Definitely hits the spot! \m/
``And my super garlic-y rice! :D

``Chicboy branches are available nationwide! ;)

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