Thursday, December 12, 2013

Streetfoods Galore @ Bar B Skew

If you love Street Foods to death, and your major concern is the safety and cleanliness of the food, this place is for you! (Sorry for the photo, I don't have my camera with me :( )
I'm so happy when I found out this place to a fellow blogger and without batting an eyelash, 
I asked boyfie to join me there (since he's a sucker of isaw too!)
The place reminds me of Korean Restaurant where you can cook your own food that has an exhause fan. 
The place is kinda huge.
 They also have al fresco dining if you want to. What so cool with the place is their automatic rotating BBQ grill
that lets you cook your own skewers in front of you.

Choose from different skewers:

(The skewers were properly labelled and Don't worry, it's not exposed since the skewers were placed
in a glass chiller to maintain the quality and freshness of the goodies.)
Kikiam, Chicken Satay, Mixed Vegetable, Pork Isaw, Chicken Isaw, Betamax, Tenga, 
Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Liver, Hotdogs, Cream Dory, 
Chicken Wings, Corn, Barbecues, Sweet or Spicy Pork, 
Caramelized Banana/ Camote, Banana and Marshmallow! Name it! 

It was sad since I saw in the blogs that it's a skewers buffet, but only to found out that it's just a opening promo. Anyway, nothing can stop us! We ordered the largest set which is good for 4. Hahahah! It comes with 24 skewers of your choice, 4 Rice (boyfie had 3 rice, promise!), 4 soup, and Charcoal.
Their service is excellent! The owner whose half chinese half filipino national were hands on during our entire stay. He's really kind and make our stay a convenient one. He even gave us Chicken Satay for free taste! Thank youuu! :)
He checks our charcoal time to time :)
Don't forget to ask for a sauce to use as a base coat in your skewers. 
It's an interactive way for you and your friends to eat street foods. See? I'm really happy! :D
I loved how they well marinated the skewers, it was really flavorful and tender. (or maybe we just cooked it perfectly?) hehe! But seriously, it was good! 
You can cook your skewers 3-5 minutes, but make sure you don't let your marshmallow
 left unattended since a split second can burn it! :)
- Make sure it's your last stop during the day, since we cannot avoid to smell like skewers and smoke afterwards. 
Or better yet, bring extra clothes with you. 
TADAHHH! hahaha! :P
See? I told you we love streetfoods! haha! For those who are lazy to grill, 
they also offer cooked foods. Beer and ofcourse Wifi is available! :)

Here's the menu :)

We really enjoyed our stay here and satisfy our street food cravings, definitely coming back! :)

You can check their site 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Craft Coffee Revolution now in Katipunan! :)

Craft Coffee! Finally! Now I know what are the raves were all about! 
Wasn't able to find their branch in Broadway no matter how hard I try.
(Sorry for phone shots again! haha!)
That's why I was so happy to found out that they open a new branch in Katips! Hoooray! 
The place was small, but spacious! Doesn't make any sense? It gives you the right homey feeling. What I liked most is that, it's not crowded and the people were quiet. Perfect to enjoy a cup of good coffee. They also have veranda on the side were smokers alike can enjoy the place.
I was surprised when I found out that they offer all day breakfast!
But since my body needs coffee badly. Their service was good and fast! :)
We settled for the ff:
Caffee Mocha (160 pesos) - This is boyfie's drink but I liked this a lot! The coffee was smooth and sweet (but not overly sweet), Semi coffee drinker lovers will liked this!
Piccolo Latte (120 pesos) - Bitter sweet coffee that is really smooth and frothy. It was a bit strong but it's still okay for the since there's a huge amout of milk that balances out the drink.
Macadamia Sansrival- (140 pesos) ahhhh! What is coffee without a perfect slice of cake? This is something I can recommend! It's good! Not the usual sansrival since the nuts they used is macadamia. It has the perfect buttery and crunchiness!
Cappuccino Cheesecake (130 pesos) - It's just so-so for me. It has a cookie base crust (oreo i think) with super soft cheesecake dusted with coffee. It's good but it's nakakaumay already. I think because it's not that cold? I think it would be better if they chilled this one even more. But boyfie likes it as it is! Well, I guess it's my personal preference to have a chilled one, but I guess kanya kanya lang yan ng trip. HAHAH! :)

Over all, I can't wait to visit Craft Coffee. It makes me love coffees even more. 
Please do like and visit their page @

PRESS RELEASE: Air Asia's Inflight Menu

I’m sure you’ve seen my post way back that Air Asia and Zest Airline has been rebranded as Air Asia Zest to provide us with first class treatment without putting hole in our wallet. And that’s what Airasia Zest offering to everyone. Through AirAsia Zest, The Best Low Cost Airline in the world is just a piece of cake!
Last November 20, our friends from Air Asia Zest invited us to a blogger launch of their In-flight meals. Air Asia Zest provides wide array of foods that will surely satisfy your cravings while you’re on board. Yes, you got it right, I’ve got this *kilig* feeling when I receive the news that I was invited in the said event. Haha!
Even before the event started, the bloggers were indeed busy taking photos.
While waiting for the program to start, AirAsia Zest offers their sandwiches and snacks to us.
Not to mention these REALLY TO DIE FOR sweet treats!
I was WOWed when I saw Jonathan Yabut as the head speaker of the event. I was like “I’m just watching him in Youtube with his interview with Mr. Tony Fernandes on why He should be The Apprentice Asia, but now He’s standing in front of me?” hahah!
Before digging on the foods, the Chef shared us everything on how they handle the foods so it’s guaranteed that they will serve it to us the freshest. I was amaze that Chef explained that they uses a Blast Chilling Technology to make sure that it’s on the highest quality even at 35,000 feet above the ground.
A lot of raffles, freebies and round trip tickets were given! (Rica Paralejo was one of the winners)
The very beautiful flight attendant was also there to hand us the scrumptious meal.

INTRODUCING: AirAsia Zest In-Flight Meals! 
I find it cute when they named their food from their Chairman’s.
1.     Chicken Adobo ala Mariles
2.     Maan’s Pasta Arrabiata
3.     Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak
4.     Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice
5.     Beef Caldereta
6.     Chicken Rice
Christmas Meals + Desserts

The Joy of Desserts
1.     Cinnamon Breadsticks
2.     Choco Banana Pound
3.     Chocolate Chip Cookies
4.     Fudgy Brownie Bar

1.     Chicken Caesar Sandwich
2.     Roasted Chicken with
3.     Sundried Tomato Sandwich

*Here are my entries to their Instagram Contest that time. Well sad to say, but I really don’t have luck ever since with contest. Sigh. That would be instant Domestic Flight incase! Hehe! :P*
Honey Glazed Chicken: Second fave! It was delish! The sweet and rich sauce it has complimented well the tender boneless chicken plus their steaming hot rice. Perfecto!
Korean Beef Stew: My absolute favorite! Sweet and Salty combination of beef incorporated well with their saucy sauce with a nice touch of veggies as sidings. I was really happy since the Beef itself was tender and easy to chew. I mean, I always experienced somewhere that the meat will turn into a bubble gum-like meat.  But AirAsia Zest nailed this one! Hands up!
Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice: It was served in a smaller portion. (Not the actual size) Since there’s more to come! Hehe! This is boyfie’s favorite! He loved the flavorful silky plump Chicken Rice it has. The Chicken was nicely seasoned and tender as well.
Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak: Crowd’s favorite winner! We were asked after the entire meal on our favorites, and then when the Nasi Lemak was called, the room was roared with cheer and claps! I admit, I don’t appreciate this food that much because of personal reason since my tolerance on spicy foods is low. Hehehe. I’ve tried tasting the Bagoong, MAAAAAN!!! It was ridiculously goooood! “Alamang pa lang, ulam na!”
Chicken Adobo ala Mariles – Ofcourse, Filipino food wouldn’t be complete without Adobo right? The Sweet-Sour marinated chicken is just divine. The sauce sips in the chicken that you’ll surely taste in every bite.
Maan’s Pasta Arrabiata – I am self confessed sweet pasta kiddo. I think my taste bud is not cultured enough on authentic Italian. Haha! Their approach here is classic Italian flavor. It has tangy flavorful tomato sauce with a bit kick of spiciness. So if you’re a fan of classic Italian pasta, I’m sure you will love these.
And before everything else, let me just tell you how AWESOME this cookie was!!! Well, isn’t it enough for me to tell you guys that THIS.IS.THE.BEST.COOKIE.EVER???! I’m not joking, I swear, this cookie is just heavenly!
It even topped my favorite cookies from different branded cookie store out there. It was insanely chewy, moist and chocolatey! Please do me a favor, please do buy these babies if ever you’ll fly with AirAsia Zest, it will soon be your favorite!
And did you know that you can do a pre-order of your food? Pre-book AirAsia Zest Hotmeals @ via Manage My Booking. You will receive a discount with your food as well. :)
It’s such a wonderful feeling surrounded by these people. What are you waiting for? Book now @ Air Asia Zest! :)

You can check their site @
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·         Follow AirAsiaPH on Twitter:

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Movenpick at Night: Enjoying the night at Ibiza Beach Club!

This post is for our "accidental" visit in Ibiza Beach Club located inside the Movenpick itself. 

 While enjoying the place and the photo worthy surrounding, 
 Doing a lot of Instagram-ing and photo ops,
 Walking on the fine sand of Movenpick
 A crew asked us if we will go to Ibiza Beach Club, I said yes, but only just to take pictures. But she highly recommend us to go there at 7 pm (if I'm not mistaken) because the show will start that time that they prepared for their guest.
 Look how peaceful this place during day time! I asked boyfie to join me the earliest of the day to take some pictures! 
 It was also my first time to taste a Moringa Power Boost! See how Moringa leaf can do for you here
 Our Favorite Spot! 
syempre hindi ako magpapahuli jan! haha!

*Moving on, we went at Ibiza around 7:30 pm, and the show just started. Each weekend, they have different program theme, that time it's Latin American :)*
(Please forgive me with low quality photos, my cam died right when we went there. Puurfect T.T )
 Here's Ibiza Beach Club. There's no entrance fee. It's a freebie for those who checked-in the hotel. 
 Though.. Cocktails, Drinks, Snacks, etc were offered if you stay there. 
This is their restaurant. They offer Churrasso Buffet! Authentic Churrasso Buffet! :O 
Sayang! I want to try that, but we just finished our dinner that time :(
Since I don't drink at all, I just had a flat white coffee to boost up my energy (Loser ba? hahah!) while boyfie had his drink.  But yes, the price were a bit steep. Since a buko juice, plain buko juice costs 250 pesos.
 But despite of that, there's no doubt for me giving a 5/5 star. 
 Like I said it was Latin American that night but they also cater different theme like acoustic night, POP, etc) 
 The beaming purple, red, blue, violet lights were pretty nice! What cha say? :)
I was impressed with their presentation. Literally! I was amazed! It's not a "puchu puchu" presentation at all! 
You'll see that they really prepared for their numbers. I enjoyed the fire dancing, fire eating, fire hoola hoop-ing. hahah!

 They also dance, sing Latin and "Caramba" songsss! :D
 I enjoyed it a lot! It was soooo much fun! I didn't even expected that I will loved it! 
 What amazes me is how fast they change their costumes and props! :o
 They also asked the audience for photo op!
 Ofcourseeee! We are present! :D
 It was trully majestic at night! The blue and violet lighting brings vibe and classiness with the place! 
 I went to their powder room to fix myself and it was equally good as everything else! 
It's super cool! (literally!) It seems like a living room at all! :D
 The program will end at 9 oclock pm, but after that, the DJ will play some good music!
 And ohh btw, what makes the place special is the hanging couches/pads (?) where you can lie down while enjoying the panoramic view of the ocean or simply enjoy the acoustic music or the tugs tugs of the DJ. :)

You can check our accommodation stay here
Or you may check their facebook page here

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