Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Unexpected Goodness @ Seattle's Best

``I am a coffee person and since the last time I had a tragic experience with Gloria Jeans coffee, I told myself that I will stick to my usual Starbucks coffee. And little do I know that, Seattle's Best has a delicious tasting coffee too!

 ``Usual coffee shop. With brown and maroon interiors all over.
 ``Brewed Coffee
 ``Pastry stand beside the counter.
 ``Their menu
`` I've ordered their best seller Brownie and Java Chips. 
 ``Javakula Brownie has chunks of chewy brownies on top blended with their signature drink that has the right sweetness and consistency. (175 pesos)
 ``Java Chip unlike Starbucks, their version of Java chips has the whole bits of chocolate kisses as you sip it, blended with their sweet coffee drink. But i find this one too sweet for my palate. But overall, it's really good. (185 pesos)

Great alternative especially if you're looking for coffee and getting tired with Starbucks drinks. 

You can visit their site @

Cutie mochi @ Dezato Mochi!

I wanted to buy Mochiko's Mochi but since I'm tired going to other building, boyfie suggested to try Dezato Mochi!

``Just a small stall, having this fridge with tons of mochis, calling out your name!  
 ``Well, all of the mochi has the same taste right? They only differ from the flavors they offer. 
Dezato's mochi has this thin wrapper which i like.
`` They have chocolate truffles too! :)
``This is cheaper than Mochiko. Correct me if I'm wrong but Mochiko's price is 75 pesos fixed, 
while Dezato's mochi is 50-80 pesos. Affordable! 
``Though compare to Mochiko, Cookie dough of Dezato is just ordinary. I still prefer Mochiko's Cookie Dough. But surely recommendable is Dezato's Brownie ala mode. With chunks of brownies and walnut in every bite. Sinfully good! **It looks pale in the picture because it just came out of the fridge, but the color changes as it adapts the room temperature*

You can check their website @

Friday, January 25, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Get buffaload @ Buffalo's Wings N' Things!

``I'm in a quest to look for the best Buffalo in the metro. 
So when I saw Buffalo Wings N' Things, I immediately taste their goodies.

*Menu Board*

``I am amazed that even they just have one server, everything is well organized. 
Everything you'll need will be given in no time. Their crew is attentive!
``The place in this branch is small. Around 5 tables inside, then they just put tables outside the store. 
American theme is their set up.
``Can you take the heat?
``They offer different kinds of buffalo wings. Depending on your tastebuds. They have this heat indicator whether you like Mild or way up to their Extreme level. 
144 pesos for 1/2 pound (4pieces), 274 pesos for 1 pound (8 pcs) and 399 pesos for triple sampler. 
I choose the 1 pound and asked the lady to divide it to two flavors (yup, you can do that)
``We choose the mildest flavored wings (Garlic Parmesan, and Honey BBQ) since my tastebuds can't handle too much spiciness. Their wings is good! It's so tender and flavorfull. Boyfie prefers the Garlic Parmesan that has this garlicy buttery goodness like Carbonara sauce

``While I prefer Honey BBQ that has this hint of spiciness of BBQ that blended with a bit of sweetness. 
But I will choose the next level next time coz I can't even feel the spiciness at all. 

``We also ordered their Classic Hotdogs (twin hotdogs) (144 pesos). They generously put onions the way I like it. But somehow, the mustard and ketchup were too much that it overpowered the hotdog sandwich itslef. But overall, it was really good! Their wings is superb! Definitely will come back for more! :)

You can visit their facebook account @

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cafe Breton madness!

``I'm not into crepes, but I can see lots of raves all over the internet how delicious Cafe Breton's version was.
Since I am starving for desserts or any sweets that time, I want to check it our for myself, and see what they've got! 

 ``Homey and Cute interiors.

*Their Menu*

 ``I am surprised that they have savory dishes too!

 ``Ofcourse, the most popular of all, the sweet crepes!

 *We've ordered the following*
 ``La Magnifique (220 pesos): Crepe filled with banana, choco hazelnut spread cream on top, filled with whipped cream and roasted almonds, and drizzled with chocolate syrup.
 ``La Delice (220 pesos) : Crepe filled with banana, choco hazelnut spread cream on top, filled with whipped cream and roasted almonds, drizzled with chocolate syrup.

Overall, the food is good and I got stuffed with the crepe in no time, I am not expecting that this would be soooo heavy. The presentation is good, but maybe I expected a lot from their crepe especially will the reviews I've heard. It's good, but not fabulous. Will I come back? Hmmm. Not sure tough. 

C2 Classic Cuisine Chinese New Year Promo!

This is your chance to enjoy a Chinese New Year Buffet for only 588 pesos. So for those who are in Summit Ridge Tagaytay on Chinese New Year, this would be a great moment to celebrate scrumptious meal by C2 Classic Cuisine! :)

You may visit their facebook account for more details @

Heavenly cream puff @ Chewy Junior

``Chewy Junior is one of my favorite food stop during my OJT days. Chewy junior is a place for heavenly cream puff experience. It's a crispy bread outside, having this soft and chewy texture inside and filled with light creamy filling.

``Their menu
 ``btw, they also have pizza!
 ``Different Flavors to choose from and different fillings to enjoy

 ``Small puffs available too!
 ``Vanilla Almond Crunch- Vanilla filled cream puff, dipped in vanilla chocolate with almond shavings on top. Sinfully good!
 ``Triple Chocolate - Chocolate filled puff topped with chocolate cream with chocolate chips toppings! 
Ultimate chocolate-y treat! 
 ``Coffee- Mocha filled cream puffed topped with vanilla and sifted with coffee flavor. Very addictive!
 ``Cheese Lover - Vanilla puffed topped with cream cheese. Creaminess overload!
 ``Blueberry Cheese- Cream puff filled with vanilla and cream cheese plus blueberry as its topping. Simply irresistible!
````Generously filled cream puff.

 What I love with Chewy Junior is the unique texture and consistency it has. That moment when you took a bite, you'll savor it's taste and enjoy the right sweetness it has that will keep you so hooked and addicted! :)

You can visit their site @

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