Friday, March 29, 2013

Tea Tattle Milk Tea!

One of my fave Milk Tea stops. Not saying that it's better than others but there's somethig good with this store. For that 70 pesos, one toppings is included already. Good right? What i love with their store that gives me the high rating? 
Read on!  

I ordered their Wintermelon Milk Tea. The taste is close enough to Serenitea's. But the flavor is much stronger and sweeter even it's 50% sugar level sweetness. I asked to put my automatic add ons of pudding and coffee jelly. And I completely forgot that i already have one free add on included in my 70 pesos drink.  

So it's like pearls + pudding + coffee jelly altogether. Imagine that my cup is half already just by toppings alone.  Expectedly, when they poured the milk tea itself in the glass, they can put only half of the content they created. The coolest thing is they asked me to sip the milk tea so they can pour the remaining milk tea. not sure if just in this stall, or applies in every Tea Tattle shop. I mean, can you imagine? You'll definitely getting what you've paid for. Try EAT!

You can check their facebook page @

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lunch @ Buffet 101 Robinsons Magnolia

This time, it's one of the contenders of the Eat All You can craze in the metro. 
Each of them has a unique characteristic which you'll not gonna find with others.
``According to them, Buffet 101 offers a buffet experience with a 5 star hotel setting. Will I agree? 
The set up of the buffet are just like with others, but at some point yes. 
``They focus even on little details such as the ornaments and set up that seems to be a 5 star hotel setting is there. 
The food stations are also well organized.

Okay the thing that I loved here is that, the foods, almost everything were good! I'm not saying that it's ridiculously good, but it's a good tasting food for a buffet. Come to think of it, all of the food offered in buffet around has 'almost' the same taste with each other but presented in a different way.  
``Coldcuts Station

``Seafoods for grilling 
 ``Dimsum station
 ``Korean Station
 ``Salad Station
 ``Pizza Station
 Cheesy Brocolli (right most part) - Make sure you'll get those :)
``Nachos and Finger food station 
 ``Chowder Station

 ``Sushi, Maki, Sashimi Boat Basket
 ``Noodle Toppings
 ``And more...
 ``And more makisssss
 TAKE NOTE :The left most part (Salt and Pepper Garlic Crabs) and right part (Salt and Pepper Garlic Shrimp), your visit would't be complete If you'll not going to taste those. It's really a winner! URGHHH! I want that now! -___-

 ``Paella - so so for me. (or it's because I'm not really into Paellas?) :P
 ``Cutie mini burger on stick!
 ``Carving Station

 ``Salad shots
 ``Dippings and sauces
``Soup station 
 ``Cake Station - opps! Spotted! It's Red Ribbon. But still, good as usual. 
 ``Gummies Station
 ``Fruits Station
 ``Dessert Station
  ``Dessert Station
 ``Halo Halo Station

*And here's the Hungry Bears' plate*
 Chicken Feet in tausi, Garlic Crabs, Wrapped Peking Duck, Mini Burger, Chicken Lolly
 Schezuan Scallops, Veggies, Cali Maki, etc
 Salad Shots, Bacon Wrapped Lettuce etc
 Steak and Meats!
 Another plate of Garlic Crab and Garlic Shrimps because it's out of this world!
 Potato something. haha. sorry I forgot! These can be skip.
 Spareribs, Dimsum etc
 A not so healthy plate. haha
 Ice Cream and Mallows
 Cheesecakes and Another round of mousses
 Crepe. (since I told them to make it small )
 Molten Lava Cake. I loved this!
 and gummies for boyfie as usual. -_-
and some fancy rice deli. haha

Here in Buffet 101, every dish were cooked differently and taste wise, it's good!  With regards to their dessert which I have to take into consideration and just like what I've heard from others, were just so so. Some, were good, while others needs a lot of improvement. But overall, compared to Vikings, Yakimix, Sambokojin, Tong Yang, IMHO, the "best tasting" non hotel buffet belongs to, Buffet 101.

``Hungry enough? Here's their pricelist :)

If you're looking for variety:
➡ Go to Vikings

If you're looking for Grilling food items
➡ Go to Yakimix

If you're looking for a buffet and you're a lover of Tempuras
➡ Go to Sambokojin

If you're looking for Shabu Shabu food items that were unique and unusual from others
➡ Go to Tong Yang

If you're looking for best tasting food items
➡ Got to Buffet 101

Must Try dishes:
Garlic and Salt and Pepper Crab
Salt and Pepper Tiger Prawn
Brocolli with Melted Cheese
Lamb and US Angus Steak

You can check their website @
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