Monday, April 29, 2013

Soft Shell Crab Set @ Yabu

It's been a busy week for my parents, and I've decided to treat them somewhere, and since I'm craving for Yabu's Oyster, I've decided to bring them there especially my Dad is fan of seafoods and I thought of bringing him there. The nearest store is in SM Megamall.
 Here's the sauces (boyfie is holding the new wasabi dressing so it's not in the picture). For some reason, I don't want the sauces is SM Megamall compared to Robinsons Magnolia. The one in Rob Magnolia is thicker and creamier while the one in Megamall is watery which disappoints me a lot :(

We ordered the following:
 Wakame and Potato Salad - As expected, twas spectacular. My dad is very difficult to please, but this one captures my dad's attention and liked it! :)
 Kurobota Pork Set (575 pesos) - Boyfie ordered this one, the meat is tender and really soft like what it should supposed to be. But it's a bit oily as per boyfie, like what you can see in the picture.
 Menchi Katsu Set (350 pesos)- Mommy ordered the Menchi. She says it's delicious but preferred the Oyster from Dad's set. 
 Mixed Katsu Set 2 (545 pesos) - I'm watching my Daddy while he's eating the food if he likes it, and it's approved! He told me that the seafood were fresh and juicy. As well as the huge pieces in his set! :)

*So here's the main even*
I told you that I wanted to order the Oyster Set just like what I had before, the juicy and luscious Jumbo Oyster. But I told myself that I should order something new for a change, so I ordered their Soft Shell Crab Set (480 pesos). --BAD DECISION! 
 Okay as you can see, the shell were carefully removed from the Crab, and yes it's fascinating! But upon tasting the Crab, CRAP! It's tasteless! I thought that I should give it another bite to change my impression but upon eating the middle part, or any part of the Crab, it's really dry and really tastless. Unacceptable! I really got disappointed! I should have order their Oyster. I regret it bigtime! 
A close up to their oily, tastless Crab. SUPER FAIL! 

One of a kind Toasted Siopao! :)

Here's something for a change.I got curious way back when I saw Toasted Siopao as me and boyfie passed by. So without hesitation, we purchase it. The place is a normal panaderya near your places. They sell different kinds of breads but their specialty is their Toasted Siopao. The place is really hot since they're actually baking the siopao in front of you.
 Behold! The price is really cheap. 8 pesos per piece! Ahhh huhh! Box of 12 (in the photo) costs 106 pesos only. When I first tasted the Toasted Siopao before, I was like "eto na yun?" Why? Two things: First, What I expected is that the Siopao that we're familiar made fancier by toasting it. But no, as you can see in the picture, it's like a pandesal without crumbs. Though the consistency of the bread is not like Pandesal, but it's close to that one. Don't expect that the bread is really like Siopao's. Second reason? when I first tasted the Toasted Siopao it's not Hot. It's like pre warmed on that time. 
So now, I bought a box of 12 and luckily, it's freshly made! Huraaay! Steaming right from the oven!  The taste is wonderful! Really moist, delish, hot, and the filling inside were generous. Even bits of eggs on it! It's not a "you blow me away"' food, but it's indeed One of a kind!

REMEMBER: Buy the freshly made! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another Cupcake Adventure @ Gigi Cupcakes!

I was looking for the popular Custaroons I know it was Gigi because I saw it somewhere i think, 
But hey I am in the wrong store?

 They have nice interior. Well lighted place having a huge menu on display which is uniquely unlike others.
 Cupcakes on their display calling out for your name.
 The price is very affordable compare to other cupcakes store. 45-50 pesos per cupcakes. Not bad!
 Sandwiches are available too!

*Their Menu*
Okay so I was looking for the custaroons and it's not on their display, 
I'm shy to ask because I might be on the wrong store. Hahaha! So here's some of their cupcakes

Their Red Velvet (for some reason, I can't rotate it, sarry! :D) is their best seller as they said to me, so I had 1 Red Velvet, 1 Sea Salt Choc and 1 White chocolate.

 The taste? It's good. The cupcake itself were really moist. One of the moistest cupcakes I had. 
Though the icing of the cupcakes we've ordered were hard. Which I didn't appreciate at all.
 Sea Salt Choc - Recommended! :)

 We also ordered their white chocolate frappe. I'm very particular with whipped cream, and it's good. tastes like Starbucks' whipped. But the drink itself? Boyfie said it's like a 3 in 1 coffee that were just made more creamier. 
Here's their to-go box of their cupcake. Costs 25 pesos each. Blecchh! SRSLY? I think it should be for free :)

You can check their website @

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pretzel Lovin' @ Aunti Anne's

One of my comfort foods ever, Auntie Anne's! Who doesn't love pretzels anyway?

 When my sister introduced Auntie Anne's to me, I instantly loved  it! Those big pretzels bread, is best to be eaten when it's hot. You can have their Original flavor pretzels for 45 pesos only. Different flavors to choose from!
 My personal favorite is their Almond Pretzels. With additional Caramel and Chocolate dip! Hmmm! FTW! 
 Specialty pretzels like: Garlic, Sesame, Sour Cream and Onion, Chocolate Chips, Cinnamon Sugar. 
Premium flavors like: Almond, Bacon Bits, Glazin' Raisin, Cunnamon Raisin

*So here's their menu*

*And btw, they have new Pretzel Nuggets!

You can check their page @

Disappointing meal @ United Steaks

United Steaks is a hole in a wall food stop in a mall that suddenly catches our attention! 
The place looks promising! Clean and well lighted surrounding! 
Red and Blue American theme is their set up.
From Steaks, Burgers, Rice Meals
Liempo Rice Meal (140 pesos) - The foods served to us were cold. The liempo were really fatty. 
Though the sauce is pretty nice. The onion rings? Forget it! It tastes like rubber. swear.
Roastbeef Rice Meal (170 pesos) Better than boyfie's order. But like Aldrin's food, it was served cold.  
They should bother preheating our orders atleast. tsss. The Beef were soft but a bit on the dry side. 

Are we going to come back? Nahhhhh!!

Soy Garlic Chickens @ Chicken Charlie!

You might not believe this but this is my first time @ Chicken Charlie!
Their branch here is a bit small, but it's well lighted and clean. Free wifi and wash area is another plus, 
but they don't have CR which what I'm looking for at that time. 
Their Service is Average. Nothing to talk about but they served our foods fast. 
Value Meals
For groupie
Our table
6 pcs wings, Soy Garlic Flavor (175 pesos) The outer layer is crispy even for a long time. 
It's not oily which I liked but the meat inside were dry. Lacks some flavor at some point.
Fish and Chips (135 pesos) - Consist of fries and 3 pcs of fish fillet. How is it? So-so. The fish were tender and tasty. The fries however lacks of salt. Hahah. i didn't taste any after taste of the used-oil. Everything was OK.
2 pieces Charlie Chops (135 pesos) - This is boyfie's order and as usual, it tastes much better than mine! It's always like that ! The meat were soft and tasty, a bit oily which i think helps the meat to be more delicious! Hahaha! 
What I loved with Chicken is their to-go bags. Since we cannot consume everything, we asked them to wrap it. And look how neatly they wrapped our foods? :) For the Charlie Chops alone i can give this a 4/5 star, but over all i'm giving it a 3. Why? Because I expected that it has this sweet bon chon-ish taste (i'm not a bon chon fan though ). What i didn't know is that, their version has this garlic soy sauce flavor. Okay, my bad. I expected something, but it's my first time anyway.

You can check their website @

Personal: Bags of Goodies for Boyfie :)

Okay, so since Aldrin is really restless this past days because of his training, 
Here's something to cheer him up! Bags of goodies! :)
Why? coz I do believe that even if you're in a long time relationship already, little surprises like these matters. 
Okay, tama na masyado ng keso! Hahaha! ♥ 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Strawberry Filled Roll and Turtle Pie Tart @ Bakers Fresh

Yes! I told you guys, how I love Bakers Fresh! I craved the one that I used to have in Shang Plaza.  
 And then when I arrived, tadaaaah!! No Chocolate Filled Roll. 

 Pork Floss

 But! They have Strawberry Filled Roll which I love as usual. The cream in the middle were not so sweet just the way I liked it, and they generously filled the roll too!  And, what I love is the whole strawberry fruit at the end of the bread. That's really cool! I remember the Ice Cream i had during my childhood days! With the bubble gum at the end!
I suddently noticed the Turtle Pie tart at the side. I didn't know twas like that. I just bought it coz it looks so pretty! Hahaha!  Upon eating that in the office, wow! It's really good! The innards tasted close to Bizu's butterscotch macarons. Ohh heaven!  Though, the crust were too dry and falling apart everytime I'm eating it. It should've been 5 star if their crust is more stabilize. Maybe next taym!
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