Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Punta de Fabian Escapade! :)

Last Christmas,me and my friends wanted to celebrate Christmas Party in a different way. 
So to cut the story short, we headed to Punta de Fabian for swimming! (yes, it's December) 

``me and boyfie :)
 ``this is their shuttle going to the reception area. The area is really steep so it's important. 
 ``We arrived and there's a wedding happening. Sweet! :)
``Welcome drinks as we arrived
 ``Some ornaments
 ``And a clause! 
 ``Hallways through different rooms
 ``Emote 101
 ``Errrr? Who's that?? -_-

*So here are some shots of their place*
``Their pool with jacuzzi
 ``The higlights of this resort is their infinity pool facing the Laguna de Bay.
 ``You can have this nature experience that is trully mesmerizing! Especially at night!
 ``other view
 ``Rooms facing the bay
 ``rooms on the other side of the resort
 ``Jap style tables where you can stay and chit chats
 ``or even have your meals
 ``unique room on the roof.
 ``A pathway going to the infinity pool
 ``Reception area
 ``Some rules and regulations


 ``Bigger shot of the pool
 ``ahhh! look at the view!
 ``tadaahhh! hahahah!
 ``Panoramic shot of the pool
``Panoramic shot of the infinity pool

So here's some tips with if you're planning to visit their place. (based on our experience)

* PROS *
- Since we arrived a bit late, they let us stay for a long time beyond our check out.

- The food they offered to us is good! Not the usual thing that resorts usually serves.

- Hand made and Personalized toiletries.

- The price is 3200 if I'm not mistaken, Overnight package. Inclusion is the dinner and breakfast the next day.


- Talking about their service? Below average. They're very slow! Imagine, we had a reservation, but when we arrived, it took for almost an hour, before they bring us to the room because it's still messy. I saw them

They are really proud and bragging about their wifi! But, only to found out that it's only up to the reception area.cleaning the messy room! SRSLY? 

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