Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Movie Review: I Spit On Your Grave

I just finished watching this movie and I was like --> o_o

It is a Suspense, Thriller, and Crime movie at the same time directed by Taylor Hackford. It was about a lady name Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler) who was abused by different men and will seek for revenge! This is action packed movie is strictly for adult since it's on a brutal side. It's literally a shocking movie!

You can watch the trailer @

Cheapie But Goodie Steaks @ Brickfire!

My sister asked me a lot of times to visit this place. And finally! The place is a bit small in this branch, though I must admit, it's homey and tidy, They have one of the fastest wifi too! (I think their wifi is faster even than the one at home! HAHAH!

I'm not sure of the reason or because this branch is new, but their service here is really friendly and polite. They are always on their smiling face

*Here's their menu*

I ordered their Cheesy Broccoli (180 pesos) twas MEH!! Think of a semi-watery carbonara sauce, with Broccoli. I can't believe I ordered that one. Mas mahal pa sa Cow Girl Annie!

Cowgirl Annie- Though I find it a little bit, "as in a little bit" tough, still I really enjoyed this dish.
The meat were really flavorful. Swear bear!

You can check their website @

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Happy Tummy @ Comida China de Manila! :)

Last Father's Day, the whole family decided to eat at Comida China for a change. Aside from the fact that it's a Chinese Resto, it's near our place so it's definitely a hit for my Dad!  Twas jam packed outside since it's father's day! 
That's why we headed inside to reserve our seats. I didn't know that the place inside was huge. Twas like a neat house with dividers inbetween, depends on the number of persons. 
 Table Set Up
 My Place
 And a little complimentary Father's Day gift. That's such a nice thing with them :)
 A super pose from 2 of our lovely helpers :D
 And a Family Shot. 

*Here's their menu*

Comida China Soup - The block buster of the entire meal. REALLY GOOD! The server recommended this to us! 
 And yes, it did not disappoint. A must order! Promise! 
 Yang Chow
 Assorted Coldcuts - Disappointed.  It's not authentically made on their resto. These are exactly like the one that my Dad is buying in Binondo. *sob* 
 Hainan White Chicken - The greatest white chicken I've tasted. No kidding! Why? It has this smokey unique flavor on the dish. Delish!
Salt and Pepper Spareribs - You know what I'm going to say.--North Park's version is much better! The tenderness I'm looking for is not there. A bit burnt as well. Can you see?
Seafood Shanghai - It was not the best I have tasted, but their Shanghai sauce is really good! 
 Seafood Comida Chow Mien - The noodles were saucy just the way we liked it. Generously topped with seafoods and veggies. Yum! 
 Salt and Pepper Squid - Really crunchy, and the squid were soft. Though It still lacks "some" *no, not some* MORE flavor.  
Beef with Broccoli - I thought this is the broccoli flower, but no, it's the broccoli leaves after all. Kinda disappointed. 

VERDICT: Overall, the resto has a potential. Though needs a little polishing on their food IMO :)

You can check their website @

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Amazing Cones: Pizza in a Cone

Okay so this is one of the food stop that's just one kembot away from my Alma Matter. It's a normal pizza with a twist. 
It's a pizza in a cone! Errr! That's why it's amazing cone. :D

 The size of the place were just right. Not so big, not small either. Comfy couch and chairs, plus free wifi too!
 12 Pizza cones to choose from. Rice Meals , pika snacks, ice creams and drinks are also available! 
 Since I don't have idea with their food, i asked for their best seller. They told me that it's the:
 "Everything but the sink" amazing cone. As the name says it all, 9 toppings in one cone. (pepperoni, italian sausages, beef, mushrooms, pineapple, bell pepper, onions, olives, tomato sauce, and mozarella cheese! 
 How cool is that?  The taste? Nothing special. Not for a best seller actually. It tasted weird maybe coz the toppings were put altogether. More like Chicken Ala King. The nearest description I can give.

While this is the "Pizza Burger" totally addictive! Full of burger flavors inside!  
 Make sure to try this one. It's not the usual hotdog sandwich. They have a special sauce that makes the sandwich so good. The hotdog itself was really juicy!
 Pistachio Nut - Boyfie wanted this one. I didn't taste any Pistachio-y flavor. More like vanilla ice cream. Nothing special. But boyfie loves it so much. I asked him "if you'll give it a rating, what is it?" he said, 10 million!  Yeah, he's really a fan of vanilla ice cream that's why.
Buter Pecan - It's good as well. But I'm still looking for more "buttery" flavor. 
 HK milk tea - Taste is like "mine shine" I'm not sure if your'e familiar with that. But it's the milk tea in a bottle that you can buy at 7/11. Exact taste it has!
Yakitori - It's not as sulit if you look at the price but it's good! I really love the sauce! 

You can check their site @

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Infinitea now in Binangonan! :)

Altast! There's a milktea shop now in Binangonan! I was really happy! It's just around 10 minutes around our house. 
 Infinitea in Binangonan
 A spacious area
 There's also another space on the side. Perfect for smokers out there. 
 And a cute message cork board

*Here's their menu*

 they also partnered with Nacho King
 There's their biggie Nacho.
 Here's one of their new drink. Soda Pop! (Green Apple flavor) - Surprisingly good! 
Twas a soda infused with different fruit flavorings. 
 Everyone's favorite - Wintermelon! I suddenly love their version of Wintermelon! (with additional pudding) It has the right amount of tea flavor. Strong enough but retains the melowness of the drink
 Lychee Soda Pop- You can't see much the flavor at the bottom. Like the Green Apple, it's really good.
Perfect for those who are looking for instant refresher!
Mocha Cookie Crumble (with coffee jelly) - I keep coming back for this one. It's cool how on every sip you can taste the cookie crumbs having this crunchy consistency. Surprising how it's not getting soggy at all!

Chocolate Mousse (with coffee jelly and Nata)- Chocolate-y goodness which every sweet tooth will love. Though I find this one too sweet on my visit. But nevertheless, it's good!
Wintermelon Milk Tea (with coffee jelly and pearls)- This order is what I had the next morning. But sadly, It doesn't have the actual taste that I'm looking for. I hope the branch in Infinitea Binangonan will improve the consistency in preparing our drink. :S

You can check their site @
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