Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bohol: Tarsier Conservation Area

Note: This is Countryside Tour post is not in order. The sequence of the tour is base on our location. Whichever is the nearest, then that will be first then another, and another. Oraytts! So one of my favorite stop is the Tarsier Conservation. Since it's my first time seeing a tarsier! wohooo!
 Strike a pose! Courtesy of our driver Arvin! :)
 To start of, you have to pay a minimum amount for the entrance
 You should remember THAT!!! Flash in your camera should be TURN OFF! Why? Because according to the folks there, the little fellas has the tendency to commit suicide if they were blinded with camera flashes! :o
 That's the closest thing I can since there's a border line. :P  
 We saw around 10 tarsier. You have to look closely from one branch to other since they might be hiding! heheh! But the dried leaves serves as their roof indicates that there's a tarsier staying there. 
Can you see how tiny they are! Looks big on the picture but it's so tiny!
 Look how cute the smile is!
Outside the conservation area, there's different pasalubong stops to choose from. But Arvin suggested to buy pasalubong at the Blood Compact area since it's the cheapest of all! :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bohol: Country Side Tour c/o RJ Tours Bohol

Starting this post, you will now see the escapades we've had when we're in Bohol. But before I start the Countryside Tour, let me introduce you to the man of our entire trip. :) You see, there's a lot of places to visit in Bohol, and you can't just walk from one to another. There's no even taxi there if you're thinking of that idea. I've searched entire google looking for a Bohol tour but only RJ answers my question promptly and politely.  
Our shuttle arrived on Amorita the exact time I said :)

2,000 pesos for a Bohol Country Side tour. Expensive? Nahhh! Look at your shuttle. And!! Try searching for Country Side Tour, RJ has the cheapest price. Aside from that, driver is also included. They already have the standard itinerary for you. 

> Blood Compact Shrine
> Baclayon Church
> Biggest Python in Captivity
> Tarsier Encounter
> Lunch / River Cruise
> Loboc River
> Hanging Bridge
> Man Made Forest
> Butterfly Conservation Center
> Shiphouse (optional)
> Chocolate Hills
> Approniana Souvenir Shop

If you want to add a place which you want to visit and not on their list, it's free of charge IF it's on the way. Like on our case, we also added Hinagdan Cave on our Itinerary (which is super worth it btw!) and just remove the Shiphouse on our list to lessen the time of our trip. :) **Incase it's really out of the way, extra charge will be applied :)
What's so good about them? We also have instant photographer! yey! *sample above* They are very kind and entertaining. As for our trip, Arvin is our driver (Hello Arvin! :D )
I highly recommend RJ Tours Bohol. Kind, Prompt, Hassle Free communication! 
You can check their Sulit account 
Or simply text them @ +63-917-324-5488

Movie Review: John Q

It's been a week since my last post! I've been so busy lately watching some movies! Here's another movie to watch! 
I know it's a #hashtag throwback movie, but it's good! A 2012 movie directed by Nick Cassavetes.

The story is about a father named John Q (Denzel Washington) who has a son that has a heart failure. Having a financial problem, as a father, he will do everything just for him to save his son. But up to what extent He will do everything? A drama and thrilling movie packed into one! :)

You can check the trailer @

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bohol: Amorita Resort (Part 4: Breakfast in Bed)

When we arrived in Amorita, we were handed a list of cuisines of our preference for our Breakfast in Bed
(American, Filipino, European, or Oriental Breakfast )
 Given our desired time, just one call away, then they quickly knock on our villa and set up the place.
We also decided not to put the breakfast on our bed, instead, just put it beside the plunge pool :) 
 Such a filling meal perfect for our flight going back to Manila. 

You can check their site @

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bohol: Amorita Resort (Part 3: Candle Light Dinner)

Our next night in Amorita is the day itself that we are celebrating our 8th Anniversary. 
So we decided to put the Candle Light schedule on that night. Oh diba? Para mas romantic! hahaha!
We were informed that the dinner will be held in the deck where we can see the beauty of the Alona beach with the soothing sound of the waves. But when we saw the set up, I wanna melt because of happiness! I expected something but not like this! 
All I thought is a table with foods, etc, but it's just really wow!
 Thank God for the nice weather that night! (even there's a rainy weather forcast that day). 
We also have our own butler during our entire meal. Thank you Kuya! :)
 Our dinner includes a 5 course meal per head :)
 Look at the pretty set up! :)
Sorry! I can't help it! hahaha!
 Me + a thumb
 Boyfie. hahaha! 
 Red Wine to start the meal 
 Onion Rye Bread with Butter with Ham Crostini Spread- The spread is really nice with their hot steaming bread :)
Asian Salad with Sesame Dressing- And since boyfie is not a fan of veggies, I got two plates of these! mehehe!
 Crab Bisque Soup- Really yummy! The thickness of the soup is good plus the heart warming taste of Crab fat! nomnomnom! 
 Bacon Wrapped White Pan Crusted Rockfish with sweet potato puree, brussel sprouts, carrots and cherry tomato - 
I entirely consume everything! The fish was cooked perfectly, without having the stinky fish-y taste, and yes, wrapped with a bacon. What can go wrong with that? :)
 Pork Tenderloin stuffed with mushroom on a cranberry barbecue sauce. - Since this is boyfie's dish, I can't give a detailed info on this one. But he told me that the pork were flavorful from outside to inside of the dish. 
 Lemon Meringue Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream- Twas okay for both of us. Since I'm not fan of citrus-y flavored dessert. 
I liked chocolate base better! :P
BURP! Happy 8th Anniversary! (excuse for the blurry photo)

You can check their website @

Sunday, July 21, 2013

First Vietnamese piggin' @ Pho Hoa!

Pho Hoa is been here for years, and yet it's our first time to try! I got curious with their offerings for some reasons!
 Unlike other branches, the one in Robinsons Galleria is not that comfy and homey. Since you're in a middle of an internet shop and some small stores beside. So yeah, kinda awkward when people staring at you while eating your food. Ha! Anyway, not so sure what to order, I just based our order on the appearance on the menu. hahah!
 Fresh Spring Roll - Veggie goodness roll, carefully wrapped in rice paper, assorted vegetables, and crab stick. The combination of the ingredients blended well with their peanut sauce :)
 Grilled Pork with Shrimp for boyfie. The pork were flavorful and marinated thoroughly though it's not that tender. 
The shrimps were lump and cooked right. Plus their whole grain rice was so filling!
Vermicelli Noodles - A bowl filled with vermicelli noodles, vegetable, grilled pork and fried rolls served with their sauce served separately. I'm not sure what was that, but it's somewhat sweet liquid-y sauce. Twas okay. I love veggies and fruits. A nice combination! I can eat that without feeling guilty. hahah! But it's not something I will look forward too either :)

You can check their site @

Mia's Italian Water Ice

Accidentally, me and boyfie suddenly noticed this new kiosk in SM Taytay. We know that it's not the usual kiosk that's been standing there for years. Kinda got curios since "Italian Water Ice"? first time to see this offering in malls. First started in Shawarma, Siomai, Empanada, Mangga and Bagoong, Binatog, then now Water Ice? Cool! 
  See that? That's really cheap! :)

 They have pretty cool flavors. One of a kind!
 (which I forgot. sorry!)
Kuya getting our orders
 Boyfie got the Buko Flavor. Right amout of sweetness but need a little kick of the buko flavor. The consistency of the "water ice" is really smooth. Smooth like a soft ice, but waaay finer, and smoother!
While I got their Honey Dew flavor. This one is pretty nice! Really refreshing and has the authentic honey dew flavor! What's so cool about this is that, it doesn't melt fast. It's been sitting for around 10 minutes on our hands and it's not even melting! Such a cheap but refreshing snack! :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bohol | 8th Anniversary: Amorita Resort Special! Good Morning Breakfast! :)

So here it is again! The Part 3 post of our Amorita Special! After spending the day in our plunge pool and the magnificent view at Amorita Resort, PLUS! pampering our body that night, the next day? Alam na! It's breakfast buffet! :) 

 Look at the kiddie utensils! It's cute how they consider the kids regarding that one :)
 Bread section
 Salads and Anti Pasti.
 Cereals, Milks, Oatmeals
 Congee. I forgot to taste this one :(
 Omelette Section
 Hash Brown, Garlic Rice, Steamed Rice
 Since boyfie is not a fan of veggies, we had their Eggs + Mushroom + Lotsaaa Cheese!
 Freshly Squeezed Juices
 Bacon! Ofcourse, I hoard a lot! Hahahah! I love their crispiness of their bacon! Perfect!
 Crispy Pusit - Best to be paired with their vinegar!
 Boyfie WOWED when He saw this! I haven't see a breakfast buffet with Lechon Kawali! There's a sparkle on boyfie's eyes! hahahah! Especially if the sauce is not vinegar. We love the usual Lechon Kawali + Mang Tomas Sauce! PERFECT!
 Chicken Ham
 Tortang Talong! I love this! :)
 Look at the nice view of the pool? :)
 And yes, pray before eating. :) Can you see the amount of Lechon Kawali and Bacon? :P

 First Plate :P
 Look how cheesy that omelette is! 
Some fruits. And yes, I'm so glad that my favorite fruit is there- Mangosteen! :)
 Overall, the number of foods particularly the viand were not as much like others, but for me, it's just perfect since we don't experience that bloaded feeling after eating. Besides, who cares especially if the favorite Lechon Kawali and Bacon is there? HAHAH! :)

You can check their website @
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