Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Pleasant Discovery @ Almon Marina!


 The place offers wide variety of foods. From deli, sandwiches, pasta, and rice meal! 
The interior looks so neat but a bit small.
 Extensive menu! FTW! :)
 Cakes, Pastries, Deli
 The service were just OK. Nothing special. They're not friendly at all. Semi self service here.
 Ofcourse, you know how I love taking pictures of the tissues! hahah!
 The food is pretty nice and cheap! Boyfie ordered their Beef Ribs (220 pesos). It's flavorful, but it's not that tender. Both dish has a veggie sidings. Soft enough but needs a bit of salt to taste IMO.
 Stuffed Porkchop. Guess what? It's 170 pesos only! The porkchop were tender and flavorful this time. Stuffed with herbed apple and cheese. I was surprise that the tangy-ness of the apple and the cheese really blended well with each other!

I believe this place is under rated. You should give this one a chance. You might not be aware that there's a gem hidden in Megamall. Or is it only me that it's not familiar with its existence? For those who are wondering, it is located in SM Megamall Building A, Ground Floor. orayts! :)

You can check their website @

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