Thursday, August 29, 2013

PROMO: Max's Chicken All You Can!

Calling out Max's Chicken fanatic! Chicken ALL YOU CAN! But only at their Robinsons Magnolia branch! :)

Tummy Bursting Lunch @ Chilis!

Teta: Let's eat here na lang in Chili's!!!!!!

Gian: No Mommy Teta, I don't want. I don't want spicy foods!

 Hahaha! I just burst laughing at my nephew, but the crew outside, smiled and told him that it's just their name, but not basically spicy foods! Their service was excellent. They made our stay comfortable and hassle free. Really friendly all through out our stay.
 Their branch here was a bit smaller than other branch. But twas okay, my neice and nephew had a great time drawing using their Coloring Book provided and some Crayons! Since I don't know what to order, i just asked my sister to order for us. The price was reasonable since their serving size is huuge! We ordered the following:
 TRIPLE DIPPER (395 pesos) Consist of the their Best Selling appetizers: 

Buffalo Wings- was okay too me which needs a little more tanginess flavor.

Chicken Crispers - Perfectly golden brown breaded chicken. I was surprise that it's really juicy and tender! 

South Western Eggrolls - I first thought that it's Fajitas. Nyahah. But it's a crispy flour filled with smoked chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeƱo Jack cheese, red peppers and spinach. I find it a bit spicy, but who cares, it's gooood! Served with their winner avocado-ranch dressing.
 CAJUN CHICKEN PASTA: (430 pesos) 
We first thought that it's a same ol boring pasta when they served it to our table. But I was wrong. 
Really creamy, pasta on a white based sauce topped with huge chunks of grilled chicken.
- 4 mini burgers (it's not actually mini at all! :o) generously filled with crispy bacon, aged cheddar cheese, sauteed onions and ranch dressing. Their patty was huge and awesome! Boyfie was hands down on this one! Plus! It was also served with crispy onion rings. Though, their onion rings was not crispy as I expected, nevertheless, it was one of the nicest onion rings I've tasted. Ewan ko ba, basta! Hahaha!  And oh, did I told you that their dips was one of the greatest!? Oh yes, I did!
- Twas also the golden chicken crispers that was served to us. But it was on a bed of fries.
Can you believe it? We didn't order anything. We're full! We even asked the crew to wrap our food for us since we can't consume it all. I just love my niece and nephew doing lambing to each other :)

Friday, August 23, 2013

PERSONAL: Newspaper nail art :D

The moment I saw the newspaper nail art, I told myself that I want to try that myself. Doing some research online, 
I found out that it's pretty easy as 1, 2, 3---4!

 What cha say? Not such a bad thing for a first timer right? :p

To do the stylish nail art you need to prepare the following:
 10 strips of newspaper
 Clear and White Nail Polish
 Alcohol placed in a container. (Thanks to my niece's luto lutuan!)
 FIRST: Apply the base coat using the clear nail polish. Let it dry.
 SECOND: Put two layers of white nail polish. Make sure it's completely dry before doing the next step.

THIRD: Put the newspaper strips on your nails and using your finger, put some alcohol and press it gently. After doing that remove the newspaper slowly. You will see that the print has been transferred on your nails. In case that a part of a nail wasn't covered with letters, you can put back again the newspaper strip, then put a drop of alcohol and press it again.
FOURTH: Put the final coating using the clear nail polish. Make sure that you don't slide the brush on your nails since it will smudge the letters. What you can do is, apply the final coat by drops, then carefully spread it. Then you're done! 

I am NO master with this one, but I thought it would be nice if I share it with you guys! :)

PROMO: Old Spaghetti House's PASTA ALL YOU CAN! :)

One of my favorite foods would be pasta and pizza. (And I'm sure I'm not alone!) Ha! :D 
So here's an announcement for those who are like me! Old Spaghetti House offers a promo!

PASTA ALL YOU CAN for only 149 pesos! Not tell me, what can go wrong with that? 
Too hungry? Just add 50 pesos and you'll have UNLIMITED PIZZA as well! hurraaay! Visit the branches near you! ;)

You can check their facebook page for details @

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bohol: Loboc River | Loboc River Cruise

Surely, your Bohol Tour is not complete without going to Loboc River and have some buffet at Loboc River Cruise.

They have different floating resto as you enter the place, but according to our tour guide, Riverwatch Floating Restaurant is the most popular one. Even some actors were eating there? :D I'm not sure if it's true, but what I am confident is that, one factor is because they are located on the first most area :P
Their boat is one of the largest, compared to others.
So-So number of foods.
 I've expected there's some BBQ or ihaw ihaw food, but none :( Unlike others! >.<
The biggest crab in the table
Don't expect a superb food. It's like a karinderya style.
But what's important is the view of Loboc River

The whole trip last for 1 hour. But there's also a stop over in the middle of the cruise
You will be welcomed by the locals :)
Happily playing Rondalyas 
No entrance fee but tips would be highly appreciated :)
For 400 pesos+ payment for buffet and entrance, I think it's worth it. 
Nothing to rave with the food, but it's surely a nice experience! :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

PROMO: Starbucks Card --FINALLY!

I know this has been a thread lately in networking sites like Facebook! Coffee Lovers like me surely loves this thing! 
After years of waiting Starbucks Card in Philippines. FINALLY! :)
No wonder it made a huge hit when they first released it last week in Glorietta! The card cost 300. But 
it's consumable. It's like a stored value card that you can use at our stores to buy anything from their stores.
(that's their releasing promo btw :))
What so good with this card is you can turn your visit into a reward. Like one handcrafted beverage is equals to 1 star, and total number of 12 star entitles you to have a free drink! Aside from that, it's a lifetime card! yes! No expiration! Thank goodness :)) And what's the coolest ever, you'll receive a birthday treat from them! :D
They have two designs of cards, which you can see on the photo above. And this is the one I chose. 
With the steaming coffee design. hahah!

Orayts! So Coffee Lovers, incase you haven't heard of this one, go grab yourself one! Don't forget to register your account here so you'll have a automatic free coffee from them. :)

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bohol: Hanging Bridge

Next is the Hanging Bridge. Only one thing on my mind : "I shouldn't put this on our itinerary"

 Don't get me wrong guys. It's good, but I'm just a chicken who don't want to walk on the bridge. -_- 
Look at my awkward face.
 There's 2 way going back and forth. The bridge is made up of wooden material and kinda creaky. 
 Look at my face. I'm really scared T.T
 Yes, and our photo was taken by Arvin (our tour guide :D)
WHEW! Thank God it was finished! Still worth a try for experience! ;)

Bohol: Man Made Forest

Sorry guys for not continuing to post the soonest, been very busy in the office the past weeks. But now, I'm back! 
So to continue our Bohol Adventure, let me share you our trip at Man Made Forest.

 Your Bohol visit is not complete without dropping by the serene and relaxing view of the Forest. 
That crisp smell of the tree when you passes by. arghh! Wonderful nature indeed!

Imagine a 2 KM hectare of Mahogany trees planted by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines plus the Local Government and with support of the people living there. Kudos to them! Really a wonderful job! 

 Our guide told us that there's a White Lady at night >.< Though it was said that it's only a drunk man who wears white dress plus black shirt on his head to scare the passers by at night. HAHAHA!

It's actually a road. Though only minimal numbers of cars will pass by, make sure to take extra careful when striking a pose! ;)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rustic Chocolate Torte by Purple Oven


Well, that's next to their Banoffee Pie. This is it! I fell in love with their cake on my first bite!
I kinda regret when I ordered this one. It's not appealing to me (by looking at the cake) but I was wrong. REALLY WRONG! Imagine a super thin like layer of sansrival (super thin tologo) layered with Cream, Cashew and generous amount of Pecan Nuts plus huge chunks and drizzles of Chocolate! (the one they used in the Banoffee Pie!) Put it together then VIOLA! Such a magnificent creation! NOW I WAAAAANT! -__-

Also check out their lusciously Banoffee Pie here

Monday, August 5, 2013

Bohol: Fail visit of Chocolate Hills

Actually, not the visit itself, but the photos! Bear with me people, I know, the following picture sucks. 
Why? I had a hard time taking some shots since I was really catching my breath that time! :o
 Going on top of hill will take 214 steps. And it's super steep! 
 Just on the side of the cliff
 HAHAHA! See? Major FAIL! We blocked the hills! 
We wasn't able to take lots of shots since there are a lot of people waiting for their turn. 
Boyfie on the view. Ohh! btw, kindly take note that there are other Chocolate Spots in Bohol, 
but since it's the nearest to our place we opted for that one. 
And yours truly! Make sure you have extra drink when going up the hill. And I advised that our old love ones just stay down the hill and enjoy the view. Anyway, there's a place provided there where you can still enjoy the Chocolate Hills. But for the adventure seekers, get some "balut" and ready your knees! :D
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