Thursday, September 26, 2013

A new found happy place @ Ally's All Day Breakfast

Discovered this since it was featured in KrisTV! (Yes, the Marian Rivera and Ai Ai Episode) 
 I liked the place a lot. The place was pretty small. 18 chairs to be exact. But they also have tables outside.
 It's really homey! Wifi na lang kulang! hihih! :P
 Wall decors
 Their oh-so-cool Mr Sunny!
 Some positive vibes!
 Hello Sunshine! :)
 I just love the little details they have, especially the flower in each table! It adds happy thoughts with the entire place! 
 Their service was EXCELLENT! The crew (especially on the photo) was really polite and friendly. There's no instance that she didn't say thank you. Really friendly and prompt with our needs. Little thing matters yknow! Kudos to them! :)

 I do appreciate, that the ketchup they have is Tomato Sweet Blend Ketchup. 
Plus the seasoning. (perfect with their rice!) 

They have huge variaties of food selections. From Rice Meal, Pancakes 
(DIY/Premium like: Ferrerro/Kitkat/Butterfinger etc , Crepes, Waffle, Sanwiches, Smoothies, and lotsaaa more!)
We were informed that our food will be serve after 20 minutes, since there's a lot of orders before us. 
The price considering the taste of the food plus the serving size was affordable!
  Yes, we kinda had a hard time chosing from their menu. I wanna taste everything :(
 I was even inggit when I watch Kristv doing their own pancake and putting your desired name. So we had this as well. hahaha!
You'll be given a paper were you will choose and check the pancake/waffle that you want (choose your batter, toppings (as many as you want!) , syrups, add ons (bacons etc). Per add on corresponds an amount. 

We ordered the following (Automatically served with 2 eggs, Garlic Rice, Tomato Salsa, and Ice Tea 
(it's not a powdered one i think which I enjoyed a lot) 
 Classic Beef Tapa (130 pesos) I'm not a tapa expert but seriously, this is a such a good tasting tapa!!! Really soft and tender! With chunks of flavorfull beef with "perfect" blend of saltiness and hint of sweetness! Huhuhuh! Ongsorooop!
 Hickory BBQ Porkchop (220 pesosA two huge slab of porkchop! It was so huge na tipong nagkatinginan kame ni boyfie sa laki! It's a pan grilled porky glazed with tangy BBQ sauce that exactly tastes like Banapple's. Swear bear! SARAP! Though I would appreciate more if it will be more tender. :) But nevertheless, this is defenitely the bomb!
  "Tetadventurer"™ Pancake
✅ Base: Pancake (75 pesos) 
✅ Classic Batter flavor (free) 
✅ Nutella (35 pesos) 
✅ Cream Cheese (35 pesos) 
✅ Bananas (25 pesos) 
✅ Syrup (free)

Tadahhhhh!!! It was good and really soft, but it would be perfect if it's fluffier. The flavors blended well with each other. Can't wait to try their waffle next time! :)
 SMILE, GIVE, LOVE :) I really liked the experience! We were so stuffed after! All day breakfast that's delish and affordable! Out of 5, I can give it a 4, but since the service was exceptional, i'll go for 5!

We're really glad that the place is near the office, guaranteed that will be coming back for more!

Yes, the next day (which is today) we visited again their place. Boyfie cannot get over with their tapa! Hahaha! It's still delicious as ever! Then finally, I tried their Relyenong Bangus (250 pesos) 

Look at that! It was INSANELY good! Kris Aquino was right, this is such a winner Relyeno. No fishy after taste, perfectly seasoned and everything! Urghhh! Sarap! And look, It was super huge!!! I just consume half of it! Ofcourse, I asked them to wrap the remaining so I can continue munching at home. Hahaha! This is another must try!
You can check their facebook page @

Monday, September 23, 2013

Chatime's Cronuts

Yes. Boyfie and I dedicated this Saturday for Podium food hopping and Megamall cronuts hunting!
 (photo credit to Chatime's facebook page)
 I was surprise to see lots of cronuts display on Chatime.
  I was supposed to buy the 4 flavors, but since I also want to try other store, I opted for one. 
 I ordered the Chocolate Combination for 68 pesos. Twas okay. Kinda expected a lot since it looks so pretty!
 I had a hard time eating the Cronuts. Twas lapse and makunat at the same time. 
I'm not sure if because we travelled before I eat it. 
The chocolate was so-so as well. But it looks so pretty right? I might give this baby another chance :)

Check their facebook page @

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Discovering Latin American Food @ Brasas

Atlast! After sitting on my "Must Try" list for a long time. FINALLY! 
 The place was pretty small, I guess around 7-8 tables? But they have Al Fresco dining, 
if you want others to drool while you're eating! 
 I love how they creatively painted the walls with words and different pictures!
 Black and Red theme to match the Latin American vibe! Winner! Oh btw, don't rely on their wifi, it sucks bigtime! 
 Heheh. Hello there Mr. Cow! :)
 Their service was satisfactory. The lady who asked for my order was pretty nice. 
Though we had to follow up our request twice (extra plates, glass etc)
 They have wide array of choices. Each meal was served with a salad, patacones (banana) and their humugous amount of serving. We ordered the following:
 Carne Asadas Platter and Puerco Asado Cuba 
 Puerco Asado Cuba (280 pesos)- A huge slab of slow roasted pork, served with Rice and Beans. But since boyfie is not fan of those, I asked them to replace it with Yellow Rice. (yes for free) It was cooked perfectly! I thought I will have a hard time biting/chewing that one since I'm still on my adjustment period with my brace (sabe? Hahaha !) But No, there's no sweat chewing their food! Really soft and tender! :)
 Carne Asadas Platter (250 pesos)- It's good! Generous amount of charcoal grilled beef which was flavorful and well seasoned. Served with Yellow Rice and Chimichurri Sauce which was surprisingly good as well!

NOTE: Don't bother going here if you're full. I mean, go here when you're really starving. Just like what I've said, the serving size was really generous! I even gave my half part to boyfie. Sulit for the price. Value for money indeed! Can't wait to try their other offerings! :)

You can check their page @

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Movie Review: 3 Idiots

Decided to write a movie review today. I'm thinking what movie shall I put, then suddenly I remember 3 Idiots since I forced my parents to watch this movie by themselves. I must admit, at first, I am not in the mood watching this film when it was first introduced to me. I guess because it will be the first time watching a Bollywood movie which I keep on hearing from others. But I'm telling you, once you watch this movie, it will be included in your "favorite" movie list. :)

Mind you, this will totally blow you away! A comedy-drama film released in 2009, is the highest ranking Bollywood movie that broke all the box office records upon their release. Yes, it's really THAT good! "Two friends are searching for their long lost companion. (Aamir Khan, Madhavan, Sharman Joshi) They revisit their college days and recall the memories of their friend who inspired them to think differently, even as the rest of the world called them "idiots"." - IMDb. I know, I can't give justice to this film, try to do some Youtube search with english subs. Imma telling you, it's a MUST WATCH film :)

Pico de Loro: Lagoa Restaurant

So this was our not so good dinner happen to us in Lagoa, Pico de Loro's Restaurant
In fairness, the place was well lighted with yellowish light effect. Though, not that ventilated. 
I loved the coffee beans placed in the cup per table. I find it cute! 
The servers was accommodating enough, but we're having a hard time calling their attention every now and then.

*The price was gold as expected considering their itsy bitsy serving size. We asked them for how many pax per dish it can be, then they told us it's for 3-4 persons. To our surprise, yes! It really is! 3-4 kids!! *
Crispy Pork Slab a.k.a Lechon Kawali (360+
Not the best I've tasted. Josephine's LK is way way better! It's crispy yes, tasty yes, golden brown yes, overcooked yes! 
The meat part was tough already that will end up like a bubble gum in your mouth? Jeez.
Nilagang Bulalo (500+
A meat full of veggies with knuckle like size. The bulalo soup was serapated on a tiny bowl as in really small!!! You know Jollibee's Macaroni Sopas container? Yes! The size is like that! You might think that I'm exaggerating, I wish I am. But I'm not. It was served in front of me, I thought we will be given individually, but we were shocked when they told us it's the Bulalo Soup already! Sayang! It tastes good pa naman!
Pinaputok na Bangus (330+) 
I must say, flavor wise, i like it! Since I'm a fan of dishes like that. But the size was really bad. 
Reyes BBQ's bangus is much bigger. 
Chopsuey (190+) 
I like the thick and flavorful sauce it has. But it was not cooked properly. Some veggies were still uncooked. 

CRONUTS # 2: Le Coeur de France

CRONUT number 2! Sorry, hindi padin ako nakakaget over sa cronut craze. Hahaha! Why? I simply love sweets!
 When I found out that a piece costs 89 pesos, sold! It's kinda late when we visited the place,
 so there's only one available flavor, the Mixed Berries.
 Mind you, It's "incomparable" to Wildflour, but I actually liked it! It's smaller compare to Wildflour, and it's on the makunat side. I know i'm weird! But what I liked is the filling, sweet, salty taste in between. It doesn't have sugar sprinkles outside but it's sugar glazed! The mixed berries is not sour too!

So this is my next day visit, FINALLY, there's available Double Belgian Chocolate and Parmesan Cheese. 
I thought I will like it since it's Chocolate. But no. Twas just okay. I dunno. I prefer the Parmesan than the chocolate. I love the combination of cheesy salty and sweet flavor it has. For some reason, it's more makunat than the first time I tried their Cronuts. I had a hard time eating it already. I liked the Mixed Berries most!

You can check Wildflour's version here

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not So Worth It Experience @ Pico de Loro

A nice place where EVERYTHING has a price. Yes, that's the straight to the point description to summarize this post. 
After a long and tiring trip going to Nasugbu, we reached Pico de Loro after 4 hours. Whew! All I thought that Pico de Loro is for members only, but No. As for our trip, a friend has a contact inside. A member of Pico de Loro's condo where she's allowing her unit to be a rented.
Each guest is required to pay 500 pesos. Plus 1000 pesos consumable for facilities. 
We all thought it's okay since it's consumable. At the back of our mind, "grabe, sulit na sulit yung 1k sa mga facilities nila" 
The Condo
But we are wrong! It's a gold place! Read on...
The room we rented is for 5500 per overnight. Maximum of 8 person. 
1 double deck, 1 queen size bed , 2 couch that can be turn into bed, and TV. No wifi. 
 The unit has a kitchen (on a blurry phot T.T)
With stove and utensils. 
Small CR (with no lights)
This is their free shuttle, wherever you want to go inside the vicinity. We were informed that we can swim everywhere, but when we went down their shuttle, they blocked our way and said that there's a occasion that time and we can't enter blah blah.
The price they indicated is not the actual price. Meaning, lots of add ons during your stay. Be warned!
But I admit, this bridge was such a beauty! Hello to my friend Pat! :D
Their lovely piece
This is their reception area. Twas really hot when we arrived. I thought it's centralize :(
Billards --for those who dare.
The bowling will cost 1k per game! (total for us) WTF?! Kung nag Paeng kame sa 1k na yan, lupaypay na kame! haha Then we thought of videoke instead, but guess what, 1k for 1 hour, and for 4 persons only. We decided that the boys should use the 1k for basketball , but the half court, for half hour is 1k. Seryoso??? :(
We went to the other pool. We all understand the proper swimwear should be implemented, we were all wearing swimming attires plus cover ups which was considered as swimming attire nowadays.But as soon as we dipped the pool, the life guard approach us and asked us to remove the cover ups. Okay, para walang talo, go na. Then afterwards, they were asking us to remove our shorts (swimming shorts) REALLY? They're getting on my nerves already that I can't help it to say "kuya baka naman panty and bra namin ipahubad nyo din?!!" What irritates us is they don't even ask others (30 ish people?) to do the same. Oh ano meron, bat ganon?!
Wasn't able to enjoy the pool because of the consecutive irritating moments happen. Decided to leave the pool after an hour. I asked where I can get a towel, and to my surprise, may bayad din! That made me irritate even more. 
I've been to different Country Clubs/Hotels before, and it's my first time to encounter a towel payment in the pool 
area and if you don't return it within the time they told you, you will be penalize.
Their pool at night.
Infairness, their beach is clean and well maintain.
Shot from their beach

Good thing I have a good company with me! Overall, I will definitely NOT going back at Pico de Loro anytime soon. I don't mind spending so much for as long as it's worth the price. Even traveling that long is not worth my time. I'll still prefer Acuatico than this. 

You can check their site @
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