Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Happy Place: Cupcakes by Sonja's @ Shangrila Plaza

When Shangri la Plaza started developing their East Wing part, I was insanely happy when I saw that Cupcakes by Sonja is included in the huge tarpaulin. Then I usually asked the information center every time I'm passes by if it's open already. Yes, that's how I love their cupcakes! :)
 Then I received an email invite regarding grand opening of their store (October 24, 2013 : 3 oclock in the afternoon). But sadly, I have another appointment that time. Excited as I am, I immediately drop by on their first day "soft opening". :)  
 The store is pretty nice and well ventilated. Compare to their original Serendra branch, it's much bigger. 
And their cupcakes on display!

 A side open kitchen where you can see them on how they make their goodies! :)
 Their menu :)
 Ofcourse, a box for myself! :)
 I had a hard time choosing as usual. :( But since I'm craving for their cupcakes for a long time already, 
I choose my favorites! :)
 Red Velvet Vixen (85 pesos)- Look at that soft, smooth consistency of the frosting on top? 
No one can resist Red Velvet! :)
 Elvis - (115 pesos) One of my favorite! Cookie crumbs with peanut butter - chocolate combination with "chunks" of peanut butter cups then drizzled with chocolate!
 Choco Cream Pie (110 pesos)- My favorite cupcake from all the cupcakes in the universe! Remember my individual post before? Check out here. I will forever adore this baby! Fine cookie crust with lusciously irresistible chocolate cream, generously topped with icing!

Look! Who can resist that? :o
 Chocolate Overload (105 pesos)- It's my first time ordering this one. Still have to try this later! 
But just look at that picture? It speaks for itself! 
 Pistachio Berri @ Cream (120 pesos) - A very light snack that even a non sweet tooth will surely love! A moist cupcake with bits of pistachio nuts, secretly topped with strawberry slices with light white whipped cream.
 Choco Cream Cheese Swirl (95 pesos) - Boyfie wanted to taste this one. It's good! Chocolatey goodness with hints of cheese swirls that has surprisingly huge chunks of bitter sweet chocolate inside!
I always had this craving with me since Serendra and other branches was really far from me. And I have to travel all the way from Rizal to satisfy my Sonjas craving. Thank you so much @ Cupcakes by Sonjas for being closer to us! I'm really really really happy! :)

Check out their newly open branch now @ Shangrila Plaza East Wing. 
Visit their page @

2 Day Cooking Course @ Epicurean Lab!

Christmas Season is coming! And I'm sure one of the things the every household is planning for is the scrumptious food that will be served during that special day! But good news, here's a chance to have a 2-day cooking course.
Here's part of the invitation:

Greetings from Global Academy!

We at the Academy are pleased to inform you that we will be having a new short course offering for the month of November and December. This type of class will be a Hands-on class wherein Chefs demonstrate the recipes and the students then proceed to make the dishes on their own. Each class uses premium ingredients and features the finest recipes. With a maximum of 9 students per class, we are limiting the students in our classes to ensure that each student will be given equal supervision and a more intimate instruction. 

DAY 1: 
Roast Chicken with Gravy, Rosemary Baby Potatoes, Tomato & Basil Pasta salad and Butterscotch Pudding

DAY 2: 
Crispy Skinned Porchetta, Green Beans in Brown Butter and Garlic, Mashed Potatoes and Panna Cotta with Orange Caramel Sauce

You can choose to join one of the following class runs:
Nov 5 and 6, 10AM-3PM (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Nov 19 and 20, 5PM-9PM (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Dec 17 and 18, 2PM-6PM (Tuesday & Wednesday)

Dec 19 and 20, 5PM-9PM (Thursday & Friday)

PS: Short courses are only available at our Makati Branch.

It's a 2-day cooking course, perfect for your Noche Buena. Offered at only P5,999 (P12,500 Originally) for Deal Grocer members. Check out here

Monday, October 21, 2013

French Baker's Cronuts!

Ofcourse not! My Cronut hunting is not yet over. 
I only realized that I still haven't post a review with their version! :)
 Compare to others, their Cronuts is much bigger. Imagine, for just 68 pesos?? Sulit!
 It was not oily which was good to me! Flakey, and generous with their frosting on top!
Though I still wish that the filling inside will be more generous! HA! :p But overall, I loved it! :)

Where's the old Rufo's now? :(

What happened Rufo's? You used to be my favorite! :( I remembered the "old" Rufo's. 
Truth to their saying that "Sabaw pa lang, ulam na!" 
 But look at that? It was serve cold and tough! :(
On the other hand, boyfie ordered this one. It was stated on their menu that their Lechon Kawali was served with their "special sauce". (And take note that boyfie is really particular with sauces) only to find out that it's just a Toyo and Kalamansi! And look how fatty their Lechon Kawali was? Disappointment!
Good thing we ordered Sizzling Adobo Mushroom! The saving grace of our meal! The garlic and the onions complimented well with their thick sauce! Please come back my ol' favorite Rufo's! :(

Check their site @

Sunday, October 20, 2013

New and Improved: Kim is Hungry Cupcakes! :)

Remember Kim is Hungry cupcakes? Yes, the girly pretty cupcake she has! (Which you can see here). She asked me to taste her cupcakes. Well, being a sweet tooth foodie, I know that I am master to that one! mwahaha! orayts!
 Green Tea White Chocolate - To tell you honestly, I am not a fan of greentea. Food flavored or Beverage, name it. I guess it's just not for me. But surprisingly, her Green Tea cupcake is good! In fact, it's my favorite among the three. The green tea flavor didn't overpower the cupcake and the icing itself. Plus chunks of white chocolate on top!
 Chocolate Lovers - Chocolate cupcake + Chocolate Icing + Chocolate Kisses. The name says it all! Smooth icing that is not so sweet is definitely a winner for me! I mean, I'm a sweet tooth, but I don't want cupcakes that I have to sacrifice my tonsils! hahahahah!
 Red Velvet with Vanilla Cream Cheese Icing - The frosting was good and not too tangy. The smoothness of the frosting that I'm looking for is there! (Yes, I am a fan of smooth icing. I'm not fan of the sticky one! :P)
Over all, the thing that I've noticed is the cupcake itself. Compare to the last one I've ordered, she nailed this one! The cupcakes was really moist and cakey! She improved the moistness of her cupcakes bigtime! I don't know how she did it, but I really see the difference and improvement of her cupcake. Even my sister and boyfie agreed to my observation. I wish I can make cupcakes! :( mwahah! Thank you Kim! Job well done! :)

Check out her page here :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Delightful Breakfast @ π Breakfast & Pies

I told boyfie to prepare himself since I expected that the place is jam packed, but luckily, there's still available tables left. 
 The place is quite small, but it has a vibe of classy and rustic look 
 Their service was excellent. Infairness, we didn't experience poor service like others. 
Maybe because we're just few that time. They are very friendly and prompt to our needs! 
 And they have lots of freshly baked goodies on display.

*Here's their menu*
 Considering the taste of their food, I must say, it's affordable! You'll definitely have your money's worth.
 We ended up ordering so many things since boyfie and I can't decide what to drop on our list
 Cereal and Milk (145 pesos)- A bottle of Ice Cold Milk with flavorful cerealicious taste! 
It's on a sweeter side, but not too much. The perfect ice cold temperature was really a winner!
 Compost Cookie *The rightmost one* (45 pesos) - Imagine a chewy cookie, that has tons of goodies on it? A mixture of Chocolate Chips, Pretzels, Nuts, Oatmeal and everything that seems so good in their kitchen was there!
 LACE COOKIE (35 pesos) - First time to try this in Cebu @ Sweet Stuffs by Jill, a super thin cookie (as in super). It was called "Lace" Cookie since it's a lace-like cookie just like the one used in clothes with little holes. But Breakfast and Pie's version in just sooooo $@;$(%#€~¥<! gooood! 2 thin almond caramelize lace cookie with rich bitter sweet chocolate. Sweet tooth must try this baby!
 CARAMELIZED SPAM (245 pesos) - I was like "wadaefff! Caramelized SPAM? Kayang kaya kong gawin sa bahay yan!" But I was wrong. It's really impressive! Thick cut of SPAM that was perfectly glazed with sugar was really a winner! I wonder how that flavor sips in the SPAM? Saraaaap! And oh, it was served with soft boiled egg with "pesto sauce" so it's automatic plus points to me! It also has Kimchi (which I'm not a fan) but since it's not spicy, I loved it!
 BEEF BELLY CORNED BEEF (225 pesos) - A huge cut of flavorful corned beef that has the distinct smokey taste with little bit of beef fatty trimmings that makes the dish oh so goooood!
 CRACK PIE *The right most part* (155 pesos) - The super famous Crack Pie! I told the server to reserve one for me just to make sure and she smiled and said madami daw silang stock. I must agree! It's good! Luscious thin crusted pie with buttery taste, topped with thin creamy layer of something. Hahaha! Basta it's good!
 Butterfinger Pie (125 pesos) - But, I will give my vote to this Pie. Maybe I'm a lover of Butterfinger/Reese's that's why. A super soft delicate layer of crust, with itsy bitsy nuts plus the nutty heavenly innards, inbetween was a soft and smooth chocolate filling. Now what??? Isn't it a winner?

Every dish we ordered was really recommendable! 
And definitely can't wait to try their other dishes! 
No wonder why this place is such a popular one! :)

Check out their Facebook page here

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

AirAsia Zest flies from Manila! :)

Holy Moly news! Two of the biggest airline company has already made a partnership to take us to our dream destination! Air Asia and Zest’s Airline is now bigger, and even better! Presenting, Airasia Zest
Photo credits: Rappler

Offering an affordable and yet secured way of travelling. Yes! We Filipinos love to travel right? Especially without putting a hole in our wallet! And that’s what Airasia Zest offering to everyone. Through AirAsia Zest, The Right Way to Fly is just a piece of cake! Awesomeness right? 

Well, for the frequent followers of my blog, you know how I LOVE to travel from one place to another! (Ofcourse with my oh-so-partner boyfie!) With the different wonders here in the Philippines, the hidden gems, and extreme adventures.

I really can’t wait for that moment where we can visit one of our dream beach destinations. 

First Stop: Puerto Princesa Sometimes I’m thinking, am I the only one who has not been to Puerto Princesa yet? I mean imagine, included in the wonders of the world? I was already mesmerized when I saw the pictures of my friends that visited the place. What more if it’s face to face already? I guess I will have that drop jaw moment again! Hahah!

Second Stop: Davao! It's been ages that Davao is still sitting on my must visited place. Sigh! Especially when  I was informed that their beaches is one of the nicest ever! Look at that picture? Can you even determine that it's still in the Philippines?
Third Stop: Boracay! Listed as the most beautiful beach in the world. My first and last visit! (Hopefully not!) When me and boyfie visited the place, it was literally jam packed! We have to plan and schedule every hours and minutes since we are really running out of time to the point that we didn't appreciate the real beauty of that paradise. Time pressure sucks :( And this time, on our next visit we just want to relax and enjoy the finest white beach ever! :)

Fourth and Last Stop: Shanghai China and Incheon South Korea! Well, to tell you honestly guys, I haven't been to other country. And China and Korea is the top two places that I wanted to visit. 

Why China? Having a Chinese blood, it's sad that I haven't been to China ever. Ironic isn't it? It's actually my childhood dream to go to China! Visit different tourist spots and appreciate their culture even more! And ofcourse, to try different Chinese delicacies! :)
Photo Credit:

And last but definitely not the least, Korea. Maybe one of the main reason why I love going to Korea is the Cherry Blossoms. HAHAHAH! (I hope I'm not the only one though. :D) Plus the different Koreanovelas influenced me a lot! haha! Seeing the beauty of their nature plus the structures of their building and their latest technology really amazes me!

With the help of AirAsia Zest, one can definitely fly and Travel in the Philippines, or even Travel in Asia with Airasia to places without sacrificing their money, and yet receiving a world class service! See their rates and even compare to others! Then you'll see what I mean! ;)

Visit their page @
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