Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New favorite Milk Tea Place @ Share Tea!

 Love the color combination of their Red, White, and Black theme.
 Would you agree? Their decals are pretty nice! :)
 Well light and ventilated.  
 Yes, they have Restroom and wifi too! 
Their service was above average. Very friendly and polite. I don't know on what level of sweetness their milk tea since it's my first time there. But the crew smiled and said "If matabangan po kayo, we'll make it sweeter for you! 
I ordered the....hahaha! Yes, Wintermelon. Why? Since I'm on a quest for a great tasting milktea. I told myself that I should only order Wintermeon to have a fair comparisson with others. It's good! Reminds me of Serenitea's. Though it's much creamier!

While boyfie ordered the Hazelnut Milktea, I LOVE IT! For that one alone I can give it a 5 star. It tastes like Ice Cream! Nom! I ended up exchanging my drink with boyfie

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