Saturday, November 9, 2013

Try Eat: White Chocolate Mocha by Bo's Coffee

The greatest White Chocolate Mocha ever!

 The first time I tried this one is when we're in Cebu and it was sooo good! And since it's our second try, I really hope that it will taste exactly as good way back! And yes! Luckily, they blended it the way i like! (Or even better!)
 It was sooo creamy! Perfectly blended coffee to keep us awake for Insidious 2 movie. So creamy that it taste like ice cream. Sweet tooth foodie anyone? I'm sure this is worth a try! 
5/5 star since we still have to wait for 2 hours for the movie, and their wifi is 1 is to 1 only. The crew gave us another access without batting an eyelashes. Kudos!

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