Thursday, January 30, 2014

Good Place, Great Food @ Honeybee Patisserie & Cafe! :)

I've been looking my entire shift for a perfect place where me and boyfie can celebrate our monthsary 
after work that will fit to our schedule. I'm really happy to discover a new breakfast place! 
If I'm not mistaken, this place is still new. It was huge! It's a 2 storey building that has pretty chick interiors. 
Tokyo Bubble Tea and Honeybee Patisserie & Cafe in one. 
 Maybe because of their green and white pastel shades.
 The place has this vibrant and relaxing ambiance. I LOVED THIS PLACE!
 You noticed their walls? Such a cute detail indeed! :)
 I was surprised with the number of selection of their cakes. Lots of design and flavors to choose from! 
I'm definitely getting our Chinese New Year cake here :)
 They also have breads, cookies, and other sweet treats 
 This area of their store is cute! Gives that homey-rustic feeling
 And even their wall decals! :)
 This is the other side of the place. Their service was satisfactory. No frills during our stay. 
They are friendly and maasikaso too! :) 
 Though, my only qualm here is the ventilation, it's kinda hot that time. (Or maybe because we are the 
first customer that time.) I don't know, boyfie said it's just okay. hehe :P
 Their ceiling. I bet this place is even more beautiful at night! 
 Couches perfect for chit chat with friends! 

They have huge variety of dishes! Not just cakes. As in a whole lot! From Breakfast Plates, 
Main Dishes, Salads, Sides, Crepes, Pancake, Pasta, Sanwiches, Soups, Desserts and a loooot! 
 Main Dish | Pasta
 Salads | Soups | Sandwiches
 All Day Breakfast | Breakfast Crepes 
 Crepes | Pancakes | French Toast 
 Cakesssss! :)
 A tub of utensils and condiments.
 Creamy Pesto (218 pesos) - Pan Fried pasta with their creamy pesto sauce, served with mushroom, onion, cream, and grated parmesan cheese. This is not your ordinary pesto!
 It's not the usual creamy pesto since there's a bit of sweetness with their version. It was indeed a creamy one with glorious aroma of grilled chicken! It's as if I'm eating a carbonara and pesto into one. If you think you love that idea, order this one! :)
 Roast Beef (248 pesos) - Slices of Roast Beef that was served with their homemade gravy sauce. Poached Egg, Garlic Rice, and Salads were also part of this dish. I loved the flavor of the roastbeef, though I find it a bit, as in a bit tough for my liking. But boyfie said it's just right for him. hehe! And ohh! See that serving size? SOLVE! :)
 Salmon Teriyaki Onion Glazed (295 pesos) Rich Grilled Salmon glazed with their special sauce, served with poached egg and Garlic Rice. They also present this dish with small salad with light vinegrette. This is HIGHLY recommended!
 The salmon was cooked perfectly! The fish was moist and their flavorful sauce blends this dish to a whole new level!
 Roasted Cocoa Mousse (100 pesos) - Combination of milk and dark chocolate cake with rich creamy mousse. At first I think it's dry, but later on, upon sitting in the table for quiet some time, it was soft and chocolatey! Not bad for 100 pesos! 
And oh! Can you guess where are we going later? yup! Will come back again later and explore their menu even more! Happy 103 Monthsary bhe! :)

Check their page @

Icebergs: Not-Your-Ordinary Ice Cream Shop

All we thought that Icebergs only offers Ice Cream and other cold desserts. 
That's why we don't put too much attention to it. Until we saw their menu while strolling in the mall.
 Who wouldn't laid eyes on this place? Such a colorful and happy place! hehe!
 The place was spacious enough to accompany their customers. Good lighting and ventilation. 
They have wide variety of dishes to choose from, and in the end we settled for the following:
Grilled Chicken Pesto - Maybe I can say that this is "one of the" nicest pesto I've tasted. I was pretty decent enough to satisfy my pesto cravings. Has that nutty texture plus the right balance of basil and cheese. The grilled chicken was also cooked perfectly. I loved it even more when I put dashes of salt to this one, personal preference but it makes my pesto a lot yummier! :P Plus the fact that it's not oily, so thumbs up for this one! :)
Lechon Kawali - Before we sit down, boyfie make sure that the LK was served with a "sarsa". He's very particular with that. He doesn't want his Lechon Kawali to be paired with soysauce/vinegar mixture. I mean, who likes that anyway? :P Moving on, it was good! If you'll look at the photo, yes you might think that it's too dry. (We also felt the same thing). But it proved us wrong! It's really good and tender! We're also surprised! Boyfie ordered another cup of rice! haha!

Forgive me coz I forgot the name of this dessert. But basically it's like a halo halo. But this one has fine shaved ice, caramelized banana, mango and macapuno balls, finally topped with Ice Cream! It's really refreshing! The sweetness is just right, and can be shared by 2. :)

Check their page @

Gino's Brick Oven Pizza @ Katipunan

I'm really curious with Gino's Brick Oven Pizza everytime we are passing Katipunan Area. 
 It's just a small pizzeria shop that's connected with Cello's donuts store. If I'm not mistaken they are sisters company. Around 10 tables to be exact, well ventilated and clean. 
 Their service was satisfactory, though the food arrived a bit late, I understand when I read their menu board saying 
"Works of arts take time. We make your pizza fresh upon your order" nice! :P

We ordered the following:
 Buffalo Chicken Pizza - It's a brick oven thin pizza smothered with sweet -spicy sauce that we liked a lot. Though the chicken strips were not "that visible" I still like it! Their special sauce and cheese complemented well with each other.
 Bacon and Sausage Carbonara - It was goooood! But it's boyfie's order though. The pasta cooked al dente the way I liked it. The sauce was indeed flavorful! With huge chunks of meatsss.
 Pesto - This is what I'm saying. Imagine a Ravioli, a HUGE Ravioli. That's their approach on this one. 
It's like a One HUGE piece of ravioli. That doesn't have sauce outside. 
But when I cut it, the pesto sauce and cream surprised me. I appreciate their creative presentation on the pesto. 
But Taste wise, it's just OK. The most awesome pesto presentation I had. :D

I saw a Bacon Chocolate on their menu, I can't wait to try that on my next visit. yay! :)

Check their page @

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sweet Tooth Break @ Hermanos Taco Shop!

Okay, sweet tooth needed a break even for a while! haha! So my friend decided to drop by at Hermanos Taco Shop. 
I've heard that different celebrities were really visiting this place. 
 The place is hard to locate if you're looking from the highway. 
The only landmark is the gas statio beside it. If I'm not mistaken, that is Petron Gas Station 
(photo from: Hermanos Facebook Page)
 The place is simple, a bit small, but well ventilated.

Check their no frills and straight to the point menu:

 We ordered the following:
 Beef Quesadillas (250 pesos) - It was a huge cut quesadillas generously filled with oozing cheese and shredded beef! 
I loved the veggies that they put on top since I really love veggies! :)
 Rolled Tacos (195 pesos) - This was my friends order. If you're a fan of crispy thingies or chips, go for this one! 
It's a crispy taco that has filling inside drizzled with their special cheese and creamy sauce!
I forgot this dish since it was not mine. hehe. But as far as I remember, this is a Soft Taco! I liked it! The beef was seasoned just right. The spices didn't overpower the entire dish. The sauce however was too strong, but if you're a fan of those, I'm definitely sure you'll liked it! :)

Check their page @

Try-Eat: Mango Torte @ Dulcelin Gourmet

What is Dulcelin without Mango Torte? Yup! We only went here for that luscious Mango Torte!
 From the outside, the place looks refreshing. I don't know if it's just me, or whatsoever. haha.
 The Mango Torte is good! Especially the crust! It's as if I'm eating a Romana's Peanut Brittle crust. 
The icing was equally good as well!
My only concern is the Mango itself. Yes, It was sweet, but it's icy. It feels that I'm eating an ice candy. 
Better if they thaw it, than serving it that way. 

But rest assured that will still visit the place again, and hopefully it will be served even better! 
And ofcourse, their meals. I've heard it's good! :)

Check their website @

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Awesome Burgers @ 8 Cuts Burger Blends

During our sweet tooth foodies eat up, we decided to have our lunch here in newly open burger joint in UP Town Center-- 8 Cuts Burger Blends. (some shakey shots, sorry!)
It was lunch time and luckily, they have available tables for us! :)
This was said to be a brother of the popular burger house "Burger Bar" as per my friend. 
Same Ambiance, Same, Concept, Same Design :D
I loved how they have an open kitchen where customers can look and watch them while doing their thingy :P
A sneaky customer wants a peak to their kitchen --like me! haha!
The crews were very hands on during our visit. Kudos! :)
PATTY!!!!! :o

They have a wide variety of foods in their menu. Mix and Match according to your taste buds :P

Piggy Burger - It was good! But there's something that I'm still looking for a patty. But the buns was actually quite good! The bacon! It was perfectly crisp! 
Piggy Burger with Cheese! Who can say no to that oozing cheese? 
We also ordered their Pimp Your Fries! 
Shrimp and Squid Alfredo - I liked it! It's not overly sour since I'm not that fan of tomato base pasta (especially when it's sour) Yes, I'm not into authentic. hehe! The squid and shrimps was cooked perfectly! You know how fragile the seafoods when it comes to cooking, but they nailed this one. Love it! :)
Carbonara - We all agreed that it needs salt--Badly :/
Not really planning to order Onion Rings, but we are so curious with these giant looking rings! WRONG MOVE! It tasted like "ipis"! whooaa! I know you'll ask me "Nakakain ka na ba ng ipis?" hahah! Well, you know that the mouth and nose are connected to each other right? haha! And I know you know, what I'm talking about. It has that after taste in every bite. 

But! Nevertheless, we loved our stay here! Can't wait to bring boyfie here! :) Check their page @
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