Monday, April 28, 2014

Trying out Bronuts in SM Aura!

When I'm really excited to try this place out, turns out that, it's not what I expected.
 It's a stall located in the Food court in front of Sizzling Plate as you can see. haha!
 Displaying their pretty cronuts on the shelf.
 Look at that tempting luscious croughnuts.
 Plus this intriguing looking one!
 Or how about the girly sparkly version?
 I even saw the toppings on the side
 And these bold cronuts! haha!

 Belgian Chocolate with Salted Caramel - Belgian chocolate with salted caramel candies with bavarian-like filling.
 PMS - Their red velvet version. Red croughnut filled with cream cheese then topped with chocolate
and one triangle of toblerone. This one is the one I liked.
 Blueberries and Cream- Filled with blueberries and thin layer of bavarian
with cream on top that pretty much tastes like vanilla.

I find it all so ordinary. I admit, I've expected too much with what I've read. Pretty much reminded me of Dunkin Donuts on every bite. They were not generous when it comes to fillings, the toppings on top was just okay as well. I'm not sure if they just depreciate the quality or I just had a bad batch. Oh well! Dolcelatte remains on my number one spot! :)

Check out their site here

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sinful Pleasures in Magnum Manila @ SM Aura!

It was our first time going in SM Aura. You know how far it is to our place. We saw lots of food stops that's on my must try place from left to right. I even saw the shoes that I want to wear on my dream wedding. haha! I want to wear my wedding gown together with a gladiator shoes. Why not? Something for a change right? I'm not used in wearing heels, a Gladiator shoes I saw in Zalora to fit my dream dress that I saw here will definitely make "that" day a spectacular one.
Haha, enough of cheesy day dreaming! Going back, I don't usually go far for a review except if it's an event or I'm really curious about a particular place. My newsfeed has been flooded with other blogger's mouthwatering photo! You know I'm such a sweet tooth and I can't resist not going to that place no matter how far it is!
 When we arrived, the line for the Make-Your-Own Magnum is a breeze. 
This line is only provided for those who will order the personalized magnum bars,
 While their dining area is provided for those who will order plated desserts.
 See their interiors? Really elegant! It doesn't seem that it will only last for just a year. 
Yup, you've read it right, this will only last for 1 year since it's only a Pop Up Cafe. So make sure to pay a visit. :)
 So for Make-Your-Own Magnum...
 First, You have to decide what flavor of Ice Cream you will choose. Vanilla or Chocolate. 
(Tip: Select Vanilla flavor to have a clean flavor as your base.)
 Second, Select a chocolate for coating. (White Chocolate | Milk Chocolate | Dark Chocolate)
 Then they will coat your ice cream on their thick melted chocolate..
 Choose 3 toppings for your creation
 Here are some of the toppings
 Mix and Match according to your favorites!
 It will be topped on your Magnum,
 And a final touch of chocolate drizzle.
 A free chocolate Magnum button is another plus for their creation. It's good, and for 100 pesos? 
It's sulit already! The taste depends on your imagination!
But you can also opt for their Pre-Designed Magnum Bars made for you :)
 Red Velvet (250 pesos) - A Red Velvet has a special place in my heart. Their presentation is obviously really nice! 
The red velvet was served frozen perfect pair with their cream cheese on side,
 Plus chocolate drizzle that hardened upon setting on the ice cream. But I think the food color of the Red Velvet was too much. Our tongue turned super red after, but nevertheless, I liked it! :)
 Death by Chocolate (280 pesos) - On the other hand, we didn't enjoy this as much as the Red Velvet. I will not say it's not good, since in all fairness, it's pretty good as well! Chocolate Lava Cake served in a skillet, with gooey center in the middle, topped with Magnum chocolate, rice crispies and Choco Baby chocolates.
 It so good and rich that it turned out to be cloying already. Even I am sharing this with boyfie, we both find it so "nakakaumay" that we don't want to see any sweets after. It's surely a Death by Chocolate experience. Make sure to share it with otherssss!

Overall, it was a great experience but for some reason,  we don't see ourselves coming back for more. :)
Check out their page @

Ribbon Cutting Event: Chef's Noodle at Robinson Magnolia

I usually have invites for food tasting event, but it's my first time to receive a ribbon cutting
 ceremony from Chef's Noodle that's why I'm super excited! :)
 Located at the ground floor of Robinsons Magnolia beside Robinsons Appliance center with bright yellow hues. 
The place is not that huge but they offer al fresco so you can comfortably dine even if you're in a big group.
 I love the interiors of their restaurant. It's has a modernized approach with
different antics that gives the place a homey feeling.
 Korean owner of Chef's Noodle Mr. Huk Soon with the Korean Celebrity Chef Choi In Sun showing their approval.
 Together with Chef Noodle Philippine's CEO Ms. Mary Simisim and Operations Manger Ms. Nancy Go, and the special celebrity guest, Bb. Pilipinas Pia Wurtzbach. :)
Straight from night shift, sleepless, messy hair and as much as I don't want to upload this since I'm haggard to the highest level, I can't. Pia is such a doll when I asked if I can take a picture with her. :)
 Aside from the food (ofcourse.haha) What I really love with event like this is meeting new
people and turn into blogger friends! Meet the very nice Joei herself of Joei and Me blog.:)
 Okay, moving on from being a fan, the Priest blessed the entire place together with
the quests, blogger friends, photographers and media. 
 And a candy giveaway after! Yayyyy!

So shall we start with their food?
 Red Iced Tea and Lemon. I personally preferred the Lemon Ice Tea. It's really refreshing!
 Japchae (195 pesos) - One of the dish that I loved! Unlike other Japchae, their version has this saucy version. 
It's not super sticky and dry like others which I truly love. The noodles were covered with flavorful sauce.
 Chef's Noodles (225 pesos) - As the name implies, it's one of the special dish. A noodle made of beef broth, korean noodles, leeks, bean sprout, samsek, spring onion egg roll, bulgogi and the most intriguing, the fried tofu. I was amazed with the character details of their tofu. :P This noodle is a mixture of these and that with a flavorful soup that reminded me of the classic miso soup.
 Cucumber Salad (85 pesos) - Not so much a fan of spicy foods, but I can resist trying one of their appetizers. This one is okay as well with me since the spiciness is just mild. But you can ask the server to make it extra spicy.
 Pajun (198 pesos for Bulgogi | 245 for Seafood) - I regret that I wasn't able to taste this one since it was just mistakenly put in our table. haha.
Wanja Steak Jun (298 pesos) - A flavorful korean beef patty served with egg, cheese, teriyaki sauce
and topped with sesame seeds. One of interesting finds in Chef's noodle.
 Ddukbokki Carbonara (245 pesos) - I was completely curious when I saw this on their menu. Seeing a carbonara in korean restaurant? :o And make sure to other this one when you visit. A dowel shaped pasta marbled with creamy carbonara sauce. A mouthful of these will playfully bursts flavor in your mouth. Especially the sticky texture of the pasta. Really interesting!
 Leek Shrimp Twigim (345 pesos) - A straight to the point dish made up of leeks with special tempura batter with curry. I'm not sure if the leeks overpowered the curry that's why I can't taste the curry flavor.
 Shrimp Twigim (345 pesos) - A tempura dish served with onion rings. The tempura was cooked just the way I liked it. Though I wish the onion rings was served with mayo dip? :)
 But the highlight of the menu was their Star king Fire Sushi. It will be served raw and torched in front of you. You will be asked of how you want it to be cooked. (Well Done or Medium Rare)
Torching in action
 Different kind to choose from, Tuna Sushi, Shrimp Sushi (298 pesos) or the most favorite..
 Beef Sushi (225 pesos). For some reason, I find this a bit bland for my liking. But a dash of salt with do the wonders. Oh, and don't forget to pair their sushis with their flavorful soy sauce with chili powder.!
 But from all the dishes, my favorite is their Tuna Sushi (245 pesos). Their rice balls has a bit of salt that brings out the flavor of the dish plus the fresh tuna on top. This is my favorite! :)
Always save a room for dessert! You may cap your meal with smoothies, OR
 Stairway to heaven (175 pesos)- 3 scoops of ice cream playfully topped with toppings garnished with lettuce. I was indeed happy seeing this one! I know the garnish may seem odd to others but I really loved it! :P

Check out their menu:

Overall, I was impressed with Chef's Noodle. Offering Korean Comfort Foods for affordable price but served with quality. They also offer set meals for group to share that you can save as much as 100 bucks! Will soon post a giveaway for Chef's Noodle so stay tuned! :)

Check their page @
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