Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Personal: Donate Your Hair for Cancer Patients

My prized possession would probably my hair. Truly a crowning glory for all the ladies. Since I was a kid, I want my hair to be smooth, long, and silky. My mom was the only one who likes my hair to get cut so we can be "terno". haha! 
I still remember that day, when my mom forced me to cut my hair to trim the split ends. I cried and cried telling I don't want to have my haircut, but I can't do anything, she's the boss. My cousin told me to stop crying since my eyelashes is longer than that my Mom cut from my hair. True enough, when I looked on the floor, it's really half inch. :o 

Having a long hair gives me the opportunity to do tremendous emote with my hair like these:  

So to cut the long story short, that day forward, I always have a long hair. Until one day, I saw a post from a friend in Instagram, showing her new hairdo. From long hair, to shoulder length hair. I was intrigued when I saw that post and saying that it's a braved thing for her to do that step. To found out that she donated her hair for the Cancer patients.
I googled about that advocacy. Donate Your Hair is a community where they will collect long or short hair (atleast 12 inches / 30 cm long) used in creating high quality wigs for woman and children with Cancer. Natural hair is what they need, because it tends to be hot on their head when using plastics wigs. I was really inspired seeing their advocacy and without any hesitation, I am very much eager to do the same. But ofcourse! I had to curl my hair and do a little "last" selfie with my long hair. HA! :p
I must admit, I am pretty nervous when I was about to get my haircut. But my eagerness to help fighters of Cancer is still intact. Even on a way like this, a part of me can be someone's simple happiness out there. (And I was able to convince my sister to do the same!) :)
So for those  who are interested, simply do these simple instructions below:

Upon donating your hair, your name will be publish and have a certificate on their facebook page like this one:
(sample photo from their website)

Instead of throwing your hair in the salon, why don't you do the same to give hope .. Visit their page here . For those who love to participate but doesn't have enough hair to donate. Money donation is very much appreciated. For more information, you can visit their site @ Donate Your Hair Website

Thursday, May 8, 2014

GIVEAWAY: 300 Pesos Worth of Gift Certificates at Coco!

So here's another giveaway! Perfect treat for this hot weather!
 Thanks to our friend behind Coco FreshTea and Juice! The largest Milk Tea hub in the whole world.
 You can enjoy a refreshing  Fresh Lemon and Calamansi with Aloe
 Sweet Grapefruit & Orange Tea
Some Passion Fruit Tea Burst
Or how about a sweet treat like these classic Milk Teas? And what's good about Coco is that 
aside it's indeed a yummy drink, it's surely affordable for just 100 pesos per drink!
So to share the goodness of Coco, 2 lucky readers will receive 300 pesos worth of Gift Certificates that can be redeemed in any of their branch (Eastwood and newly opened branch in SM Fairview).

To join the giveaway, simply follow the simple instructions below. Good luck! :)

Visiting Botanical Garden in Baguio!

So to continue our trip last February in Baguio, part of our itinerary is going to Baguio Botanical Garden. I don't know why I included this, but I guess it's been ages since the last time I visited during my elementary educational tour!
Outside the garden are the natives who can have photo opt with tourists.
What I expected is a flowery garden with different kinds of flowers..
Though it seems that there's not that much on the place, we still enjoyed the cool weather of Baguio.
For those who are looking for pasalubong, different stalls are there for your needs. 
But I've heard from the taxi driver that it's much expensive that the one in Minesview.

Below are the only flowers on that place:

We might be disappointed since it's not what we expected to see something like Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay, 
but the isaw stall is one the nicest isaw we ever tasted!
We surely loved our Isaw experience in Botanical Garden. haha!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Green Pepper at Ketchup Food Community in Baguio!

All along I thought I already completed the Baguio posts that I should write for my blog, 
to found out that there's still a lot of pending reviews. Sorry! :/ For you to see our escapades, click here
 Green Pepper is the food stop that offers gourmet foods in Ketchup Food Community.
 The most secluded since the dining area is located inside, unlike others where other people from outside can see you while you are eating. Their service was excellent. The crew were pretty nice and friendly! I even felt that they are family to have that closeness.
 Simple lights...
 And interiors that pretty much reminded me of a home. 

We ordered the following:
 Pan Grilled Lamb (350 pesos) - Photo attached. I know, It looks good! But don't just a book by it's cover. The dish was so-so. The flavor needs a major improvement. Almost tasteless. The sauce, has this tangy bland texture. I was also disappointed with the size. It's soooo TINY! I promise you the presentation looks huge, but it's really small. It's full of bones. :(
 Though it was served with side dishes (mashed potato and veggies) 
I felt I ordered a vegetable dish with a meat as a garnish.:(
 Stuffed Chicken Pockets (195 pesos) - It was boyfie's order and boyfie says it's one of the worst dish he ever tasted. It's like a Cordon Bleu basically, wrapped chicken fillet with ham, cheese etc inside. The outside texture was really good! For that alone this might be a high rating. It was crunchy! But the saddest part is the white sauce on it. A generous amount of sauce that almost overflow on his plate that tasted like a Nido. Yes, the Nido Milk! :(
I'm not saying that the dish was super bad. I guess we both expected too much since the price is comparatively higher than Canto that offered us affordable but scrumptious food.  Oh well, not everyday is a happy day! :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Presenting A Speed That You Can't Beat: PLDT Ultera!

With today's generation, technology is very important. Not that it serves as our wants, but it already serves as one of our need already. Weather it's personal use, office stuffs, or might be a call from a loved one from other country? That's why a fast and reliable connection is very important anytime, anywhere!
 Presenting, PLDT Homebro Ultera! No, it's not the ordinary connection we usually have at home, 
but it's indeed the fastest connection you might wanna see!
Andi Manzado and Sam YG who gracefully hosted the event.
 PLDT Ultera is a high speed wireless broadband that was launched last April 29, 2014. PLDT Home Bro Ultera is offered in three plans upon your needs: Ultera Basic (3 mbps speed at MSF of Php 999), Ultera Max (5 mbps speed at MSF Php 1599) and Ultera Pro (10 mbps speed at MSF Php 1999). Just by looking at the price, I already can imagine that wonderful feeling downloading HD movies in just a couple of minutes?
Together with Mr. Ariel Fermin (PLDT Executive Vice President) Shared his thoughts when it comes to their connection at home. I suddenly remembered, the hassle of experiencing slow connection and divided in the whole household? 
 But with PLDT Ultera, worry no more! Enjoy the connection that everyone of us should have at home! You can download a movie, others are uploading pictures, while some are streaming videos all at once without interrupting each others' connection. Who wouldn't want that right?
 The fiber expansion of PLDT Ultera makes them stand out from others that 
moves 78,000 kilometers that makes them unbeatable! pffft.
 For online gamers out there, you can also enjoy ultra fast connectivity and defeat your online enemies without experiencing internet lags which my boyfriend's usually experienced from others!
 We were lucky enough to see for ourselves how fast is the PLDT Ultera. 
Beating Jeron Teng's stage running vs uploading facebook photos.
 Beating Jeric Teng's number of free throws vs loading a movie
 And ofcourse the fastest eater of hamburger in the Philippines VS downloading 10 HQ sounds! 
Examples that clearly showed us how fast and efficient is the new PLDT Ultera!
Even these pretty celebrities witnessed that event!  (Jasmine Curtis, A friend, Bea Binene and Lauren Young). 

So there you have it! A speed that is comitted on satisfying your urge with fast internet connection- PLDT Ultera! 
For more information, you can check their site @

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