Friday, June 27, 2014

TRY EAT: Cadbury Milk Chocolate Spread

I don't know what's with different spreads these days. It all started with Speculoos then followed by another, then another, and another. And ofcourse, I am a victim of these wonderful creations! But my favorite will always be Ovomaltine. Though I got curious when I saw a new one in supermarket, the Cadbury Spread!
 But I was disappointed. :( We are all familiar with the luscious taste of Cadbury. I imagined that it will be like a melted chocolate in a jar. But it's not. It's like a cheap local chocolate out there. I'm really disappointed spending almost 500 pesos for this. I usually use spoon and savor the taste of chocolate on it's own, but since I don't like it, I tried putting this one on a bread.
In all fairness, it's way way better to eat the Cadbury spread with a tasty bread. 
Perfect snack for kiddos out there or kids at heart! :)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Genji M's Ready Set Go + Unlimited Sushi, Sashimi, Rolls + Ala Carte!

With the huge success of Genji M after its last promotion of Eat All you Can sushi, sashimi, and rolls (See previous post here). Located in Kalayaan, Makati (Beside St. Giles Hotel) true to its name as the Home of Tuna that caters different Japanese and Korean food now offers a new twist for their customers.
Genji M leveled up not just their food but also their service that had some issue before because of the high demand BUT now together with the new management, new friendly Chefs plus their head manager that is in charge to make sure that the customers will have a pleasant stay, this will definitely bring its customer a reason to come back.
Compared to our last visit, I really did notice the fast pacing of food from the kitchen to serving time.
I still adore the vibe inside that gives the customer an instant teleport to Japan.
These creation takes a bit of time to prepare, because aside from the fact that they are not a fast food chain and made fresh upon you order, They don't stock foods because everything is made fresh from scratch. Please take note that slow service is way different from bad service :)
All seafoods were placed in enclosed glass to retain its freshness.
All sashimi lovers will surely delight seeing this boat of fresh catch. This one is perfect for group!
This combination of colorful rolls is surely pleasing to the eyes.
Tuna, Salmon, Octopus, and Seared Tuna.
I do noticed that the portion size of the rice balls were smaller. Though come to think of it, it's actually fine so you'll not end up being full easily and enjoy different varieties as well. :)
Unusual to my eyes seeing this roll topped with cheese. I actually loved this one!
Okay enough of these rolls for now, and let me share you the newest products that Genji has to offer. They introduced new ala carte meals that will cater your cravings for Asian inspired dishes.
Miso (free) to start of the feast.
Seafood Fried Rice (100 pesos)
Chicken Yakitori (120 / 3pcs) --which I truly enjoyed!
Pork Tonkatsu (250 pesos)
Prawn Teppanyaki (450 pesos) - Loved the buttery and nice texture of the veggies!
Korean Bulgogi - I bit sweet for my liking.
Ebi Tempura (300 pesos / 5 pcs) - Perfect texture of the prawn with crunchy batter on the outside, yet plump prawn inside.
Samgyumpsal (Pork Belly) (350 pesos ) - This can be improved.

But just like I've said, If you are a hardcore eater of fresh catch, make sure to go for their following Unlimited: Unlimited Sushi and Rolls 499 per person | Unlimited Sashimi 799 per person (Includes Unlimited Sushi and Rolls) | Unlimited Premium Sashimi (Unlimited Sushi and Rolls + Tuna Seafood Shabu Shabu) for 1499 per person.
 Some others say that the buffet is not "sulit" especially if they are on their lunch time (e.g. office lunch) given the price, that's why Genji M introduced another promo that you can enjoy for as fast as 20 minutes.
It's the "Ready Set Go" (Mondays to Thursday, 11:30am to 2:00pm) 
with the following price: 
20 minutes / 120 pesos
40 minutes / 200 pesos
60 minutes / 240 pesos
The Ready Set Go comes with 6 different main dishes everyday, salad, rolls and maki,  miso soup, and one glass of iced tea. (Buffet table is also included upon availment of the Unlimited Menu) A timer is placed once you sit down on your table that ticks as you eat. Incase you need to extend, a 50 pesos charge will be added for every 10 minutes accumulated per person. 

*Below is the newest Delivery Menu of Genji M*

And it's back!!!
Simply print out this coupon to avail 250 pesos off with your bill. 
(One coupon per person and can be used only on cash transaction). 
Terms and conditions apply. Check out their page here for more info. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

TRY EAT: DecaDens Cupcakes!

I admit, my weakness probably sweets. Sometimes, I even wished that I don't have sweet tooth since I can avoid every food except sweets. But since I have, well, I have to embrace it. YOLO! haha!
Recently, I was given a chance to taste a dozen of DecaDens Cupcake. It is an online store owned by mother and daughter team up. I have to be honest with you, when I first saw their facebook page, I didn't felt any ooomph factor since it's plain, simple and straight to the point starting up page. They have few flavors to choose from: Simply Vanilla, Red Velvet, Carrot with Cream Cheese Frosting, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Decadence and Banana with Chocolate Chips.
I'm giving you tetadventurer's word, I really swear that by far, this is the best tasting cupcakes I've had from different online sellers I've tried. No offense to others but, I have to be honest. DecaDens cupcake really stood out from the rest and my expectations as well. I don't compare cupcakes to Sonja's and Cupcake Lab since they are my bench mark for best tasting cupcakes in the Metro, but DecaDens cupcakes really can compete with those two. I failed to asked if the owners somewhat study in culinary school because it's really unsual for online stores to sell cupcake that is good like this one! They should put their own store! (Exaggerated? I wish I do, but I'm really serious here guys.)
What stood out from DecaDens cupcake is the cupcake itself. It's really soft and moist! You can even enjoy the bread on its own. So let's break down their flavors shall we? (I will not mention anymore the cupcake itself in every flavor since all of the cupcakes were really moist) :) NOTE: As you may notice, I don't have the usual photo of my cupcake with a bite on it. It's so good that I failed and forgot to take pictures. I'm devouring on that time with their cupcake. :(
Red Velvet (45 pesos) : Infairness to me (nag buhat ng sariling bangko! hahah!) I have the mastery to determine a good Red Velvet from not-so-good Red Velvet Cupcake. Their Red Velvet has that perfect velvet-y taste. Not too light, nor over powering. Just right. Plus the cream cheese on top! I can compare it (tastewise) with Sonja's Red Velvet. The Creem Cheese may not be as fluffy as Sonja's but the taste really hits the spot!

Chocolate with White Chocolate (35 pesos) : The one with chocolate drizzle on top. One of my favorite. Aside from the soft chocolatey cake it has, the cupcake was generously topped with white chocolate icing. I'm such a butter cream girl and this is absolute thumbs up for me!

Chocolate Decadence (35 pesos) : Topped with chocolate icing that was not too sweet, and sprinkled with chocolate nibbles. Perfect for chocolate lovers! Though I wished they change the color of the sprinkles to give some contrast with the icing. :)

Simply Vanilla (30 pesos) : This one is my least favorite. I'm not sure if I'm just not a fan of vanilla or what. But there's an after taste of flavor with the icing. I guess it's because of the food color that was used since it has the light flower-y after taste.

Banana with Chocolate Chips (40 pesos) : My favorite from all their cupcakes! I am surprised with myself as well. The soft banana cake is loaded with chocolate chips that is surely a treat from everyone. Combining a light banana snack with the indulgence of chocolate chips. Topped with light and creamy Mocha icing that reminded me of top bakeshop here in the Philippines. Really really good!

If there's a tip I can give, maybe to elevate their cupcake presentation so people will get enticed and know how good is their cupcake. Second would be the variety flavors. And I have to notice the cupcake cups that was used. They used the silver cupcake cups. Not only it looks classy, but it doesn't affect the taste of the cupcake like other paper cups. :)

I wished that Decadens will forever keep the consistency of the quality cupcakes they create. It's my first time to do this but I actually order a dozen for me. (Now you know it is really that good)  Visit their page here  :)
Or contact 0923 910 6556.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Must Visit: Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina in Kapitolyo!

The greatest nachos I've tasted so far! SWEAR BEAR! 
My bench mark of the best tatsing Nachos belongs to Silantro! Why only now Teta? :o
The "usual" Kapitolyo place. Not the fancy type, a bit small, but it's clean naman. They have al fresco dining for smokers and air conditioned room inside. (No actual picture since the place was packed when we arrived.)
 We were given the menu immediately by the servers. They may not be the formal type of servers you see somewhere. Pardon me but they may looked like the guys on the street, but I'm telling you, they are really nice and polite. I was impressed with their genuineness to their customers. They are way better than some servers in expensive restaurants out there. Kudos mga kuya! :)
Since we just finished our lunch in Avi and I just really want to cross this one out on my list, we opted for the following:
 Beef Nachos (160 pesos)- It's the bomb!!! The generous amount of serving makes this dish super sulit! The smokey flavor of the beef, onions, tomatoes, guacamole, and super duper amount of melted cheese! It's not the usual type of nachos out there. It's the real deal. Trust me! Make sure to order this one!
 And please note that underneath that melted cheese is the generous amount of flavorful meat! 
Silantro Quesadillas (145 pesos) - Soft tortilla wrap with oozing cheese and lots of good stuffs inside that I can't figure out. Topped with fries.
 Look at that! :o
Served with 3 sauce: Spicy, Garlic, and Guacamole. I can't stop pouring the garlic sauce on quesadillas. It's really good, garlicky, and refillable too!

This is surely the place to be! Perfect for food lovers, hang out and drink with friends, and those who are limited in budget, but definitely will get really good food! :)

Persian Relaxation at Aramesh Spa and Wellness

One week to go, me and boyfie will celebrate our 9 Years together. Naks! :) Just right in time when he is fully recovered from his operation. Before that, we originally planned to have some foot spa and to relax for a while. Then I received an invite from our good friends in Aramesh Spa and Wellness.
Aramesh Spa is located at Valero Street, Salcedo Village in Makati. For landmarks, just go to RCBC Plaza in Ayala, you'll see the Mcdonald's near that area and it's 2 buildings away from there. It's on Unit 601 6th floor, Heart Tower Building (Green Building)
Aramesh Spa is a 2-in-1 stop. It was originally a Dental Clinic. But then, the customers suggested to the owners that they should put up a spa. When I first heard that, honestly I thought "Why they should put a spa in a Dental Clinic?"
The friendly folks told us that, while others are waiting for their turn in the clinic, they can unwind and relax. 
Then I realized, that was quite a good idea! A brilliant idea to be exact!
 You'll instantly notice the theme they have inside. It's not the typical spa out there. It's the only Persian Spa in the Metro. The owners Farzaneh J. Shamsi (Surgeon and Cosmetic Dentist ) & Dr. Shahideh L. Nikbin (Orthodontist) is a half Iranian-Half Pinoy living in the Philippines. I've met the owners and they are really lovely and nice! Too bad that they need to go outside the moment we arrived and wasn't able to have a picture with them. Maybe next time! :)
It seems that you are transported from one place to another instantly!
Sample scents of their fragrant oils.
  Every detail were carefully selected to give the customer a homey yet one of kind experience.
I personally loved the dimmed light plus the fragrant scented candle in the place. It calms and soothes my senses. :)
The pathway going to their rooms
Premier Room (There are other rooms available as well)
The VIP Suite Room. Wasn't able to take shot of the entire room. But it's perfect for the couples, partners or even friends who wants to have more privacy. What's so cool with this room is that, they have their own jacuzzi inside!
Moving on, this is their Foot Massage Room. The couches provided are spacious enough to seat comfortably. I was offered to try their signature Aramesh Spa, but since boyfie had his operation, we opted for the foot spa alone since we have that plan before hand. So let's proceed, shall we? :)
We were first offered a tea. Not the usual tea, but a Persian tea. It's my first time trying out a Persian tea and I liked it! Not too light, not too strong. It was served with sugar cubes, triangles (?) hahah. I was informed that I was drinking the wrong way when the staff told me that it's not the right way of drinking Persian Tea. HAHAHAH. You should put the sugar under your tongue then sip the tea after. In all fairness, it does make sense than putting the sugar directly (like what I did. haha!). The sugar has a sweet (duh) and minty flavor taste, plus the vintage tea cups! ;)
They first gather their things that I don't usually see from other spas. The foot spa will last up to 45 minutes. 
They first soaked our tired feet to soften it up, and scrape our dead skin for about 15 minutes,
...before using the foot spa paddle for 15 minutes. Included as well is the massage and scrub after, it feels really good! This was all meticulously done by the staffs. Good job guys! :)
When the feet is fully rejuvenated and clean, it was soaked in the blusher (if I remember it correctly) to give that fresh and natural pinkish effect. Then to cap off our session with a soothing cold cream right after. It lasted for around 1 hour on my feet. Feels really good! :)
Thanks to these wonderful ladies who gave us such amazing experience! :)
I really believe that this Spa deserves more attention. A hidden gem in the heart of Makati that will make you fall inlove with their great and friendly service and especially one of a kind ambiance.
Time to relax and leave that stress behind. Check out Aramesh Spa's Rate above.

For more details check their page below:

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