Monday, September 29, 2014

Turn Back Time Goodness at Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine!

I'm definitely sure that if there's a feast during Emilio Aguinaldo or Jose Rizal days, this is what it looks like! 
 One huge platter with different goodies on it!
 Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine is restaurant that focuses on Filipino Foods (obviously. hehe) located at Glorietta 3 and Ayala Fairview Terraces. They have the same owners as Sumo Sam, that's why you know that they are taking food seriously. Actor and Restauranteur Marvin Agustin is one of the co-owners of this place that conceptualizes this to showcase the classic Filipino dishes with a twist! Not just the dishes alone but including the theme, and even their menu, you'll see how creative their names are!
 The place can accommodate a good number of customers. Their long tables were surely perfect for a big groups.
 It has different memorabilias that will transport you into a different time.
The entire place was well thought of even on the tiniest detail. Can you see that gorgeous printed chair? Really adorable!
They have a huge variety on their menu and we were given a chance to try their Family Set. But no need to worry if you're in a small group since they also offer ala carte meals to enjoy. So before checking out their foods, let's start with the drinks first.
 Fabian Ver Fresh Buko Juice (128 pesos) - Because why not right? Cold and refreshing coconut served as it is. You can even ask the servers to scrape the coconut meat goodness after. nom!
EDSA Milo Godzilla (168 pesos) - Oh no, this place is NOT only for adults. Children alike will surely have wonderful time, especially with this cold Milo dinosaur.
 Honasan Guinomis (78 pesos) - Boyfie felt a bit adventurous so He tried the Ginumis. Basically like the classic sago gulaman with a twist. Instead of the usual milk, they put a coconut milk to it, and the gulaman they used was black gulaman.
Marcos Dalandan Juice (98 pesos / bottomless)- Their best seller drink! I won't question why. Because it's really "that" good and refreshing! I remembered the juice I had at Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay. One of the best! And what's good about this? It's refillable too! Make sure to order this one! :)
 Now, Let's go at the best part! The foods! Above photo is the Magwagi Family Set (1,990 pesos / 330 pesos per head for a group of 6). The serving size is good for 4-6 persons. (Depends on your appetite ofcourse). They have different 4 sets to choose from (I'll update this post as soon as I have the menu and price list of the Family Set Meals) | *Prices below were for ala carte orders. Actual size of Ala Carte may vary since photos below were part of the set meal*
Dominicano Adobo Rice (268 pesos)- Lightly flavored adobo rice topped with crispy adobo flakes with bits of salted egg (good combo)! Don't let this picture fool you, it may seem as bitin (my original thought) but I was wrong! Boyfie had 3x of rice but we still have extras after.
Aguinaldo Twice Cooked Adobo (389 pesos)- Not the usual pork or chicken adobo since they braised a beef on this one and cooked it twice. The color will surely speaks for itself. The flavor sips inside every meat. But as a garlic lover? (all of us actually) we really enjoyed every chunks of garlic. It was so flavorful and garlicky but not too strong. Each of us hoarded every garlic in that bowl. :P
 Sakay Bicol Express (289 pesos) - One of my favorite!  No, this is not Lechon Kawali, but infact, it is a deconstructed Bicol Express. They put a twist to the usual presentation of the popular bicol express. The sauce was served on the size then what you do is you dunk the golden brown pork into the dressing. Ahhhh heaven! What we all loved about it is that, it's not too spicy.
 Laguna Salad (128 pesos) - Side dish made up of green and yellow mango plus tomatoes. I'm such a sucker of mangoes and I definitely enjoyed this one!
 Murphy Crispy Pla Pla (289 pesos) - The name says it all. It's indeed really crispy. In fact, one of the crispiest fish We've tried, but  still, the meat remains soft and moist.
 Rizal Lechon Manok (578 pesos) - Though it may be the least favorite from the item since the  meat inside was a bit bland for our liking, I tried to dip the meat in the adobo sauce and it's purely genius! The marinated chicken (to skin to be specific) is really sinful! <3 br="">
Sinigang na Sugpo sa Kamias (389 pesos)- Kamias is a childhood favorite snack of mine (weird right?) But I do love munching kamias with salt! And now, it transformed into a way way better dish since it was used in Sinigang. The sinigang was perfectly sour because of the right amount of sourness of the kamias. You can still enjoy the fresh flavor of the sugpo since the kamias flavor didn't overpower the meat itself.
 We are 6 during that meal and we still had a lot of foods that we weren't able to finish. It's really sulit!
 Puto Bumbong with Cheese (148 pesos) - Now on the dessert part, the Puto Bumbong. I am personally one of the victim of Puto Bumbong cravings. I mean, months wherein it's not even "ber" months and where am I supposed to get Puto Bumbong in the mid of the year right? Good thing, in Dekada, every day is Christmas! Puto Bumbong! YEHEEEY! I was surprised to see that there is a cheese on the usual combo of Puto Bumbong, but upon putting those 3 ingredients, BAAAM! Delicious! Now I will always put cheese on my puto bumbong! I didn't know that it will complement well with each other!
Halo Halo sa Buko (98 pesos) - If ever there's someone who enjoyed this the most, it's boyfie. He's such a fan of halo halo. The presented the halo halo in the coconut itself then filled with colorful halo halo ingredients. Again, you can also ask the servers to scrape the remaining coconut meat for you! :)
I will definitely recommend Dekada for those who are looking for good food with generous serving of Filipino Comfort Foods. Perfect for birthdays, gatherings, and especially group lunch out with friends! :)

Check out their page here

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Movie Review: If I Stay

When I watched the trailer of this movie I knew that I must see this film. Though I'm not a fan of Chloe Moretz "that time". I've seen her movie "Carrie" and I wasn't wowed with her performance at all. Since my standard with scary movie was high. Upon checking different trailers online, the kilegers feeling was already with me. hahah!
The movie pretty much reminded me of Butterfly Effect I've watched way back. Mia Hall (Chloe Moretz) has a average happy family, loves classical music that fell inlove with a guy named Adam (Jamie Blackley). But everything was changed when she encountered a car accident that turned the story upside down and become comatose. The story is about fighting for her life, going back to her body and being with her loved one. The movie also revolves and teaches us about the importance of our family. The part I loved is when her Grandpa was talking to her and Adam's playing a guitar for her. I ended up holding back my tears since boyfie used to tease me whenever I cry in the cinema. Panira ng moment! hahah! I was definitely a fan of Chloe after seeing this movie! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Katsu Lovin' at Ginza Barin!

When typhoon Mario hits the Philippines, boyfie and I were stranded in the office because of the road going to Rizal were flooded. We don't have a choice but to stay in the office. That rainy night, I suddenly craved for Ramen. You know that I don't usually eat Ramen, but the weather is too inviting!
We headed to UP Town Center but sadly, the Ryu Ramen were closed due to the typhoon, we checked Ginza Barin if there's any but they don't have. We were about to leave the place, but the manager approached us and to my surprised, it was my grade school barkada. So you know what happened, we decided to go inside and pretend that we really intended to dine there. hahaha!
Wasn't able to take pictures of the place since it was jam packed. I was surprised since the weather is too gloomy.  I guess it's because most of the restaurant in the area were closed.
Every table has different condiments. I loved pouring my shredded cabbage with tons of roasted sesame dressing!
Like the usual routine, You will be given a small bowl with sesame seeds, then grind it and combine with the tonkatsu sauce. I usually put pink himalayan salt with the sauce to enhance the taste.
Premium Seafood Katsu Set (595 pesos) - Made up of Jumbo US seafood scallop, Hiroshima Oyster, Black Tiger Prawn, Kani Cream Korokke.
Each set has miso soup (really flavorful), rice, shredded cabbage, mirin sauce, tartar sauce with fruits and pickled cabbage. If there's one thing to be improved on this dish, maybe that's the pickled veggies and fruits. It looked so sad and unappetizing. :(
 The Hiroshima Oyster was a bit smaller from what I expected. 
But nevertheless, I still (and always) enjoy eating oysters! :)
Black Tiger Prawn was the disappointment that entire time. It was overcooked and rubbery :(
 US Seafood Scallop was the one wowed me in the set. It was really huge! Every bite was enjoyable!
 Kani Cream Korokke was good too! Enjoyment of seafood with a creamy flavor.
Rosu Katsu Set (345 pesos) - Moist, flavorful loin with a bit of fatty trimmings! If you wished to have a lean part, then go for Hire Katsu Set.
But a little guilty pleasure is good once in a while. hehe!
After the meal, boyfie asked me if I prefer that or the other Katsu joints out there. I can't compare since there's a bit difference between them. Each has a strengths, and own weaknesses.

Ginza Barin Set Menu:

Check out Ginza Barin page here

Monday, September 22, 2014

Introducing! Cafe France 6 New Gourmet Sandwiches!

Cafe France is known for their delectable sandwiches. It used to be my companion when
I'm still located in Makati and I always grab my favorite Coffee Buns from them!
 Last week, Cafe France introduced 6 gourmet sandwiches that will make you forget the ordinary!
 You'll be welcomed with their gorgeous pastries on display
 As well as the savory breads that you can grab to go.
 4 seasons and Lime to quench our thirst! My favorite is the lime one. Really refreshing! 
While boyfie opted for the sweet equally refreshing 4 seasons.

They have 6 gourmet sandwiches to add from their existing sandwiches. 
(No Meat Sandwich | Oriental Baked Chicken | Crispy Shrimp | Hickory Chicken | Rib Eye Steak | Mandarin BBQ)
 French Dip Roast Beef - Part of their existing Gourmet Sandwiches. Shredded beef smothered with savory gravy sauce with Cafe France's soft bread. I loved that they put mustard on it to give it a contrast of flavors. Nom! Each gourmet sandwich was served with potato chips. Not the commercialize potato chips huh? It's the real deal!
 Crispy Shrimp - One of my personal favorite. All along I thought the shrimp was simply tossed in the fryer, but I was wrong. It was a beer battered shrimp cooked perfectly! Crispy outer layer, with a plump, juicy chunk of shrimp inside. I really appreciate that they didn't skimp on putting huge shrimps on it. Not to mention the crisp fresh vegetables on it, then finally drizzled it off with honey - mustard sauce!
 Hickory Chicken - If you are torn between healthy, yet want to have sinful indulgence at the same time, then you should go with this one. It's a pulled lean chicken marinated with their luscious barbecue sauce then topped with crunchy alfalfa sprouts! Best of both worlds!
 Smoked Norwegian Salmon with Lemon Mayo - Now, if you really want to be on the healthier side, then go for their Salmon Sandwich. Part of the existing sandwiches made up of succulent pink salmon with lush Lollo Rosa lettuce, fresh tomato and mayo.
 Oriental Baked Chicken - Can you believed that we had that for take out? And still, it looks like it came out from their kitchen! Baked chicken fillet in sweet and spicy garlic sauce paired with omelet, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and mayonnaise spread. Mind you, one sandwich is really filling!
 We also had the chance to taste their freshly baked Croffee!
 Hybrid combination of cronuts and coffee. A hunger buster and sleepy beater in one! HA! :p
 Freshly made Croffee came out of the oven!
Nothing beats a freshly made bread. A warm croissant with coffee filling, then drizzled with chocolate. 
I can eat this anytime of the day. Winner!
 We also had the chance to try their Espresso Booster. You read it right, a crunchy espresso bits covered in dark chocolate. Must have in the office. hahah!

Check out their menu:

Every sandwich should be like this. Fresh ingredients and generous amount of serving for affordable price. 
Make sure to visit the nearest Cafe France near you! :)

Check out their page here
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