Friday, October 24, 2014

Comfort Food At Its Finest @ Manna Bakery Cafe! :)

Nowadays, it's not hard to find a restaurant where you can eat. But what is REALLY hard
is looking for a place to eat where you can be satisfied and giving worth to every penny that you have!
 Manna Bakery Cafe is in the category where you can eat great food, without sacrificing your wallet, and You will be surely satisfied! Their main branch is located in the heart of BF Homes Aguirre, and now, they put up this cozy restaurant at SM BF Paranaque.
A friend even asked me in facebook "Wow, you're in South!" Because everybody knows that it's once in a blue moon instance that I will go to South. I mean, We are from Rizal, we work in Quezon City, and going to Paranaque? I'm telling you, it's really worth the travel!;)
Not because I loved girly things but, the place was really pretty! Even boyfie agreed that the place alone was already a gem. Neat pastel interiors, lots of knick knacks, chandelier, everything was perfect! 
It's like a life-size polly pocket doll house! :)
 The servers were great. They proactively help us with our needs. They are always on smiles and very polite too! :)
 Notice these little figurines, china wares?
 How about these condiments on display? Did you know that all of these were also for sale? 
(Just make sure to ask for assistance first ;) )
 We were welcomed by these freshly made breads on the display. It was actually full but I'm just too excited taking pictures of the place when they are still assembling it. hehe! And oh, they don't limit with breads alone, since they are also popular when it comes to catering events. (You may contact them at: 852-7328 ext. 154)
 Cookies , Brownies, Crinkles..
 Choco Bun, Savory Pies..
 Cinnamon Rolls, Ensaymada Cheese, Ensaymada Ube..
 Cheese Roll, Lemon Chiffon, Ube Twist, Spanish Bread..
 Cheese Muffin, Choco Banana Muffin, Choco Banana Loaf..
 Assortment of muffins! Name it, they have it! And did you also notice what boyfie notices? 
Everything was less than 50 pesos, but the sizes of their breads were really huge!
 Kiwi Soda and Pomegranate to freshen us up!
 I still have to ask them about the name of this dish. But it's basically a Tomato based pasta with sausages, olives, bell pepper and their own focaccia bread. We were surprised that the serving size of the pasta was generous since there's 3 of us who share this dish. I hate other pastas that was too sour that you can't even appreciate its taste anymore. But here, I love that the tomato base sauce of the pasta has the right balance and harmony especially with the sausage. I know that these sausages were not the processed one. You can clearly see the difference in the texture and firmness of their sausages compared to others.
 Corned Beef Reuben (289 pesos) - Home made corned beef with their very own sauerkraut, melted cheese, mustard and crisp soft bread. Did you notice that almost everything on their menu was home made? Meaning, it's healthier! Mind you, this dish alone can make you full in an instant! Even on this angle of this photo, you can see the huge chunks of corned beef! Nope, not in the can, home made corned beef ---YEAH!
 Wrong Pizza (price to follow) - But this dish alone knocks me off our feet! From the name itself, this was an accidental creation when one of their staff made the pizza incorrectly, instead of putting the sauce first, he mixed and match it, then they just decided to revamp that pizza then BAAAM! Wrong Pizza was born! What a genius mistake! Available this coming November 03, 2014! Don't ever dare to miss ordering this one!
The pizza was filled with pizza sauce, various cheeses, and shrimps! What I also loved is that, they didn't skimp on their ingredients. They are very generous and to make sure that you are satisfied!
 I giggly looked at boyfie right after I bite this one! This one is insane! I felt that "kilig" factor while savoring this pizza! Oh man, I wished I'm kidding but it's really THAT good!
 Manna Bakery and Cafe's Menu
Aside from these menu, they will release new offering this coming November 03, 2014
For the complete set of the menu and price, will be updating this post as soon as possible! :)
(Ms. Rose, Boyfie, tetadventurer, Blanche)

We have encountered lots of restaurants owners, and We probably met the nicest owner any restaurant could ever have. We never felt so welcomed like that. I don't mind paying a visit if I will be treated and genuinely welcome just like Ms. Rose. She is very hands on with everything. She'll give you her nicest smile and make sure that you will have a great experience! :)

Visit their page here

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scrumptious November Offerings at Crystal Jade Dining IN!

Chinese food has a huge special place in my heart. Not because of the fact that I am a Chinese
but the reality can say that, Chinese Food is one of the most delicious cuisines ever.
 Crystal Jade Dining IN is a fine dining restaurant that offers extensive Cantonese dishes 
that will blow you away from the appetizers down to their desserts!
  From outside, you may think that the place was small, but it's pretty huge when you get inside. They can accommodate large number of customers. They also accept gatherings if you want to have private dining set up. The service was impeccably impressive! They are very hands on and attentive to their costumers. And they are really polite too! :)
 Even the smallest details on the restaurant was elegantly made to give you the perfect stay.

Okay, moving on with the food, this coming November, Crystal Jade Dining IN will launch different mouth watering set meals that is available starting November 01 - November 30. Below foods are different dishes from Set A, B and C. (See the last part for the complete menu)
 Roasted Peking Duck - Definitely the star of the feast! Even just by looking at that dish alone, 
you'll surely be tempted to get that golden brown skin!!!
 The feast was started by preparing this Peking Duck and will be served in two ways. 
I was surprised how fast they carved this little baby! In just a minute, everything was beautifully done!
 After carving and removing some of the sinful fats, it was placed in a thin wrapper, 
put some hoissin sauce, some cucumber, then BAAAM!!!
 You can never go wrong with Peking Duck wraps! By far, these babies over here is the nicest Peking Duck wraps I have ever tried. No kidding! How did I say that? Because even it was exposed for sometime, the Peking Duck still remain crispy and the wrapper itself retains its softness. Unlike the ones I've tried from others, it has the tendency to be dry and lapses after a couple of minutes. But not Crystal Jade's!
How beautiful is their Fried Crispy Chicken with Goose Liver and Mango Sauce!?
 Here's a closer look.
 Who can even resist a sinful Foie Gras on a crisp lettuce, mango and crispy skin? 
Healthy and Sinful. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!
 Double Boiled Cabbage Soup with Bamboo Pith and Fresh Mushrooms - A clear soup with different fresh mushrooms, bamboo pith and cabbage. I really loved that the soup was light and not heavy. Perfect to start and warm up our tummies! I'm really a fan of mushrooms that's why I finished this is no time even it's hot! haha!
 Sauteed Prawns in Wasabi Sauce - Imagine a giant prawn that has a crunchy texture outside yet soft and flavorful inside? I loved the mild wasabi flavor on this one, just enough flavor to linger on your tastebuds. Beware, this is addicting!
 Live Garoupa Served in Two Ways - Everyone laid their eyes on these as soon as it was presented on the table. It's really pretty right? But wait until you tasted these. Equally impressive! Garoupa fish that has chorizo inside, while the other one was filled and flavored with herb. I personally preferred the one with herb, but boyfie chooses the one with chorizo. (no doubt on that. hehe). I instantly remembered my Dad with this dish. As I may say, my Dad is very hard to please (as in) when it comes to food, and I'm definitely sure that He will enjoy this one! Kudos also to their Chef who created this master piece. We also found out that all of their Chefs came all the way to Singapore to work here and create these breath taking dishes.
 Brown Rice Fried Rice (if I remember it right) - Meals are not complete without rice. Right? Who's with me? :D
 Braised Pork in Special Sauce - One of Crystal Jade's Special dish. I loved how they presented this one. Really cute! (Above photo is the serving presentation when having small orders, while  below photo is the way they served it incase you decided to order in batch)
  It was tied up so that the natural juices of the meat will not come out of the meat. The servers will remove the strings, then cut it into chunks. It was really soft and tender! Pretty much tasted like asado but the flavor is thicker and more flavorful. 
PROMO ALERT: "To make your visit even more worth while, guests with a minimum spend of 5,000 pesos will be given Braised Pork in Special Sauce. Groups of 10 or more with a minimum spend of 10,000 will be given two servings"
 To be honest, I usually ignore these mantou breads whenever we visit Chinese restaurant since I find them too plain (?) hehe. But kidding aside, I didn't expect that I will eat 2 of these fried mantou! Thin-Crisp outer layer and soft bun inside! nom! While the white mantou is perfect to scrape the thick sauce of the braised pork! nom!
 Sauteed Shredded Duck with Beansprout - Remember the first dish above when they used the duck skin in that gorgeous Peking Duck wrap? Ofcourse, the meat is all yours as well! Here's the meat of the duck above. Reminded me of my favorite beef hoafan! I really loved the smokey flavor of this dish!
 The feast will not be complete without dessert. Chilled Red Wine Jelly with Mixed Fruit. Yup, you read it right, Chilled Red Wine. Interesting huh? If you are a fan of wine then this one is match made heaven for you! :)
 Before we even go to the location, I really told boyfie that I will buy some Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Bun from them since I'm eyeing on that one because I'm really curious with its taste. But dimsum Gods heard my prayers and Crystal Jade Dining In handed us boxes of Salted Egg Yolk Bun! And look, may bonus pa, their popular Pork Buns!
 This may look like a kiat kiat or oranges to you, but wait until you see its innards!
I really thought this was super salty, but infact, it was smooth, creamy and perfectly sweetened yolk inside. Heaven! I can eat this one any time of the day! 
Crystal Jade Bolo BBQ Buns - I hate to compare, but even if you just look on this one, you can clearly say that this pork buns are meatier and saucier than others. That angle is just part of it. I didn't expect that all throughout the bun was filled with barbequed pork! Really awesome!
 Perfect gift ideas for your love ones? Or to your foodie friends out there? 
Crystal Jade also offers Gift Certificates and Gift Boxes! :)

Crystal Jade's November Set Menu
 SET A: 5,288+ pesos | SET B: 10, 800 + pesos
SET C: 12, 888 + pesos

What are you waiting for? Make sure to mark your calendar this November and Visit Crystal Jade Dining IN at BGC High Street Central. Above photos are Chef's recommendation. Available from November 1 - November 30, 2014 priced at 5,288+ pesos (good for 4 pax), 10, 800 + pesos (good for 6 pax), and 12, 888 + pesos (good for 12 pax.).  

For reservations, you may contact them at 808-5233

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Great Tasting Burgers @ Frank and Charles in Taytay Rizal

The majority of my blog post were from Manila. I barely don't post from my hometown, which is Rizal. As much as I want to post and promote the area, there's nowhere to be found restaurants or a hole in a wall in our place. If ever there's something decent that we would like to eat, the nearest is to go to the mall to grab something to eat.
 Who would have thought that this good looking burger over there can be found in Taytay Rizal? 
Just a kembot away from our home. So that's a good news for me and boyfie! :)
 Frank & Charles is located in Taytay Rizal (a couple of steps from Puregold Taytay) is a laid back food hub 
that is perfect spot to chill and catch up with friends. I actually discovered this place through friends who were 
posting on their facebook pages and made me eager to visit this place.
 I told boyfie to be ready since the place was usually packed from what I expected. And I was right, it was jam packed when we arrived. But still, I really loved the place. It was well ventilated and the ambiance of the place was in theme for the upcoming Halloween too!
 They also have al fresco dining where boyfie and I decided to stay to avoid the crowd inside and enjoy each others company. Electric fans were also provided outside so no need to worry, plus the fresh air too!
 The servers were good. They were friendly and prompt to our needs despite of the huge number of customers.
 Aside from the set meals, they also offer free flowing drinks for additional 45 pesos. 
So it's sulit! Beer is also included in that offer!
 I settled for the set meals, and boyfie upgraded his drinks to unlimited since boyfie loves red tea. 
Unfortunately, He just had one round of Red Tea since there's no more refill available anymore. :(
 Mid Spicy Wings (150 pesos) - I loved that their dishes was served on a wooden board to give it a rustic look. 
As for the wings, this one was just okay for us. The spiciness is just right, but it's too sour for our liking.
 Cheesy Mushroom (210 pesos --upgraded price already) - Look at that gorgeous burger! I loved that the vegetables were fresh and crisp. It was generously topped with mushroom and cheese! nom!
 Frank and Charles Original (115 pesos) - I am torn between ordering the Aloha or this one. I asked for their best seller and they told me that it's their Frank and Charles Original so I ordered this one. It was equally good as well! The meat was flavorful and juicy. Plus the hefty amount of the oozing cheese. But you know what I didn't expect that I will go gaga over? It's their crinkle cut fries! Soft inside, yet crispy on the outside! Really sinful! 
 Overall, We really had a wonderful time visiting this place. It's really nice that there's a place where we can eat good food near our place, and not to mention that it's really affordable! :)

Check out their page here
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