Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wedding 101: Final Food Tasting @ K By Cunanan! :)

First and foremost, let me just tell you guys that I am still amazed how our previous post regarding K By Cunanan initial food tasting was such a hit on the blog! haha! I mean, from all the post that I have, it has the most number of comments up to this writing! (roughly 300 comments!). So this is it! I'm sure that I am not the only one who's waiting for our Final Food Tasting! (See our Initial Food tasting here)
Unlike the previous food tasting, the Final Food tasting was such a hassle for us. Not their fault though. We needed to be in Rizal at 1 oclock in the afternoon for the Marriage Seminar and Counseling. We don't have choice since my flight going back to Malaysia is on the next day, and the seminar is scheduled every Friday only. So we don't have a choice but to put up everything on that day. I requested Nina our new and last AE (FINALLY!) if it's okay to go there on 9 am, she said there's no problem on her side but the commissary usually arrives later than that, so we agreed to meet at 10 am.
But sadly, their commissary arrived 11 pm and served the food 11:30 (the time that we should left). So boyfie and I decided to leave at 12 noon max. So imagine how we managed to finished everything in less than 30 minutes including the discussion with Nina.
 Okay moving on, ang dami ko ng sinabi  hahaha! (The mock set up supposedly that day will be scheduled when I came back from Malaysia). We actually enjoyed everything, but we weren't able to savor each bite since we are in a rush and we decided to have quick bite on each dishes and wrapped the remaining instead.
 Starting off with the Hors D'oeuvrs. From the previous food tasting, we are definitely sure that we will be getting the Korean Tacos because it's the bomb! So after days of discussing with boyfie, we settled for what we really want plus their best seller.

Hoisin Crackling Pork Wrap is definitely part of the list! It's also available in chicken but you have to get the pork one! At first bite, I find it ordinary but upon reaching the crispy skin inside it was oh-so-deadly and will surely be a hit with our guest!

Sisig Tostada is another pick me upper with the guest. Aside that it looked so unique for a finger foods, we thought of putting everyone's favorite which is sisig. I believed that they put a hint of ginger to it which I liked to toned down the flavor of the sinful sisig.

Mini Eggs Benedict on the other hand was so-so. I find it too cute seeing mini eggs on top, but Aldrin doesn't agree. But since we'll be needing 3, I decided to put this one. And he's right, it's a let down. Imagine a bread with egg, that's it.
 Roasted Corn, Sour Cream, Cilantro - We're caught up with this one. It was actually good. Not the typical "corn soup". It has the bits of corn on a creamy base with nacho-flavor seasoning. What I am looking for is the sour cream and cilantro flavor which I didn't tasted. But as I said, it is good, but I find it too creamy and not a refreshing starter for a soup.
 Spicy Tuyo and Orzo Salad (apologies for the picture, this is on our takeaway bag already, forgot to take picture since we are in a hurry) without the proper research on this one, we decided to have this for us to try. It's a no no. This is way too healthy for us! hahahaha! The Orzo is the white pasta that you can see, together with capers, tomatoes, olives and spicy tuyo. We don't want the typical Cesar Salad on our reception. It is a risky move for us since boyfie and I agreed to choose their NOT best selling one and if it turned out not good, then will go for their best seller even we don't tried it. haha! K by Cunanan's best selling salad is their Barbecue Chicken Salad. So yeah, you know what it is!
Spicy Tuyo Angel Hair Pasta we are firm to our decision that we will never ever serve a carbonara on our reception. Cmon' man! You know what I mean right? A bit unfair since we just have to choose one and boyfie wanted the tomato based, but I insisted for this Spicy Tuyo Angel Hair Pasta. (huhu, sorry bhe!) But mind you, he enjoyed this as much as I do! I was even surprised how he liked this dish since he's not a tuyo eater ever. Though we all know that the tuyo that was used here is a gourmet tuyo, K by Cunanan's dish elevated this pasta dish even more!
 Baked Fish in Cream, Bed of Mashed Potato, Slivered Almond we're also torn of having this or the previous one that we had. The one that we had is elegantly presented, but the fish was too dry. Here, it tasted good but the serving size is too little. I'm not sure if only on this one ah? I also think they forgot to put the mashed potato here. But taste wise, it's moist, flavorful and the texture of the slivered almonds helps a lot too!
Pork Roast, Caramelized Apples, Sweet Potato Mash is the most let down from all. We thought we wasted our pork slot of choosing this one. :( The pork was way too dry! The flavor isn't something spectacular either. Boyfie immediately whispered to me "Bhe, parang yung tinda ni Ilocano (a karinderya near ourplace)" HAHAHAHA!
Roast Chicken with Fennel Spiced Rub, Creamed Spinach and Corn Bread the pros on this one is about the flavor. Creamy, light, and mildly spiced, yes it's indeed delicious! The corn bread served was another thumbs up too! The cons was the chicken skin. It's so weird because it's too rubbery. We're both wondering since we feel that we are chewing a slice of elastic. haha!
BBQ Beef Ribs, Corn with Tarragon Butter and Baby Potatoes the good thing about ordering this one is that, it's sulit! Look how huge the block of these baby! The medley of sweet and tangy BBQ flavor will surely be a hit with our guest. 
BUT! Another contender for the beef category is this Slow Cooked Beef in Ponzu, Truffle Butter, Onion Rings! Probably our favorite among the viands. The beef melts in our mouth on a savory ponzu sauce with hint of truffle! Goodness! I am such a fan of truffle! But what made me love this dish even more is that the truffle flavor is not overpowering which I'm sure our guests will love if ever! 
Dessert Plate! My favorite! haha! Originally, it's supposed to be 3 desserts only, but since we booked them on bridal fair, we have 2 free desserts. Oh yeah! :)

Salted Caramel Pot de Creme is saw online that this tasted good. Naaaaahh!! I don't understand the rave. It seems a stale leche flan to both of us. We don't even tasted the "Salted Caramel" flavor. Really a plain tasting mushy one. Not sure if we had a bad batch, but this is not part of our list. 

Mixed Fruits Compote they said online that it seems a fruit cocktail came from the can, but I tend to disagree. The fruits were sliced and scooped by hand. What I seemed to don't like is the fresh and bits of lemon zest to it since it's bitter. But what I requested is just served our guest a plain refreshing slices of fruits to balance out the dishes. 

Panna Cota with Kiwi giggling when eating this one. Suble, light and creamy! Nina said that we can have assortment of this one (Mango, Strawberry and Kiwi on top. Yay!) 

Chocolate and Hazelnut Cannoli I guess this is the one that K by Cunanan can ALSO boast about. I think they are the only one that has cannoli on their menu compared to other caterers. I don't have to describe it anymore but, listen soon to weds, YOU HAVE TO PUT THIS ON YOUR MENU. *You can thank me later ;)

White Chocolate Cake is K by Cunanan's best seller when it comes to their dessert. But unfortunately, it was still on the way to be delivered that time when we have to go. So I'll just have to trust everyone for getting this on our special day! :)

For their 2016 rates you may send me an email to:

Sunday, November 22, 2015

See What Others Can't See: ASUS Zen Fone 2 Laser!

With the fast paced technology that we have now, everything seems to change so fast especially when it comes to mobile phones. But, is it really enough? I mean, there are lots of mobile phones sprouting like mushrooms in the market, but the question is, does it suffice the needed features that (we) users needed? Introducing, 
ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser!
After creating the trend in the market with the previous model of ZenFone2 (ZE551ML) being the first smart phone in the entire world having 4GB of RAM this year, they have now released a new model that will equally capture the technology savvies out there especially those of you who are very particular with pictures and photo quality! (It may be for your selfies, or #foodporn!) I got your attention right? ;) Now let me share you a quick view of "some" of my personal favorite features of ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser!

ASUS ZenFone 2 boast its appearance with its sleek and elegant metallic finish that comes with different colors. You may also notice the rear key in the middle that helps you adjust the volume and effortlessly take selfie just by tapping it.
Thinnest / Ergonomic Curved
 It’s not your usual thin phone around the market since it has the ergonomic curved back design that to give you the best grip for your comfort having the 3.9 mm. 

Corning Gorilla Glass 4 
  The ZenFone 2 Laser features a 5.0 inch display HD and Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which offers vibrant colors, brightness and wide viewing angles .

Zen Motion 
Why need to make lots of navigation when you can simply use the touch gestures where you can save time and effort to go directly to the app that you want to use? 

ZenFone2 Laser's brand new ZenUI gives the user the complete freedom to customize the appearance of your phone from the icon packs, fonts and to live wallpaper that can be downloadable for free!

Color Temperature
You may also personalize your mobile phone and tailor it according to your display preference by adjusting the color temperature, hue, and saturation manually or preset for instant viewing perfection with just one touch! 

Photo Filters
The ZenFone 2 Laser is the first mobile phone in the price range to have 8 megapixel camera on the back guided with a laser auto-focus. It has a dual-LED tone flash and a 5 megapixel camera in front. Oh, did I tell you already that this is the perfect selfie phone? ;)

Laser Rear Camera
ZenFone 2 Laser's rear camera has a laser and autofocus technology for the fastest clarity. The infrared laser measures the distances at lightning speed as fast as 0.3 seconds which is equally perfect to compliment your active lifestyle!
Easy Mode
 I am one of the happiest knowing that there's a feature like this. I can simply relate to this one. My parents were not that techie when it comes to phones. They usually settle for the old models since they are having a hard time navigating the phones that we have now. But who says that the adults cannot have a stylish yet easy to use phones right? This easy mode is specially designed to cater the young ones and the elderly. We can enlarge the text and simplified the layout.

Kids Mode
This is probably one of my favorite feature of this phone. I am surrounded by kids at home and always requesting to borrow our gadgets. Due to the curiosity of the kids in this modern era where they can easily browse EVERYTHING online, believed me, we really need this kind of feature that ZenFone 2 Laser has! It allows us adults to manage application where the kiddos can only access a certain apps. We can also control how much time they will spend on the phone, block notification, calls, and even setting a pass code. Now tell me, how awesome is that?

Compared from last year's Zenfone 5 version, ASUS make sure that they will give everyone a superb mobile experience without costing a fortune and being stylish at the same time. For the complete details, visit ASUS website here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Harvest Coffee @ Domain Cyberjaya

For my regular readers out there, you know that I don't drink Alcoholic drinks at all. Loser to others it may seems, well that's me! But if ever there is close to the urge of drinking Alcoholic drinks for others, I am feeling the exact same thing when it comes to coffee.
Coffee is something that I consider as my "Alcohol". A day without coffee for me, is incomplete day at all! I'm not sure if Psychological feeling or really because of the caffeine effects, but I feel so restless when I don't take coffee.
 So I dragged my friends to come with me in the middle of midnight to get some caffaine fix. Harvest Coffee is located in Domain, Cyberjaya that offers really good ambiance!
 The interiors and lighting is something that this place can boast about. You can stay here for a long time while doing your personal agenda without being disturbed by others.
 You'll also notice paintings around the place that has intricate and hip design.
 Away from the crowd, you may opt to stay on their second floor that is equally homey as well.
 Apart from the pastries on the shelf, they also offer rice meals and snacks.
 Coconut White Mocha (8.90RM / 97.9 pesos) = My measurement for a good coffee is by trying first their White Coffee. It's unfair for me to compare one drink from totally different drink right? But I was curious to try their Coconut White Mocha. It was pretty ok. It's not what I am expecting though. I didn't tasted any hint of Coconut flavor at all. :(
 Hot Chocolate (8.90RM / 97.9 pesos) = My friend Trish tried their hot chocolate. Better than the previous one. Tasted like Koko Crunch cereal!
Red Berries (12 RM / 110 pesos) = But my friend Grace is not in a mood for hot drinks so She tried their smoothies. She originally wanted to order Peach or Passion fruit but both were not available. hehe. But from all the drinks that we ordered, I will give my vote to this one. Tangy, sweet yet refreshing at the same time. 
 They have quite numbers of drinks to choose from that is quite affordable too! (MYR menu above) If I will be coming back, I will surely try their rice meals. Or better yet, simple enjoy their one of a kind ambiance. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Japanese Hits @ Sushi Zanmai, D' Pulze!

If you are craving for Japanese foods when you are in Malaysia for affordable bucks without sacrificing the quality of the foods, then this is the place for you!
Sushi Zanmai is the restaurant that I've noticed immediately when strolling the mall. The facade, interiors and ambiance was really well thought of. It even have the rain fall fountain in their entrance. It's actually quite intimidating especially if you are on a tight budget. But upon seeing the menu, our wallets jumped with joy!
Hodaka (16.80 RM / 201 pesos) - If quite not sure what sushi to order, these are variety of Sushi made up from salmon, cuttle fish, prawn, eel, boiled scallops, beancurd, omelette, and cucumber roll.
Karaage Don (11.80 RM / 141.6 pesos) - My favorite during that visit. It's very close to the taste of Japanese fares in the Philippines. Sweet and savory medley of flavors glazed on the breaded chunks of chicken underneath the steaming rice.
Chicken Katsu (13.80 RM / 165.6 pesos) - This is the most sulit dish ever! Huge chicken katsu, served with fresh greens with oriental sauce. It's not the Yabu levels ah, but If you are feeling not to eat rice and good katsu, then order this one!
Good food, nice ambiance and affordable price. Make sure to try Sushi Zanmai when you visit Malaysia. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

MyBurgerLab | My favorite burger place in Malaysia! :)

Just like what I've said from my previous posts, I don't deny that I badly misses the food trips that boyfie and I are usually having way back in the Philippines. There are really those times that I craved for something. Lucky for me if it's available here in Malaysia, or if not, well, just better luck next time. :(
We are in the area of the Badminton court where we usually have our weekend games and talking about online shopping on where to get the perfect sneakers look in Zalora. And it so happened that we saw this hip burger parlor behind that area.
MyBurgerLab is one of the famous burger shop in Malaysia. They don't only boast with the great tasting burgers, but with their signature black burger buns that keeps the people curious and eager to try.
Their branch in Cyberjaya has this chill and laid back and al fresco ambiance. And did I mention that their staffs and people behind MyBurgerLab is the best? I have tried inquiring on their facebook page and man, they are the coolest ever! The staffs were very much informative and friendly throughout our stay. I really appreciate their servers were checking on us and asking if we're having a good time with their products (which we usually experienced on fine dining restaurants).
They have varieties of burgers to choose from according to your preference. I was eyeing to try their Satay Dawg, but man! I can't help but to try their delectable burgers! 

**Okay now, going on with their burgers let me just apologize for the picture angle that you'll be seeing below. I honestly didn't nail this shot like before for the reason that I am eating with my friends that time and I'm hesitated on touching their burgers and to show each beautiful layers of the burger. Hopefully there's a next time that I can do justice on their awesome burgers! :(**
Beautiful Mess (19.50 RM / 214 pesos) - You may noticed that it is off-the-menu burger. I tend to believe that off the menu product is something special. Just like this one! We had a problem eating this one since it's too big! *but not complaining here ofcourse!*  A Cheddar Beef patty topped with deep fried portobello mushrooms, honey mustard and a sunny side up egg. It's ultimate burger that can make your day complete in an instant!
Swisstake (11.90 RM / 131 pesos) - The picture alone makes you want to order it! I personally loved their creamy oozing cheese on their burgers. Who wouldn't love a grilled juicy patty topped with Cheddar Cheese and Mushrooms?
A+ (16 RM / 176 pesos) - Okay okay fine. The picture doesn't make any justice. Only if I can show you the innards I would! I didn't even know that the heaping amount of mushrooms, caramelized onion is on the other side. :(
Awesome Fries (4.50 RM / 50 pesos) - Thick cut potatoes seasoned with thyme and rosemary with roasted chunks of garlic. The garlic is soooo addicting! But what more addicting than that one? Is the dipping sauce served with it!
They have various sauces according to your liking. The dipping sauce I am saying above is the one with the heart. And yes, it's good as LOVE! haha! MAAAAAN! Mind you, it's way better than Nando's sauce. hahahah! I wished they have bottles of these for sale as well. The staff comes to us and gave us sample of cilantro salsa (if I remember it right) BAAAAM!!! So good as well! You know that feeling when you don't know where to dip your fries because both were equally good? Yep, this is the one!
Trish, Grace and Me! I believed that's the time we're so eager to dig in to our burgers! :P
Hands down! Everything is good! How did I know? Because we rotated our burgers clockwise for each of us to try. hahahah! Completely satisfied and happy with our MyBurger Lab experience! Really looking forward trying out their other burgers! 

For more details, you can check their page here.
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