Monday, February 9, 2015

Delightful Steak Escape @ Vittorio's Steakhouse!

Who would have thought that there's a great tasting steak here in Kamuning? 
Vittorio's Steakhouse Is not actually hard to locate. This place even though they are not along the highway. But the landmark that I can give you is the street of Kamuning with Chowking and salon along the way. Turn that way and you'll see Vittorio's Steakhouse around 30 steps away.
 The place is chill and laid back and surely not a fancy steak house. 
But nevertheless, the place is good for a meal and good conversation. Their wifi is pretty fast as well! Hehe!
 This is one of the interesting paintings that you will see in their restaurant that is available for sale. The paintings were made by high school students and all the profits will go to these talented youngsters. Good job!
 Chop Noodle Salad (190 pesos)- This one was so-so to me. I loved to give this place a 5, but -.5 for this. I'm not saying it's not good, but I guess my tastebuds don't appreciate the salad/noodles and miso dressing in one. 
 Butter Garlic Shrimp (270 pesos)- Oh boy this is the bomb! Your visit is not complete without this (and steak ofcourse!) The actual serving size was half of the photo above, but I'm telling you it's really delish! It has the right of spiciness and salty flavor on the toasted garlic on top. Probably the best shrimp gambas that I've tried!
 Beef Salpicao (325 pesos)- Thinly sliced beef on a soy based sauce. Perfect for starters or viand itself. But my vote still goes to the Shrimp. ;)
 Crab and Shrimp Pizza (299 pesos)- Home made dough topped with a generous amount of gooey cheese and shrimps. 
 Spicy Thai Chicken Pizza (275 pesos)- This one may seem to be weird at first but surprisingly, everyone loved it! The peanut butter sauce has a itsy bitsy hint of spiciness that even non spicy food lover will love. The peanut butter was on their dough topped with greens that was tossed in asian dressing is really addicting! 

 Clam Pasta (320 pesos)- It was good! I actually craved for this one the day after. Though I prefer this one to dash up with some salt, BAMMM! Really good! The salty garlic used was the one in their deadly gambas. 
 Steak Rice (comes with every order of steaks) - I have to commend their steak rice. Really flavorful! "Kanin pa lang, ulam na!" It's way way way better than Mamou's version! (See here)
 Check out the marbling of this gorgeous steak!
LOOK AT THAT! Sinful Rib Eye Porter (980 grams / 2590 pesos) with fatty trimmings and cooked medium as its doneness. Soft, flavorful and tender. Three words that popped up in our minds. Definitely worth its price! Please note that there is no standard price for the steak because it is still depends on the steak that was delivered on that day.
 Another worth mentioning is the chicharon bits on top! GAHHHD!!!
 It was said to be comparable to Mamou's steak, and I have to agree. (With a cheaper price too!) 
Banana Split (199 pesos)- No special note about this dessert but a great sweet treat is a perfect meal ender right!? :)

Vittorio's Steak House Menu

If you are looking for quality yet affordable steaks, need I say more? Better check out Vittorio's Steakhouse!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wedding 101: Stepping Stone

After Aldrin proposed to me, around 2 weeks passed before it finally sink in to me. This is the time that I need to plan our wedding deets. But I really don't  know how and where to start. I am usually good in planning trips, events and other things, but the wedding caught me off guard. I am totally clueless. I have our "ideal wedding" on my mind but I just can't seem to start. Then through blogging events, we met an angel in disguised that happens to be getting married and gives us A LOT of tips for wedding planning and suppliers as well. Hey bff Kat! Thank you very much! :*
Checking different pegs and reviews online, we finally found the right suppliers that we are looking for. Main things that we must consider in planning a wedding is the Date, Church, and Reception. If there is one thing that we have learned from preparing a wedding are three things: Expensive, Stressful and Exciting all in one! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Wedding 101: Start of Something New

I actually had a hard time thinking if I'll be putting a section in the blog where I can share the wedding preps that we are doing for our wedding. I'm torn in between because of course, I want to make it private but then, there is a side of me where I want to share my experience and tips eventually for the brides to be out there. (But ofcourse, not to giveaway everything). But before that, let me share you our love story! NAKS! haha!
Aldrin and I were the classic love story example. We are high school lovers met during our 2nd year and started our relationship on our 3rd year high school days. It's true enough that great relationship started as friends. (I'm not generalizing it, but based on our experience.) But would you believed that I actually hated him when we first met? Here's a little story, I was the Class President and I'm usually in front of the class while the teacher is not yet around while reprimanding my noisy classmates and he is one of them. When I told him to be quiet (he is a transferred student back then) he suddenly sneers to me and blabber words to himself. That's when I started to hate him. haha! 
To cut the long story short, he became part of our barkada. Akalain mo yun! haha! He is pretty nice to me but I don't find him "crushable" that time, since I was crushing with the other guy that likes me back. (taray! haha! ) But little do I know that, Aldrin likes me already. But all along I thought he was just kind because he's always asking me to copy his Math answers. hahahahaha! (And yes, I hate math--A LOT)

We don't actually consider our relationship as a perfect one, like everyone sees it as it to be. We've been through a lot of problems, through thick and thin (even literally) that tested our relationship. But one thing is for sure, we don't let problems ruin our relationship. Just like what the saying goes "Relationships last not because they were destined to last. Relationship last long because two people made a choice to keep it, fight for it, and work for it."
Last June 30, 2014 is our 9th Year Anniversary which we celebrated at Infinity Resort (See here). All along, he will already propose to me that time and I was secretly waiting. hahaha. But no, it didn't happened. hahahahaha!
And finally during my birthday last November 15, he finally proposes in front of my family! huhu! Everyone knows about the upcoming proposal, he already informed everyone and talked with my Dad one on one weeks before! (It took a lot of courage for him to do that. Trust me!) That night is surreal and magical. I can still remember every bits of it. And still feeling kilegers everytime. haha! Now the proposal is done, now what's next? :o

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pancake House's Hearty Pan Chicken + GIVEAWAY! :)

Pancake House truly remains a popular choice when it comes to comfort food favorites. 
Tasting and experiencing same home goodness experience on every visit.
 The other day, we had a delightful experience when our friends from Pancake House invited us to try their new offering Hearty Pan Chicken Set that will truly satisfy your cravings! #CravingSolved!
 The set meal consists of 5 Classic Pan Chicken of your choice (maximum of 3 thigh part), mashed potatoes, and House Salad for 568 pesos only. It was said to be good for 2-3 person that will cost you less than 200 pesos for a group of 3. But come to think of it, this is actually good for 4-5 regular eaters.
 House Salad - A medley combination of fresh greens, eggs, cheese, tomato, and carrots served with their homemade thousand island dressing. You wouldn't deny how fresh is their salad! Funny how boyfie is not that a hardcore fan of veggies, but still managed to eat more than half of it! :P
 Mashed Potato - This instantly brings childhood memories to me! 
Be sure to ask for extra gravy and smothered it on top!
 Pan Fried Chicken - The star of the day! But I will be honest with you guys, this is the first time that we will try their chicken since we always go with our staple orders (See here and here). At first, I'm not actually expecting something extraordinary with their chicken because for me, fried chickens are all the same. But boy, their fried chicken proved me so wrong! The chicken was really flavorful from inside and out! It has that mild citrus-y yet savory flavor that is really enjoyable and surely separates themselves from the usual plain tasting fried chicken in the market. I can also guarantee that little kiddos will love these because of the crispy crunch with their chicken. As of typing this post, I am thinking if there is a fried chicken that I've tried that is better than this one? Hmmmmm. NONE! So far, this is on my top list for the best tasting fried chicken ever!
 Mango Crepe - This is not part of the set meal, but I can't resist trying this one out. And it surely did not disappoint! I was surprised that Pancake House does not only serve great tasting pancakes, but also crepes! There's something really special with their crepe batter. huhuh. Now craving for this! :(
 My favorite drink in Pancake House is their Four Seasons. But boyfie wanted to be extra adventurous and tried their Extra Thick Chocolate Milk Shake. :o The name itself was ultra sexy on its own. hehe! And when I tried it? Maaaaaan! Really sinful! This is now added to our staple order! Also make sure to order this! Parang lahat na lang gusto ko? haha!
  Now, who's ready for this one? :D
This is our no-sleep-face before we stuffed ourselves with these hearty treats! :D

This is it Pansit! Who wants to experience a Hearty Pan Chicken Set from Pancake House? Our good friends from Pancake House hear your prayers (in an instant! haha!) And the lovely news is that, we'll be having 3 winners for this one! This promo is available up to March 31, 2015. Thank you Pancake House friends! :*
Simply follow the steps in Rafflecopter to join the giveaway! Good luck! :)

(Please note that Rafflecopter checks your entry if you follow the instructions correctly for your entry to be valid. Please don't try to cheat, since everything was being checked) Don’t forget to spread the word about this contest on your social media accounts! Remember, the more you share, post, and tweet about it, the more chances of winning! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chef's Recommendation Hearty Feast @ Crsytal Jade Dining IN ! :)

This February is the month the most of us were looking forward after (well, aside from the Valentine's Day itself, haha) is the celebration of Chinese New Year. This festive season is not only being celebrated with Chinese, but also with the Filipinos around the Philippines. So one of the most loved Chinese Restaurant in the Metro -- Crystal Jade Dining IN, released their newest Chef's Recommendation and assure their customers to give them another one of a kind experience.
Before anything else, here's the big announcement! The famous Xiao Long Bao of Crystal Jade is now available in Crystal Jade Dining IN! Since Crystal Jade Dining IN is a Cantonese style, they are not allowed to sell XLB which is a Fokien fare that can only be ordered in Crystal Jade Shanghai Delights in Greenhills Branch. Thank heavens that it's already available in BGC branch!
 Each Xiao Long Bao is carefully wrapped in delicate thin wrapper that holds the flavorful soup. Oh I'm telling you, the soup itself can stand on its own flavor. What more if you eat it with the meat itself? I don't know about other but man, this is my benchmark for the best tasting Xiao Long Bao. PERIOD!
 Yu Sheng Salad - Often called as prosperity toss. It was believed to bring luck and prosperity of whoever will eat and toss this salad. This colorful treat is made up of crisp vegetables, fruit and nuts, golden nuggets and salmon. All along the angpao on the side is for presentation purposes only. But the secret spices were inside and sprinkle on top of the platter. Served aside is lime and oil to bind the salad. Each part of the salad has different meaning and symbolism. All you have to go is to toss the salad upward as high as you can while saying "Lo Hei". Just like what the server says, the messier, the luckier! :P
 Here's the sample of the salad upon tossing. I honestly loved all the components in this dish. It really blended well with each other. Really addicting and refreshing at the same time! :)
Double-Boiled Fish with White Fungus and Papaya - Not the usual thick soup since this one has a clear texture with fragrant fish flavors plus sweet papaya!
 Golden Sesame Balls Stuffed with Fresh Mushrooms - Given its name, it's basically a buchi-like balls filled with an assortment of mushrooms inside which I believed tossed in a salted egg yolk.
 We had a mixed impression of this dish on our table. But personally, this is one of my favorites that day. Though I find it a bit oily, I really enjoyed the different flavors of that dish, especially the heaping amount of fresh mushrooms inside which I really liked!
Steamed Live Garoupa with Olive - I'm honestly not a fan of olives that's why I don't appreciate that much the distinct flavor of olives. But the fresh garoupa fish is really soft and flavorful! So if you are a fan of olives, make sure to include this on your list. :)
 Crispy Prawn in Sweet and Sour Sauce - Battered and fried giant prawns smothered on tangy and sweet sauce. One of the unique flavors of this dish is the aroma of chocolate. Really interesting!
Sauteed Assorted Vegetable with Preserved Vegetable - Be sure to pair up your festive meal with a healthy dish --even a little! hahaha!
Braised Noodles with Shredded Duck Meat and Mushroom - saucy noodles for long life! :D
 Roasted Peking Duck - Of course, the feast wouldn't be complete without the gorgeous Peking Duck.
The saying goes that, 1 piece of wrapped peking duck deduct your life span of 5 seconds, but with Crystal Jade's Roasted Peking Duck wrap? OH I REALLY DON'T CARE! Flavorful and crispy duck skin is really impossible to resist!
Coffee Jelly
And ofcourse Taro Balls for some sweet endings!
Be sure to try their shakes! It's really refreshing and a perfect thirst quencher! :)
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