Thursday, April 9, 2015

Coffee Break @ EPIC Coffee Roastery!

When I was in high school, I started my love affair with coffee, continued in college, and my buddy in the office. Now, I can't seem to function well if I'm not taking any coffee in a day. 
 As I started to develop my love for coffee, I am more and more interested with it if it has latte art! 
 If I remember it correctly, we dine at EPIC the moment we finished our dinner at Poco Deli. I even told boyfie that I needed some coffee to wash down our meals after. (wherein in fact, I just want to have latte art. haha!)
The place was really homey! Quite spacious so you'll really have a good time. Bricks, Woods and some artsy interesting display. Plus! A glass fridge filled with cakesss!
Despite of the lovely interiors, the service that time was so-so. I asked if they do latte art, 
and I've got a straight face "yes" response. HAHAH! :p
 You'll be finding lots of interesting things in the cafe like this bike! 
 Only ordered a Latte (150 pesos?) since we just finished Poco Deli. The barista suggested a Mochaccino something. (Really forgot the exact name sorry!) It was OK. Bitter, sweet, and chocolately. I find it too sweet for a coffee. It doesn't have the creaminess of the coffee that I'm looking for.

 My only issue is the glass they used. You see, I had a hard time drinking the latte since it was really hot and they will use a glass for cold water. No biggie though. Heheh. :D
Overall, I still don't want to give a final verdict on this place since I only just tried one from their menu. Another thing is that, the place is something that you would really want to visit and stay for a long time! :)

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  1. The place look amazing. And the prices are quite reasonable.


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