Wednesday, June 10, 2015

PRESS RELEASE:BellySima Food Festival! :)

Calling all foodie fanatics! Some great and fantastic news below. Hungry to try the newest product in the Metro? Well this is the event that you shouldn't missed! From the organizers of none other than Mercato Central! 
BellySima is another concept of Mercato Central that aims not just to cater different dishes to our taste buds, but more importantly, to promote the products of the local talents, particularly in food. The event will be happening this coming June 12-13, 2015 from 10am-10pm at Glorietta 5 Activity Center. The organizers invited Gourmet, Artisanal, Organic and Special plus Unique products that they will give you the chance to try some of their products for free! Check out below some photos of the unique flavors that you can try this weekend!


Take note! That just only a teaser for the upcoming event! So make sure to grab your friends and family as you go to a fun and gastronomic day and Remember to wear adjustable waistbands because you’re going on a revolutionary food trip! See you all there foodies! :)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Wedding 101: K by Cunanan Food Tasting

One of the most essential things in a wedding is the food. Truth to be told, it's probably one of the factors that your guests were looking forward to a wedding. As a foodies, It's actually quite a pressure to us because people were expecting something when it comes to food. So I scouted all over the internet and check the best caterers in the Metro. 

(For our updated Final Food tasting click here)


And below are the most sough after wedding caterers that I found. (In no particular order)

 Albergus Catering

 Hizon's Catering

 K By Cunanan

 Passion Cooks

 Josiah's Catering

 Manila Catering

VS& F Catering

Our choice? Definitely K By Cunanan! Before we decide for our wedding caterer, Aldrin and I weighted the pros and cons of each caterers. Of course the taste of the food is our number one priority. From all the caterers that I've read all over google, K by Cunanan has most of the votes. Though if maybe we're a celebrity, I will be choosing Bizu. HAHAH! But you see, Bizu's rate is much more expensive that the allotted budget we have for a caterer. (Photo credits here) We have tried number of wedding tasting and I must say, K By Cunanan is classier and far more delicious than others. Just like what Aldrin told me, It's not the usual food that you can have at a wedding. 

 But what made us fall to K By Cunanan? It's their styling. K by Cunanan is famous for their modern, stylish and elegant styling. All of their styling was intricately executed for the very smallest details! We can't help but swoon over their ideas!

You may think that this particular is better than the other or vise versa, it's your call. Because every wedding is beautifully unique and it still depends on your theme. Each caterers have their own style and approach when it comes to styling but K By Cunanan goes beyond to the bar specifically to our chosen wedding theme.

When we saw that K by Cunanan is the one, I hurriedly emailed them and still after a week, I still got no response so I decided to call their number. They get my number and told me that someone will call me back to assist our wedding but I waited for nothing that made me really pissed because I expected for nothing.

I guess that's the common qualms that I've read online when it comes to them. They are very much in demand and you will really have a hard time contacting them and making a reservation because most of the slots were blocked off already especially if it will fall on weekends. But I still believed that this is not a valid reason for such delays on their customer's inquiries and better yet, waiting for a phone call that didn't even happened. I think this is something that they should work on really hard! 

But those circumstances didn't hinder us for booking them though. After getting our schedule to their Senior EA Nina, we finally had our initial food tasting in Greenmeadows.


Nina, whom we thought will handle our account (since she's the one communicating to us via email) handed us down to Rumi. (which we didn't mind because Rumi is nice after all) But months after the food tasting, we received an email from Rumi that she will handed "again" our accounts to Nina/Kaye personally. I don't know how to react and actually raised our eyebrows but I really hope that this is the last time they will be doing that. This is our special day and I'm sure you'll understand why I don't want our account being handed from one person to another and another.

Going back, the place is really huge and specifically made for their clients to have a better stay on their food tasting. There are two food tasting: The initial food tasting and the final food tasting where the mock table presentation and finalization will be made.

Raspberry Juice - Perfectly tangy and sweet at the same time.

Hors d'oeurve is one of the highlights of K by Cunanan that others don't have. This is an hour of cocktail that goes around the reception while waiting for the couple. Since you'll be having lots of pictorials, don't make your guest hungry and make them enjoy the cocktail snacks! During our initial food tasting, we tried three variants:

Cheese Croquets - Wasn't wowed by this upon seeing, but when I tried it, it actually tasted good. The croquets were cheesy (duhh) and bacon-y flavor at the same time!

Mini Pizza - Consists of parma ham and truffle oil. I actually loved this one! Simple yet posh at the same time. Though Aldrin and I were thinking if the guests will appreciate the truffle flavor.

Korean Taco - Hands down to this one! The taco was really flavorful! Generously filled with ground beef, kimchi, bean sprouts and mayo. Really addicting!!! It's actually a bit messy to eat because of the tortilla chips but still, we are definitely getting this one!

Paella Soup- Lo and behold. Not the usual mushroom, corn or asparagus soup. Nah uhhh. It's actually the most popular dish of K by Cunanan. Imagine, paella and soup in one? This is genius. Bits of rice, huge shrimps, squid and mussels in one flavorful seafood broth! Though my only question is how they are going to present this one. Because it's different from what I see at the wedding banquet. See here.

Grilled Ceasar Salad - I loved how they incorporated butter on the greens, Aldrin really enjoyed it. It's actually a sinful salad. haha! Though we're not sure if we'll be getting this one since what we wanted is a refreshing salad for starters.

Sesame Crusted Dory - This one wowed me upon seeing this on our table. It's elegantly executed. The sesame crusted dory was served with sweet soy glaze, asparagus, mashed potatoes. Though we both find the fish tad dry upon our liking. Nevertheless, it's good and unique.

Japanese Rolled Chicken - Another winner dish. This reminded us of a dish that we tried in some hotels. Tender chicken with savory and citrusy sauce with fatty trimmings on the side. Winner!

Lengua with Mushroom - We both find this one ordinary when it comes to a wedding. But flavor wise, it surely hits the spot! Really sinful!

Baked Tomao Penne - Aldrin and I were not fan of this one. I guess we both don't like the "authentic" tangy pasta because we are more on the sweeter side (not Jollibee style naman. haha!) A bit bland to our liking as well.

Strawberry Crepe Cheesecake - A unique way to present in the dessert buffet. The crepe was soft and has a tangy cream cheese in the middle, but were not fan of this though.

 Mango and Coconut Tiramisu - I thought that the combination will not work, but surprisingly, it does! And it's actually our favorite amongst the three!

Panna Cotta - This one is good, but will still try others since we both thought there's nothing unique about this one.

There are definitely lots of for keeps on this table, and really can't wait for the final food tasting to try everything!

At the end of the day and trying their foods, we're really sure that we made a right choice by choosing K by Cunanan. For their list and rates, please comment below your email address so I can send it to you. :)

P.S: Credits to K By Cunanan facebook page for the styling photos above.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Bomb Breakfast Buffet @ Marriott Cafe!

Our favorite part in a staycation? No questions asked! Breakfast Buffet!!!
True enough to what they are saying, Marriott Cafe by Marriott Manila is probably the best 
Breakfast Buffet amongst all Hotels in Manila!
A shot where I took after we had our buffet! See how excited I am? Let's proceed shall we? :)
Fruits and Nuts Station..
Anti Pasti Station..
Filipino Foods Station..
Noodle Station..
Classic Filipino Favorites..
Dimsum Station..
Omelette Station
Waffle, Pancake and French Toast Station..
Dips and Sauces Station..
Fruits Station..
(this bacon plate deserves its own photo!)
Sashimi Station..Where can you see a Sashimi in a Breakfast Buffet? There's also "Rib Eye Steak Station" which I totally forgot to take pictures because I'm so darn excited! Don't get me wrong, I know these are always in a buffet, but never in a Breakfast Buffet! Only in Marriott! Happy Breakfast indeed! :)
Sushi Station..
Breads and Spreads..
Sweet breads station..
Look at these healthy treats!!
What I love most in Marriott Cafe (next to the Rib Eye steak ofcourse!), these freshly squeezed fruit juices in a bottle! We loved the Mango Juice the most!
Don't get fooled, this is just our first round! :P
The prawns on their hakao were really good!
Mix and Match because everything is oh-so-worth-it!
I also tried making it a little bit fancier! Frustrated chef! HAHA!
Cap off our gorgeous breakfast with sweet danish breads!
And oh! Definitely not the least! Their Rib Eye steak! This is the BOMB!!! This angel is perfectly seasoned and really melts in our mouth! Please don't ask how many rounds we had! >_<

For more details, visit their page here.
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