Monday, July 27, 2015

Cravings Satisfied @ Kung Fu Restaurant!

It's been months that I am in Malaysia. First thing that I prepared myself aside from the culture is their foods. Since this country is a part of Halal country which we all know that doesn't eat pork meats, Ofcourse everyone is required to respect their cultures, practices and beliefs just like in any other country. I must admit that there are really some time where I missed eating such foods since I grew up in Philippines.
A good friend of mine brought us in Kung Fu Restaurant. A Chinese restaurant that offers various meat dishes for affordable price. Double yay! It was actually twice that we managed to dine here. hehe!
Kung Fu Restaurant is located in Shaftsbury Square. Right in front of the office, so only one hop away to ease my cravings! *I missed my Dad's cooking :(*
The usual Chinese set up as you enter the restaurant. Mind you, this place gets packed during lunch time!
And why not adding some Cherry Blossoms in a Chinese Restaurant? I really loved it! :D
I'm sorry but I can't back track the exact names of our orders. :( But this one is somewhat a Szechuan pork strips with mushroom. I was really happy with their rice meals since everything is roughly/more or less RM 10 / 120 pesos. The serving size was really generous. But flavor wise, it's really bland. :(
This Pork with Peanuts is another let down. :( Again, the serving size was good. But the flavor was too bland for my liking. I think it's also the same sauce that was use to the previous dish. Though I appreciate that the pork was really tender and infused with five spice flavorings.
Sweet and Sour fish on the other hand is topnotch! On both our visit, we ordered this again. We don't want to make a double order but then again, we can't help it. The fish was juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. The generous amount of sweet and sour sauce is surely a thumbs up for me. I smothered all the sauce on my rice. nom! I'm not yet sure what is the veggie strands on top but I really liked it!
Last but definitely not the least is this Crispy Pork Chops. This reminded us of the local Lechon Kawali in the Philippines but with a twist. Inside the pork was mildly seasoned with local spices. Not sure if it's curry but it's really really addicting! Never went in this restaurant without ordering this one. :)
Food cravings will surely be no problem since Kung Fu is here. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sugar High @ Wafflemeister Suria, KLCC!

One of the places I've been meaning to try when I was still in Philippines is Wafflemeister. I saw some celebrity bloggers were getting gaga over this one. It was in Singapore as far as I remember and little did I know that they also have stalls in Malaysia.
When we are roaming in Kuala Lumpur (particularly in Suria Mall) just when we had our lunch, I saw Wafflemeister from afar and I insisted boyfie to try that because it's part of my foodie list! The place is just a small kiosk in the middle of the mall that has few couches on the side. But you will see that they have lots of patrons waiting to try their waffles.
They also have quite numbers of gelato flavors to choose from. 
But the main star is definitely their waffles!
Everything looks delish! Only if we can order everything we would! :P
The price ranges is a little pricy for a waffle. But IMO, it's actually worth it!

Why not give in to your sugar high delight and pair up your waffles with their shake? :)

Strawberry Heaven (RM 17 / 204 pesos) - I'm not much of a fan of Strawberry but I decided to order this one because it will surely look beautiful in pictures! haha! (I'm sure other bloggers can relate :P) The strawberries were sweet and juicy. Sinful yet refreshing at the same time. But I noticed that the waffle itself can stand on its own taste already. The actual waffle is really good! I even thought that I should've ordered the original one instead. There is a unique taste to the waffle. It was glazed with sugar that's why there is a sweet crunch on every bite on their soft waffle. Nom!
Black and White (RM14 / 168 pesos) - I enjoyed boyfie's order more than mine (as usual). Generous amount of whipped cream plus chocolate on their classic waffle! BAMMM! Out of words!
Strawberry Heaven Shake (RM 16 / 192 pesos) - We don't want to try their Strawberry Shake, but the crew mistakenly made our order to Marshmallow Shake to Strawberry. They are already arguing which of them to blame, but  I just decided to accept the Strawberry because I don't want the shake to go into waste AND some of the crew will shoulder the expense. :)
Shake Au Chocolate (RM 16 / 192 pesos) - Actually we're not sure if it's a bad idea that we ordered shake. Don't get me wrong, it's indeed worth the price. But after trying their waffles, followed by their shakes, everything tends to be cloying already. The shakes were very thick and creamy! In short, it was really sinful. Still happy with our shakes though. haha. Are we going to come back? Definitely! :) 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dal. Komm Coffee @ D Pulze Cyberjaya!

Whenever boyfie and I will go on a date, or simply killing sometime outside, we usually go to a restaurant or anything that offers variety of comfort foods. But now, what we are usually looking for is a comfy cafe where we can stay while enjoying each others company together with their drinks and some pastries.
I don't know if it has to do with aging (hahah) but I guess coffee and pastries are the combination that we can't resist. That's the time where Dal.Komm Coffee got our attention.
 Dal Komm Coffee is a cafe that originated in some parts of Asia. The wooden architectural design is impossible not to notice from afar.
 A perfect place where you can catch up with some friends, have a quick snack, or simply a quiet "me time" moment.
 Aside from the usual drinks, they also showcase different light snacks, cakes, and fresh fruit juices.
 Their menu is quite simple and straight to the point.
 It doesn't limit the selections for non coffee lovers since caffeine free drinks are also available for you to enjoy.
 Boyfie is quite tempted to try their bingsu but for some reason, his desired flavor is not available.
 We tried sampling some of their products for us to judge.
 Chocolate Torte (RM 12.60 / 152 pesos) - The serving size was fine for its price. Taste wise it's good, but not something I would rave about. The chocolate cake itself was moist yet dense. While the chocolate filling in between was so rich and chocolate-y that I truly enjoyed!
Chocolate Chip Frappe ( RM 14.90 /  179 pesos) -  The price was actually decent for its taste. Perfect for chocolate lovers out there. Bits of chocolate on every sip and it's not something that tends to be cloying at all. The chocolate chips that was used is something that I enjoyed the most.
Caramel Macchiato (RM 13.50 / 163 pesos) - Caramel Macchiato is something that you should order in Dal Komm if you are looking for the right amount of coffee booze. It is not too strong and since it was induced with caramel, everything is perfectly blended well.
Are we going to come back? Definitely! And hoping for more cake options the next time! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wedding 101: Cake Tasting @ Honey Glaze Cakes!

As the wedding gets nearer, the list of must accomplish things gets tighter. One of the things that we managed to booked that is not originally part of our timeline is the wedding cake. It was a friend of mine who managed to introduce Honey Glaze Cakes to me, that was introduced to her by her cousin. haha! See the power of word of the mouth? :)
As part of my routine, I have to check for reviews of a particular supplier before inquiring. I noticed that Honey Glaze Cakes has lots of celebrity clients. One of which is the recently married Yeng Constantino. Ofcourse, I didn't book them because of their celebrity client but with the quality of their products right? So I inquired with them and they promptly replied to my email then managed to book a cake tasting with them. 
Honey Glaze Cakes tasting area is located on their Commonwealth residence. It actually looked like K by Cunanan's Food tasting place. Is this a sign? hahha! (See here)
By observing the place, you can see that it is really well maintained and owner/staffs were hands on with the facilities.
Honey Glazed Cakes offers varieties of cakes in any occasions, flavors, customizations and sizes. The photo above is just a sample of their 4 and above tier cakes. They can even customize depending on your needs. We even saw a cake on their display same as my height! :o 
They are also pretty popular creating birthday and celebratory cakes!
We first had their Belgian Chocolate Cake together with some juice / coffee. We were told that this cake is their best seller. Mind you, there's really a reason why this cake is their best seller. It's really good. The cake itself was so moist and rich, and the chocolate layers were really sinful. This is a surely a one quality chocolate cake!
We really devoured on their Belgian Chocolate Cake, and I told boyfie that it's already hard to top the first one. But when they served the Rocky Road cake, Oh my! Now we got confused on which is on the number 1 spot! You know that I'm such a butter cream baby, and every spoonful of this cake is heavenly. The chunks of chocolates, nuts, and marshmallow plus the thick generous amount of cream brought me to cloud nine. No, I am not being exaggerated here. I mean it, it's really good. I actually wanted another slice but there's more to come. haha!  
Blueberry Cheesecake - Their blueberry cheesecake is also good. Combination of tangy blueberries and creamy cheesecake. But to tell you honestly, we still caught up with their rocky road cake during this time. haha!
Caramel and Walnut Cheesecake (left) - Surely can't be left off. The generous amount of walnuts, and thick caramel is a symphony in the mouth that blended well with the tangy cheesecake.
Carrot Cake (left) is surely match made in heaven for conscious healthy eaters out there. I believed it has nuts and raisins and topped with cheese on top. Honestly, this is surprisingly good. But you know, boyfie and I were not fans of healthy eating (HAHAHAH) that's why this can be skipped for us. 
After the negotiations and planning, we finally have a Wedding Cake! :) The price will (ofcourse) vary depending on the tiers and design that you have. Special request like if you want to have full edible cake, flower details and so on. The owner Aileen is also hands on with the preparation and promised us that she will be the one who will personally handle the cake on our wedding day. :) (I intentionally blurred the design of our cake since I don't want to giveaway all the details of our wedding). 

This may be an unexpected booking, but we surely didn't regret any bits of it. We enjoyed our cake tasting and what more upon seeing our dream wedding cake? So for the soon to be wed couples out there, or simply looking for a cake maker for your events, better check Honey Glaze Cake and you'll see why I am raving so much about them. See their page here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chocolate Lovers Delight @ Dip n Dip | IOI City Mall

Even when we're still in Philippines, the excited foodie spirit in me just can't seem to wait. Months before hand, I already searched for the must visited food hubs in Malaysia. And as a sweet tooth foodie, this place is surely on the top of my list! (Pardon for the low quality photos, only using iphone at this time)
Dip n Dip is a haven for a sweet tooth foodie like me. Even it was not part of our itinerary that day, I forced boyfie to have grocery at IOI City Mall (but deep inside, I just wanted to go here. HAHAH!).
The interiors were pretty sleek and laid back. From the deep red, black and white theme plus the color coordinated tables, it's not a surprise anymore why there are lots of foodies going to this place.
I'm telling you, it's such a hard decision making that we had that time. 
You know that feeling when you simply want to try everything? :(
So might as well try their helper page. Just close your eyes and move your index finger then let it do the job. haha! 
But we stick to our cravings first :)
White Mocha Frappe ( RM 14 / 168 pesos) - From the whipped cream up to the drink itself, everything is so worth it! Perfect for those who want to have a light shake with a hint of caffeine.
Din n Dip Frenzy (18.90 RM / 227 pesos) - It may be a little pricy for a drink but every sip is worth it. The drink alone is really sinful. Chunks of belgian chocolate on every sip, thick and creamy drink with chocolate drizzle. This is a dessert and drink in one!
Chocolate Molten Cake (13.50 RM / 162 pesos) - When I saw this on instagram, I know from the start that this is what I wanted to order. That oozing chocolate center upon slicing with your spoon.
But it's a total let down. Was really disappointed that there is no "oozing" part of what I ordered like others. :( I think they over baked this one. It was pretty decent and good. But still, it hasn't managed to reach my expectation. You can even see in the picture that there is no oozing chocolate coming out from the "lava" cake. :(
Chocolate Waffle ( 17 RM  / 204 pesos ) - This may be too plain to look at, but this one blown me the most. I even enjoyed this better than the "lava cake" that there's no lava. :( Going back, this freshly baked waffle was generously smothered on their rich milk chocolate plus dark chocolate drizzled on top. You will know for a fact that they only use the finest ingredients because the chocolate that they are using is completely outstanding compared to others. Really good!
Exhibition from another table if you other their Dip n Dip waffle I think. They will drizzle the chocolate up in the air. Really cool and fun to look at! :)

Remember when I told you that it's hard for us to choose what to order?
Because their selections were aplenty. See their complete menu below:


Some hits and miss on this visit. But hoping to have another visit again one of these days and hoping that it will exceed my expectations. :)
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