Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Anniversary Dinner @ Pizza San Francisco, Cyberjaya!

Boyfie and I are together for 10 years already and we celebrated last June 30, 2015. You all know how badly we spend time searching and preparing for a place where we will spend our Anniversary. Usually it's an out of town trip where we can relax in a beach resort and forget everything. But it's now different now that we're in Malaysia.
We're still not that much familiar of the beaches and resorts here in Malaysia that's why we both decided to dine out instead while enjoying each others company. Pizza San Francisco is just a accidental discovery. My friend and I were supposed to have lunch on the restaurant beside Pizza San Francisco, but unfortunately OR fortunately, it's closed. That's why no choice but to dine here since we already travelled going on this area. And I was pretty impressed with the quality of foods that they offer and promised myself that I will bring boyfie here.
Wooden furnished ambiance, Americanized approach and well maintained. Surprisingly, the place has lots of variety on their menu, yet straight to the point. I really wanted to put their menu but this post will be loaded that's why I decided not to anymore.
Seafood Soup (RM 17.90 / 214 pesos) - The name might be a little too plain to the ears, but mind you, this is one of our favorites. I was really curious seeing online reviews about this one and it's a good choice of having this on our celebration. Fresh plump seafoods that was simmered with spices and herbs broth. (Except on the squid which I think a bit overcooked) I also asked them not to put too much chili and damn! Really such a comfort food!
 Baked Fish (RM 18.90 / 226 pesos) - This is a repeated order. This is the one that I ordered when my friend and I went to this place. But I suggested boyfie to try this because it's really good! We usually order heavy cream pasta, so this is such a delight to our palate. The pasta was tossed on a ginger based oil, basil, garlic, wild mushroom and chili. Topped off with baked fish on top. Squeeze some lemon on top, and baaaaam! Such a simple dish but very appetizing!
 Bolognese (RM 16.90 / 203 pesos) - Spaghetti with minced beef/ chicken in tomato sauce. I loved that they are very much generous when it comes to sauce, but I find it a bit bland upon our liking. But with the help of some salt and pepper, everything seems fine already.
Quattro Stagione (RM 24.90 / 300 pesos) - Since we wanted to try everything on their menu, we also had their pizza. It was fine, nothing much special. We thought that the pizza dough they used is the one that can be bought in the supermarkets. We should've had their San's Special instead.
Boyfie's meal wouldn't be complete without rice you know. haha! We had some great viand, but their rice was so tiny! Forgot how much this cost but the size was really disappointing. hahaha!
Lamb Chop (RM 24.90 / 300 pesos) - The star of our meal! You may thought that this is such a small serving dish, but this one alone is good for 2-3 regular eaters. The picture above has 3 chops of tender and mouthful juicy lamb. The fatty trimmings was surely our favorite! The lamb was grilled perfectly and smothered with black pepper sauce and served with mixed vegetables. noms!

This may not be the usual Anniversary celebration, but we surely had a blast on this place! What is important is we have each other. NAKSSSS! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wedding 101: Guest Listing (To invite or Not to invite?)

Okay, this is one of the hardest parts in wedding preparations. Even up to this point of writing. Boyfie and I have lots of friends and we also both came from extended family. So imagine how hard for us to decide whether who or who are NOT to invite. Even we want to invite almost all of our friends, plus the entire family, together with the community, we simply CAN'T. Aside from the fact that *ehem* it's much more costly, we honestly don't want to invite everyone.
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Why? We're not the type of person that wants our wedding to be like a festival. No offense to others, but it's simply our preference. We wanted our wedding to be intimate and solemn. In short, closest-of-the-closest part of our life. We strictly decided to make it an adults affair only. We don't want kids running around during the reception hall or making tantrums. Or much worse, during the holy celebration. So with that being said and done, how can we categorize our guest? I even consulted our dearest google friend on how to solve the problem. And from all the tips I read, I finally resulted to one simple solution! Categorize your guest to SET A and SET B.
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SET A: Which includes your family, the closest relatives and friends that you know your wedding wouldn't be complete without them. Some even say that if you haven't talked with them in a year, then it's clearly in SET B which I tend to disagree. Because there are really people that you may have lost communication in a while, but still dearest to you and needs to be there on your special day.

SET B: These are the guest that you want to be there but not required. Meaning, it's okay if they will or will not attend the wedding. Not necessarily mean that they are not important, but there are people that needs to be prioritized before them. And after categorizing your guests, then if there's still room in your Set A list, then get some from your Set B based on their priorities.
Photo credits to Pinterest

THE TWIST: Here's the complicated part. There are people that wanted to be on your wedding and they ARE EXPECTING that you will invite them when infact, you will NOT. Well, it's better to say them straightly because there's really no point if you will give them a reply and they will be left hanging with expectations. Even irritating as well but there are times that even your own parents, family member or friends are forcing you to invite their closest friends or significant others to be with them. Well, you have to make them understand that: THIS IS YOUR WEDDING AND NOT THEIRS. Remember, it's all up to you love birds. It's a matter of priority, preference and importance. :)

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