Saturday, January 23, 2016

Steak Haven @ Red Barron Steaks!

Before, finding a good steak place is a big deal. Steak is probably one of the expensive things you can find in any restaurants. But do we really have to sacrifice our budget for us to get a good steak place? I don't agree at all! We stumble at this humble steak restaurant that's gaining lots of attention on social media. 
Red Barron Ribs and Steaks started their first branch in Banawe beside a car wash station. We visited their second branch here in Manila, and to our surprise, it's on the second floor of a car wash station! We were told that they are really putting that 'mark' of Red Baron on a car wash station. Cool! 
Clean, Simple and Laid back upon entering Red Baron. The staffs were friendly and attentive as well. Funny how Aldrin pressed the button in the middle of the table, and we didn't know that it's a bell to call the attention of the server. HAHA!
 The place is great for huge eaters and groups as the place has this set meals that consists of ----EVERYTHING!
Burgers, Desserts and Wide variety of drinks can also be found.
I also noticed that lots of diners are coming from the car wash and ordering variants of nibbles while waiting for their car to get finished.
 We first tried their White Forest. A blended coffee with a light flavor of cherry. Pretty good!
 Nachos - We first started with their Nachos. I must admit, we didn't expected that much when we saw this appetizer. But don't let this plain looking dish fool you! IT.WAS.REALLY.GOOD. The nacho chips that they are using is not the commercialized 'yellow nacho chips'. If I remember it right, it's somewhat like a wanton chips (or something close to it). Drizzled with sauce, together with beef and mushroom as toppings. Would you believe that it's one of our favorites?
 Baked Potato Soup is the next we attacked. Heavy and creamy yet very comforting. I enjoyed the most was the right amount of truffle they put on this one. Not overpowering, but just as perfect as it is.
 Crunchy Flauta Steak is undeniably my favorite from the rest (next to the RIB EYE STEAK!). Soft pieces of striploin wrapped on a crispy wrapper generously drizzled with ranch dressing. It's like their take on the Japanese Katsu! The serving size of the rice underneath is another winner to everyone.
 Premier Steak Sandwich for those who are not in a mood of rice but likes to eat stakes. Because why not! HAHA! 
If you want to lessen the guilt, then order their Schuey Ceasar Salad! It comes on a huge mason jars with layers of lettuce, corn, salad dressing, shredded meat and BACON! Boyfie enjoyed it a lot. It doesn't taste like a salad, it tasted like Bacon at all. HAHA! Winner! :P
 Now let's go to the main event! See that USDA (Prime Grade) Rib Eye Steak? It will be cooked right in front of you! The way you want it to be done, or adjust the flavor according to your preference.
This is the unique thing here in Red Baron. This block over there is an ancient Himalayan Salt Block. The natural pink salt infuses its flavor on your gorgeous steak!
All you have to do is to place and rub your steak and leave it around 5-10 minutes on each side (depending on you). But be mindful that you might forget it since you're busy chatting with your friends, it might be too salty if you left it unattended.
 Nothing beats a good 'ol steak with just salt and pepper! (you may opt to put wine as well here if ever)
The result? Heaven! Every mouthful is flavorful and tender. This is the calories you won't ever regret! 
 The set meal comes with sweet potato, mashed potato and macaroni salad.
 Vanilla Ice cream to cap of the delightful meal! :)
 Did I mentioned that Aldrin also tried their Scramble? YES! They do have scramble! (90's memories!) One of their best sellers too! 
 While on the other hand, Reeses' fan like me didn't resist their Reese's Frizzy!
Calling all the brave people out there! If you manage to finish this Porter Steak that comes with 3 sides and rice for 3 minutes? Then it's free! It may seemed impossible but someone actually did it already! Want a proof? Better check their facebook page here. It's pretty easy going to their Manila branch. From LRT since it's connecting train, ride LRT 1 (Doroteo Jose) and go down at LRT 1 Bambang. From their just around 30-50 steps! :)

Friday, January 22, 2016

WEDDING 101: Wedding Host Hunting!

Before moving on with the Wedding Suppliers Review, I have to catch up with the wedding preparations that happened. One of the things that I overlooked is the Wedding Host. What I didn't know is they can easily get booked just as the same as the venue. We don't want to take it for granted because we know that it plays a major part in the reception.

From all the list that I had, below are the shortlisted based on the quality that we are looking for. What we wanted is something presentable to the crowd. Classy, Funny, Naturally eloquent and has a great stage of presence. Mostly prefers female host, but not us. We're not referring to everyone here, but most of the female hosts tend to have high pitch tone of voice during reception especially during games which is irritating. 
Darlene Salazar Tan - Contradicting to one of our requirement above, but Darlene is the most popular wedding host in the wedding industry and with affordable price! For some reason, I didn't see any negative feedback to her. (She must be really that good!) I inquired a year in advance and confidently at the back of our mind, we can get her, but she Is booked already! 

Eri Neeman - He is one of the suggested by our wedding coordinator. I have checked his profile and videos and he is really kalog and funny! Actually, the qualities that we are looking for can be found with him. But his rate is way way out of our budget.
Moxx de Vera - Funny how I manged to found out regarding Moxx. I was checking online and w@w yahoo group and they said that Moxx is brother of JC de Vera. So showbiz in me got curious and searched for him, checked his videos and tadaaah! Definitely checked all of the qualities that we are looking for! He is part of Black Tie Manila wherein different hosts and musicians can also be found. I just hope Moxx has lots of videos uploaded online so others can see how great he is on handling the crowd.
Atom Ungson - Another host that I am eyeing that time based on the videos online. He seems so kind! There are lot of reviews that I've been reading online with positive feedback for Atom. He is also considered as one of the pioneer male host when it comes to wedding.
JC Alelis - JC is kind even just basing on the chat I had with him. Funny how when I showed this post to my friend, She is asking if another requirement is handsome. Because that's what she noticed on these list. HAHAHA. But NO! It's not a requirement, but it's totally a plus points if your host is good looking. Why? Because they can totally get the attention of the crowd like these guys above! 

A particular host might work for others, and not with you! It depends on the personality of the couple and more importantly the crowd that they are dealing with. (serious, kalog, happy go lucky, game face on etc). A great reception is useless if there's no great host that will handle the program and the mood of the crowd. There are even relatives insisting themselves to be our wedding host. Mind you, it will be a BIG mistake of not getting a professional host on your wedding! Remember that!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wedding 101: Officially Married! ❤❤❤

Hello foodie friends! I know it's been a while since the last time I posted. With all the wedding stress, cramming and preparations. Guess what? I am now OFFICIALLY married with my 10-year-relationship---a.k.a Boyfie! (Since January 09, 2016)! Now you know why I am missing in action these weeks!
Will try my best to go back again with my regular blogging routine. But for now, please give me a change to embrace this cloud 9 feeling! Can't wait for the upcoming posts and will surely start with wedding supplier reviews! Btw, wishing everyone a Blessed and bountiful 2016. Cheers! :)

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