Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Suppliers Review: Host | Martin de Vera "Moxx the Host"

Prior to my previous post regarding the wedding host hunting. (See full post here
The chosen one is........
Martin de Vera "Moxx the Host"
 So who is Moxx anyways? He is part of Black Tie Entertainment and I found him through w@wies suggestion. Just like what I've said before, I was initially intrigued when I read that he is JC de Vera's brother. HAHAHAH! *showbiz!*. I checked his videos online and without a doubt, he is the perfect host for us.
He is a brother, son, husband..
 He is a father..
He is an actor.. 
He is a host..
And he's also a Martial Arts fighter! Oh, did I mentioned that he is also a Radio Jock, Voice Talent, 
Event Consultant and so much more. I don't even know what he can't do at all!
We personally met Moxx together with our coordinator Joed just a couple of days before the wedding. Believe it or not, it seems that we have known him for so long! No tense or even awkwardness we felt during that first meeting. Everything went so smoothly. Mind you, Aldrin is not the type that can easily get comfortable with a person. In other words "Mahirap kuhanin ang loob". But by simply observing Aldrin, I noticed how effortlessly they jived together (as well with our coordinator). Aldrin even said after the meet up that he's confident that the reception will surely be a hit one! Moxx has lots of fresh and new ideas. Here's a little secret, Did you know that his rate is surprisingly affordable? I'm even wondering myself given that great skill sets!
I have told before that we don't want a lady host and that's for sure. Lady host usually has the "matinis" voice when it comes to hosting especially with games, that's why we opted for a male one. Moxx has a great stage presence and will capture your guests attention. 
His charm and his good looks surely one of his assets that's why he can divert all attention to him as a host. My friends and even relatives were gushing over his good looks. Hahahaha! He's not trying hard and very eloquent with right modulated voice. He can also adjust depending on the type of your crowd. If you are more on classy, fun, yet natural way of hosting, THIS IS THE SIGN YOU ARE LOOKING FOR, BOOK HIM!
Choosing wedding host is such a crucial thing because he/she will be the one that will control the entire mood, program, and enjoyment of your guests. But having Moxx as our Wedding Hosts completely exceeded our expectations. We were even asked by others if we are long time friends with Moxx. No we are not. Everything was just natural and seems that we knew each other for such a long time. We are bragging him because he's worth to brag. ;)
Despite of this picture that Aldrin and I were totally wasted--yet still on cloud 9, (hahaha!) I would like to thank Moxx for being part of this special event in our lives. No one can do it perfectly like you do Moxx! For those of you who are looking for an event host or soon to wed couples out there, We will be your living testimony to tell you how great he is! Too bad I don't have his video during that night (will try to check with others). Given a chance to do this again, No Doubt...we'll still surely get him! :)

To know more about him. Visit his facebook here and website here.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Suppliers Review: Vatel Manila (ETC Handmade Goodness)

Choosing Vatel Manila (ETC Handmade Goodness) as my wedding bouquet is totally worth it. I received messages on facebook saying that it's totally cool! hehe! Even their rate is more competitive than other bridal bouquet's price, 
I made no regrets at all!
I specifically requested for lace, felt and brooch. Isn't lovely? When it was handed over by my coordinator, 
I am in all smiles. It's just the perfect bouquet for our dainty wedding! Really cute! 
What's so good having a Non Floral bouquet? Unique, One of a Kind and you can totally keep it! 
Let the pictures below explain you why. 
On Wedding Gown..
Groom's Boutonniere 
Thank you so much Vatel Manila [ETC Handmade Goodness) for being part of our special day! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Suppliers Review: Honey Glaze Cakes

Before I proceed with the final review for Honey Glaze Cakes
I'll give you a quick one for our final cake tasting at their head quarters.
All smiles for the big day! :D
Their tasting room is specifically dedicated to Yeng Constantino which is their first ever celebrity that cater their products. No wonder why, there's lots of celebrities that getting them as cake supplier on their special day! Their appreciation is really nice don't you think? :)
Now, they have this newly built room where final discussion will be made and more designs of their creations
We were served different slices of their products
Rocky Road will always be the closest in my heart! As I've told you before, I'm such a butter cream baby, and this is such a dream come true!
Chocolate Belgian Cake is the best seller of Honey Glaze Cakes. Actually we were torn what to served on our guest. If the previous one, or this Belgian cake. But our vote goes to this one. Trust me! It's a Belgian Chocolate Cake like any other!
Carrot Cake is also good. Loaded with nuts, raisins, marshmallow icing and heaps of cheese. But since we're not the healthy couple type, we didn't include this one. Hahahah!
Another favorite is this Pecan Cheesecake. Rich, creamy and addicting! 
We also had their coffee and iced tea to cleanse our palate. 
c/o Mik Mik Crisostomo
And here is the finished product! My inspiration for this cake is one celebrity that got married about a year ago. When I saw the cake, I instantly fell inlove on it! Any guesses? :)
c/o Dennie Isayas
Honey Glaze Cakes is totally a scene stealer on the wedding. The only minus point on them is when Aileen (the owner) promised me to be there on our wedding personally, but she didn't came :(. She sent a representative on her behalf instead.
c/o Ronie Sabarre

Here's a confession to make. There's a huge cake (as in huge) to be served to our 150 guests--the Chocolate Belgian cake. But I totally forgot to mention it to our coordinator! I only noticed it during the end of the program that there's this giant box of cake. Darn! Too bad we weren't able to let our guests taste how great is the Honey Glaze Cakes. :( Sorry! Been so high and on cloud 9 before and during the wedding! :( But guess who attacked on the cake? HAHAHAH. It's too big that we gave huge slices to our closest friends in our area. Totally worth it! Thanks Honey Glaze Cakes for being part of our celebration! Until the next one! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Suppliers Review: Starbucks Philippines

Ever since then, we are definite that we will be getting Starbucks as our coffee booth supplier. Because why not? Hehe! Aldrin and I are such a coffee maniacs and probably that is one of the reason why. 
But let me share you this love and hate review that I had with Starbucks. Roughly a year before our wedding February 2015, we inquired at Starbucks SM Marikina (since it's the nearest on our venue which is Glass Garden) we are on our way on booking them, but sadly they told us that it's too early for them to cater our reservation and we should come back around October.
c/o Ronie Sabarre 
With that being said, Aldrin came back on October (3 months before the wedding), with all the plans and expenses plotted out, Since I am currently in Malaysia, Aldrin visited and to his surprised they said that they are afraid they can't honor our request anymore. WHAAAAAT?
Their reason is because our wedding date is the time that they are finishing the Christmas drinks promotion and they can't accept coffee booth reservation anymore. Aldrin was so pissed out and informed me the news. Now the bridezilla in me is coming out!
So I emailed Starbucks Philippines with the situation and complain. I just really don't get it. We informed them 1 year in advance regarding our wedding and they told us to come back. Now that we are coming back, they are giving me that reason? No, I won't accept it. 
With no any reply from Starbucks, someone contacted Aldrin and told them that they will accept our reservation for the coffee booth on our wedding. Finally! From then on, everything went on smoothly. We also received 100 stars credit on our Starbucks card because of booking them as our supplier.  
c/o Mae Ann
After our post nup and entering the venue secretly, we noticed a long queue and we found out that it's the Starbucks booth that's gaining a popularity during the wedding.  Seeing our guest so happy with the Starbucks on our wedding is priceless. 
c/o Pol Bristain
Heck No, they are not first timers. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. But then again, it's a rare thing seeing Starbucks booth on a wedding right? I believed it's pretty cool! :)
c/o Christian Lim
c/o Lexter Evora
c/o Pol Bristain
c/o Mae Ann Lim
c/o Khai Martinez
 c/o Vicson Lim
c/o Mae Ann Lim
What we did is we distributed stubs (c/o coordinators) and present it to the booth then claim their desired drinks to be organized. For those who are planning on getting them, go to the nearest Stabucks near you (near the events place), You will be given a form wherein you will indicate the package that you are having (size, flavor of the frappe/espresso or add ons if any).
Starbucks crew were very much accommodating and prompt with the guests needs. They even approached and congratulate us before they leave the place.Thank you Starbucks Philippines for being part of our special day! :)

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