Sunday, August 7, 2016

Llao Llao Frozen Yogurt now in Manila!

I can clearly remember when I first tried Llao Llao when I was staying in Malaysia "Sana magkaron nito sa Pinas!" little do I know that the food Gods were listening to my request!
I found out that Llao Llao already indeed in Manila (Glorietta). Popular all throughout the parts of the world, it's not surprising anymore when curious customers got easily hooked with the craze.
Llao Llao is probably by far my favorite Yogurt Ice cream parlor. Not because of the raves I am hearing around, but there's something distinct with its yogurt that you can't taste from other brands.
Same simple drills follows. Decide for the cup you want to try and choose your desired toppings

Fresh fruit slices for the healthy conscious..
Nuts and nibbles for some added crunch..
Then finally topped it off with sauce of your choice.
I am recommending you to try the Choco Rock sauce! Really good! Reminded me of my favorite Ovomaltine! :)
I don't have the first hand experience yet here in the Philippines but Llao Llao in Malaysia surely didn't skimp on filling up your cup!
The perfect blend of sweetness and tartness of the yogurt yet remains it so creamy is the reason why it stood out compared to other brands in my opinion. (together with the Choco Rock Sauce ofcourse! hehe!)
"You'll be back for my taste"
I usually get the medium one. (RM 14.90 = 178 pesos). I've heard that the price here in Manila is almost double compared to Malaysia. But I guess it's just normal especially when the brand came from other country. And yeah, nothing can stop me having Llao Llao one of these days!

Have you tried Llao Llao my foodie friends? :)

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